Ascending Triangle Pattern Swing Trading System

The Ascending Triangle Pattern Swing Trading System Is Another Explosive Chart Pattern Trading System That Can Bag You A Lot Of Pips Easily If  You know what  to look for.


  • The ascending triangle chart pattern forms when two converging trendlines (support levels & resistance levels)  converge to form an apex (point).
  • The ascending triangle chart pattern is generally considered a bullish formation and it  usually forms during a currency pair uptrend as a continuation pattern.
  • This ascending triangle chart pattern is confirmed when the currency pair price breaks out of the ascending triangle formation to the upside and closes above the upper resistance trendline.
  • If however, when the currency pair breaks out to the downside, the ascending triangle now is a reversal pattern.





  1. Firstly, the market has to be in an uptrend and there will come a time when it will slow down(consolidate) with it hits resistance levels. Price will fall and find support on a rising trendline. Price gets squeezed into a tight spot(more like a coiled spring!) and then a breakout happens
  2. The two important clues are the upper horizontal resistance line & the rising support trendlines. You must be able to spot these and draw them and wait for the breakout to happen.




Trading the ascending triangle chart pattern is very simple and here’s how:


  1. Once you’ve identified the formation of the ascending triangle pattern, you wait for a breakout candlestick to break the resistance line to the upside. Make sure that, that breakout candlestick CLOSES first above that resistance line, ok?
  2. Then next thing you do is  place a buy stop order 3-5 pips above the high of that breakout candlestick.
  3. Then Place you stop loss. You have a couple of stop loss placement options: the first option is to place it down below the support line which is the best option. The second option is to place it halfway point between the resistance and support line. Another alternative is to place it anywhere from 5-30 pips below the low of the breakout candestick.
  4. Your take profit target should be 3 times what you risked in pips or you can use the height of the pattern (in pips) and calculate your profit target price level.





  • It is a very robust & reliable trading system in a strong trending market where you can make profits very easily.
  • It is price action trading at its best-no other forex indicators are required.
  • It is easy to spot the trading setup and wait for the breakout-if you know what to look for.
  • if you trade in larger timeframes like the 1hr and 4hrs or the daily chart, your profits in pips would be big.




  • depending on the timeframe you are trading in, the stop losses may be quite large, therefore you need to determine your trading risk before placing your trade(s)
  • such is the nature of the forex market, don’t expert a 100% success rate on every ascending triangle pattern formation.


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Posted By mackukas : 18 July, 2020
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