The close price of the current candle is compared with the previous candle in TimeFrame M30 to detect the trend. The ATR value in TimeFrame M1 indicates if the volatility is enough to open trades.




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Posted By dalegreen : 18 August, 2020
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Metrics are used directly and EA hangs for 1HI have been busy recently, and there are many new EA. I have time to sort them out.      

EA POPCORN (Scalping Strategy)AboutIdentify the strength of currency and uses pending order to prepare trades. It open trade with reversal & trend following method. To prevent losses, it use Max DrawDown setting to close order.Updated- Add Max DrawDown Cut Loss in Margin by percentage.- Add Display Margin Calculation (YES/NO)- Add Margin Close (Use margin cut loss YES/NO)Test Test Test 

Hello Professional TradersThis EA was posted in less that one weekand became most rated EA and its price increasing day after dayThis EA work on simple Daily Candle with Volumebacktest it and see + it is highly profitable    

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