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MACD Divergence System   Today's discussion is about the MACD Divergence System which is one of the most important tools of Forex Technical Analysis. Basically today I will show you a trading style and strategy which will accurately reflect the value of your daily trade to be more positive and profitable. Mechanical analysis is basically an indicator based trade.   Two indicators will be required to trade in this strategy.   1. MACD: 12, 26, 9 - used for spotting divergences 2. Stochastic: 14, 3, 3 - used for confirmation   This trading method consisting of MACD: 12, 26, 9 and Stochastic: 14, 3, 3 is very simple and effective. In this case, Stochastic will help you to be sure of the order and get out of the trade on time.   If you understand Divergence, then notice in your chart when the Divergence form is created by combining MACD and price. That is:     If the price stays in the upper limit and the MACD makes a low, more precisely,   First Price = lower lows, look for MACD = higher lows. Price = lower highs, look for MACD = higher highs. Price = higher lows, look for MACD = lower lows.   Second Whether you have crossed the Stochastic Overbought / Oversold border, i.e. if you have crossed the level 20 if you are in long order and if you have crossed level 80 if you are in a short trade.   Stop: You can decide to exit the trade only by looking at the overbought and oversold levels.   Profit: It is very simple, you should follow the normal rules of regular trading, such as your previous resistance or support level will be your take profit level.

The Forex market is a huge experience for new Forex traders from outside, much more excitement and indifference. In this case, traders make many kinds of mistakes, whether they understand it or not, so today we will discuss two things that cause traders to lose a lot.   Shortage of capital   The main problem for traders in the first stage of trading is the lack of sufficient capital, which causes most traders to lose. There are many instances where non-occurrences occur within 2-3 days of starting a trade and large losses within a week and account closures at the end of the week. You run out of capital before you even begin to understand the forex market. And this poisoning mostly happens in the case of new traders   - They do not have adequate trading experience and knowledge.- They are not aware of money management and risk management.- They generally perceive risk which is not sufficient for their trade.  In the case of the first trade, after being very careful and opening the trade with time, he makes the final decision of the trade with any fictitious decision without heeding any rules and regulations. The tech profit sets well but the need for stop loss is not very much felt. There is no interest management for the stability of the trade, but a few positive trades get excited and bring their own danger in the next trade. Separates trades from normal and traditional business and takes it as a dollar making a box that mentally removes the thoughts of normal business from the consciousness and exaggerates the loss of trade.   Extra trading:   That's when it comes to trying when you have the effort or the thought to leave this trade or this 1-hour trade with the highest profit. He opens large lots of trades with normal market movements and one shows trade decisions whose trade size is much larger than the trade capital and the account closes before the trade exists.   And the most important reason is to get involved in the trade without understanding the money management policy and to start the trade without creating any opportunity or qualification to manage the trade. Forgetting that every penny you have is a new opportunity for you not to waste it.   I know people who are reading this, especially newcomers, are all true because I wrote it from my own experience, when I first started trading, it happened in my case, so I shared it with you, and especially those who are new traders before they start trading. Of course, you can start trading by thinking about the issues.   I hope you find it useful. Thanks;

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Emotion is a very bad and important thing. Most new traders lose their money for emotions. New traders fail to control their emotions. And you have to work hard for it. Emotional traders can never be successful in Forex. If you want to control emotions, you first need to know about Forex in a good way, there are a few steps. You need to have good knowledge, skills, learn, education and good analysis. Minimum 8 months, you need to create a full-time professional trader, the more you increase your trade and experience, the more you will be able to control emotions. Emotion is great pain and a great enemy for traders. So if you want to be a good and successful trader, first of all, you have to control your emotions. Emotion control is a very challenging thing.  

Just think-   - Are you dissatisfied with your current job? - Are you frustrated with finding jobs here and there? - Are you looking for a way to earn some extra money as well as study? - Are you looking for a good way to earn money online but can't find it?   If you have any one of the above four problems then Forex trading can be a great way to solve your problem. Many people around the world are choosing Forex trading as an alternative to a job or a traditional business. With a little education, a little capital, close observation, patience and wise decision making, it is possible to become successful in the Forex market very quickly.   However, today's post is not for biblical knowledge about Forex. There are many interested people in our country who are not able to enter the Forex market due to various obstacles.   Now, I suppose you are interested in Forex. So think about which of the following categories do you fall into?   1. I have the money. I want to learn forex. But I can't find any reliable organization or expert from where I can learn Forex well. Besides, I don't know what would be the best platform to do forex business.   2. I am very interested in learning Forex. But it takes money to learn Forex from an expert or organization. I have no money. Moreover, starting a forex business also requires a lot of capital. Where can I get so much money?   3. I know a lot about Forex, I am interested in starting trading. But I am afraid to start trading by spending my own pocket money. In the beginning, if someone gives me some money to trade then I will have the courage to start trading.   4. I do forex trading. I am not satisfied with my current broker. I want to go to another good broker. But before depositing with the broker, I want to trade for free and see if the broker is good!

