A "Lagging Indicator" Can Benefit Your Trading

Traders like to make use of indicators in their trading but, oftentimes, they resent the fact that they “lag the market”. This question again came up during last night’s webinar on Moving Averages.

Keep in mind, that all indicators are going to "lag the market" to a greater or lesser degree since they are all based on an average of price action that has already taken place. Moreover, the longer the chart time frame we use or the greater the number of periods analyzed by the indicator, the more of a lag that we will see.

Even though every trader would like to be in on the very first pip of a move, it is fine to miss the initial move that a pair makes in favor of entering a trade that has a greater level of confirmation behind it.

If we are looking to enter a trade at the very first sign that a move may be taking place, we are going to find ourselves entering many trades based on very short term signals and, consequently, we will be basing our trades on what ultimately can turn out to be a "false" entry signal…one based on very little data.

While we will give up some pips at the beginning of the move, the lagging nature of indicators will get us into trades that have a more confirmation behind them.

Let’s take a look at a 4 hour chart of the GBPUSD for our example…


Moving Averages will give an entry signal when the faster MA crosses over the slower MA in the direction of the intended trade. In this case the 20 period is the faster MA and the 50 period is slower MA.

The initial move to the downside begins at 1.6615 but our Moving Average crossover does not signal an entry until about 1.6455…some 160 pips later. This is what is meant by a “lagging indicator”.

Keep in mind however that entering at the crossover provides the trader with additional confirmation that the move may continue. The trader would not have had that confirmation if they entered at the very first indication that this pair was moving down. Now that we have hindsight, it appears obvious. But at the point where the “Downward Move Begins” on the chart, had we entered there the potential for that being a “false” entry would have been very high.

Also, take note that the pair when shorted at the Moving Average entry signal at 1.6615 is still moving down on the chart at 1.5980…a gain of over 600 pips.

This example is by no means meant to indicate that this is the type of gain traders can expect when using Moving Averages and/or waiting for greater confirmation prior to entry. However, waiting for that confirmation, regardless of the indicator being used, can lead to higher probability entries.

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Posted By reginaldreed : 08 October, 2020
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Trader's looking to enter the market are often sent off on a journey to discover the 'holy grail' of market entries. They study numerous theories; Japanese candlestick reversals, contrarian theory, oscillator divergence, wave theory, and others. Traders who are just starting out, put their trust in indicators and oscillators and rely on them make the decisions on when to place an order - and the more indicators/oscillators they discover, the more they add into their strategy.The most neglected indicator/oscillator is price. That's right, price! Price is superior to any indicator and all others come second. It's the only indicator that encompasses everything - economic factors, political and geographical. Novice traders often do not understand the importance of price and most of the time, they don't give it the attention it deserves.The most effective market entry is trend reversal. After an ongoing trend towards one direction, the market eventually signals the end of that trend and begins a new one towards the opposite direction. In this article, we'll be focussing on a few of the most popular reversal patterns: head & shoulders, double top and triple top.Head & ShouldersHead & Shoulders have a reputation for being one of the most dependable reversal patterns. It's a pattern based on price movement and indicates the start of a new trend in one direction, after an ongoing trend in the other direction ends.   How to spot Head & Shoulders:1. To have a reversal, an existing trend needs to exist, and head & shoulders is no different.2. A prevailing uptrend (in this case) is made up of consequent higher tops and bottoms.3. If volume is available, it signals alerts.4. An upwards move to the Head often illustrates decreased volume (if available) and signals a warning.5. The right Shoulder is lower than the Head and indicates a potential reversal.6. A significant close below the neckline (with increased volume, if available) indicates the end of the uptrend and the start of a downtrend.7. To calculate the minimum price target, project the height of the pattern to the neckline's breakout point.   Triple TopsSimilar to the Head & Shoulders, the Triple Top is made up of three (almost) equal tops and a significant close below the support (bottom) of the formation. It's important to have a break below the bottom in order to have a valid Triple Tops. The three tops on their own are not enough!   How to spot Triple Tops:1. An existing trend (in this case an uptrend) is vital before you go looking for a reversal.2. As with Head & Shoulders, the existing trend is marked by its consecutive higher tops and bottoms.3. If volume is available, it signals alerts.4. The upwards move to the resistance area indicates decreased volume (if available) and signals weakness to move higher.5. Equal (or almost equal) tops make up the resistance area.6. A significant close below the bottom (with increased volume, if available) indicates the end of the uptrend and the start of a downtrend.7. To calculate the minimum price target, project the height of the pattern to the breakout point.   Double TopsDuring an uptrend, a top might surpass a previous top if the demand exceeds the supply. When that trend runs out of gas, it will start showing signs (signals) of weakness. If volume is available, then a decrease in it will be the first signal as it moves upwards. Another signal is if the last top fails to go higher than the previous one. A reversal is confirmed if prices break below the bottom/support area.   How to spot Double Tops:1. An existing trend (in this case uptrend) is necessary.2. The existing uptrend is defined by consecutive higher tops and bottoms.3. If volume is available, it signals alerts.4. The upwards move to the resistance area indicates decreased volume (if available) and signals weakness to move higher.5. The tops are equal (or almost).6. A significant close below the bottom (with increased volume, if available) indicates the end of the uptrend and the start of a downtrend.7.To calculate the minimum price target, project the height of the pattern to the breakout point.   Price rules supreme over oscillators and indicators. Price discounts for everything that affects the markets and reveals the crowd's (traders) psychology. There are many bearish or bullish trend reversal patterns, and traders should pay more attention to them rather than experimenting solely with candlestick reversals and oscillator signals. Available volume in combination with oscillator analysis, can confirm reversal patterns with higher potential accuracy.

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