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Hi. This will be my first contribution. I got the EA from the original coder and refined it with Lot adjustment and maximal DD. It has 3 engines and do disable either 2. If you have USD1k, use 0.05 lots. It will enter a trade with 2 pending orders.
Let see whether we can find a suitable setting so that it's profitable to all. The signal needs to be accurate so if you look at the 3 engines, what would be the best number for the Stoch, RSi and BB? If you have a suitable setting for different pairs, do post it here too. I used it on H1 but then again, we need to see what works best.
No expiry.




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Posted By ebonyroberson : 28 July, 2020
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Dear All,Attached is an original EA I made. This EA is inspired by combining both the counter-trend and trend-following features of XMT-Scalper courtesy of Master Capella into one.The EA does not require any indicator.The logic is primarily placing pending orders in a certain pip gap away from current bid price. It can use pending stops for breakouts, or pending limits for counter-trend, or both can be turned on at the same time.It has OCO features to focus trading on one direction only, and has many other interesting features pertaining to risk and money management.Feel free to backtest and suggest improvements. You can try the SET file which is attached, or you may try optimising using your personal parameters found.The EA does not have expiry date. You can use it freely. The EA must be run using very tight spreads or low commission in a fast trading environment for it to work.Attach it to M1 charts only. Kindly change the .TXT file to .SET extension. I cannot upload the SET file due to restriction in the uploading system.Regards,Mr. He<b>UPDATED SET FILE</b>: Shuhan Hedge EA Optimized Set 2 SET file courtesy of John

Level Scalper v4 (Old)Good BT, (2010.01.01 - 2011.08.01) Fix Lot,  

EA Multi Lot Scalper Daily actually has been a long time with a few modification and consistent settings can also produce a pretty profit as long as patience.     Maybe someone wants to try with all the risks, I include an EA that has been modified with the addition of magic numbers and settings.   This EA is precisely scalping its type Martiyem with:Time Frame Daily (D1)play in 4 pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHFmax order 5start lot 0.01Capital of 200 $micro account 1: 1000   FT results can be monitored throughFirewoodfx demoaccount: 18693password: asdf1234

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