One of the things we all do when we know how to analyze or prepare for a trade is to put a lot of charts in front of us and then open the trade in a chart that matches our own analysis and strategy, in many cases if a few currencies fall into the analysis. Then do not leave to open trade in any. This is what most traders do. But in this case, how much you can be sure about your trades, maybe you can not reduce your stress until you close the trades.  So what to do, if you go to trade in one currency you may not be able to trade more daily, where if you follow more than one currency there is a lot of opportunities to trade. Yes, that's not a lie, but what is your main goal as a trader? Of course, trade safely and make a profit. So if so, you have to come to a conclusion. Yes, basically I am indicating how many currencies you will have on a regular basis.     To put it bluntly, I would say don't increase the currency as much as you can. Try to stay in 2 currencies if too much. 1 is better. Much like the birth control method. 1 is better if 2 is no more. I hope you do not have to explain the benefits of these 1 or 2.There are many secret sources for good trading, one of which is the currency target. All the information in many currencies can be very complicated for you, but if you target currency and trade in that currency knowing the beginning and end of that currency, know all the updates of that particular currency, or keep all the trading history of that currency in mind. And you don't lose anyway.   What are the advantages of trading in a currency?   - You know the daily range of the currency.- Where is the high-low of the currency in the last 10 years, where is it now and why?- How many pips the currency can change in news hours.- How much other currency currents affect this currency.- What is the total turnover of this currency per week?- What is the correction rate of the currency?- How long a currency stays in a trend line.   Yes, knowing the answers to the above questions means that you know everything about that currency, so you must agree with me now that the weaker the enemy, or the more information you know about him, the stronger you are in the fight against him. Be. So if you want to trade regularly in the Forex market and make a profit successfully, I would say stay in a currency. And become an expert in that currency. Extremely control yourself. I'm not saying it's bad to trade in multiple currencies, but apply my single currency suggestion and see if you do better than before. Then of course let me know.

To be a successful Forex trader you must put in a lot of hard work, time and talent. Otherwise, you will never succeed as a forex trader. Here are some tips to help you become a successful trader.                     1. Basic Forex Learning: There are many of us who start trading in a hurry after seeing the success of a good trader with a few ideas in Forex or hearing about the success of Forex in someone's mouth. In this case, I would say that first, you have to learn the basics of Forex well, then practice the demo for a minimum of 3 months (or until you succeed in 70% trading).  2. Save experience in trading: Many people start trading in the live accounts after practicing for a few days and within a few days the account is closed and they become destitute. If you think that you have learned Forex after making a profit in the first two or four days of trading, then you are mistaken, because, in order to take one step towards success in the Forex market, you have to practice a lot. Otherwise, you cannot be a successful trader. So consider your own success by trading 3-6 months in the demo first.  3. Avoid some advice from experienced traders: It is important to listen to the opinions or suggestions of experts. However, there are some traders who claim to be experienced and dream of different ways to earn 100% from Forex.E.g. - Given all the data that has no success.- Asked to buy commercial indicators, robots, etc.- Attracting others with different types of screenshots, which when compared to you will see a lot of unwanted and fake.   Keep yourself away from the various temptations of such expert traders. Because such experts will extend a helping hand to you to achieve their objectives.  4. Own Analysis: If you trade by looking at the analysis/signal of others, you will remain a blind trader for the rest of your life, because if you trade on the analysis/signal of others, sometimes profit and sometimes a huge loss can occur. For this, create a strategy that you try yourself so that 70-80 percent success comes in trade. Don't write your name in Live Trade's account without your success strategy.  5. Break after Loss: There are many of us who trade with the insistence that we will make a profit today. No, do not do such a thing that you will see that 2/3 of your trades are closed at a loss, then you should refrain from trading. And prepare for the next day.  6. Trading in specific pairs: Most traders trade in multiple pairs at the same time which is really dangerous. Always try to trade in 1/2 pair, then you will have a good idea about that pair and you will be able to analyze and decide very easily.  7. Time Frame: Trading in multiple time frames is a bad quality for a trader. You must decide to look at each time frame before trading 1, but always trade-in one-time frame. Because of the way you look at a chart on a daily chart, you don't look at it in a 1-hour chart. Trade-in a time frame that you can adapt to your strategy and trade amount.  8. Perfect Chart: Indicators help us a lot in the case of trade, so it is not said that we will put the match of the indicator on the pair chart in which we will trade. In my opinion, it is not right/necessary to use more than 2 indicators to trade. Because the more indicators you use, the more confused you will be and the wrong decision will be made. To sort the chart with only 2 indicators that you like.  9. Using Tech Profit and Stop Loss: Use Tech Profit and Stop Loss by analyzing each of your trades, otherwise, you may face big loss at any time.  10. Manage Money: There are many traders who do not manage money, they become poor at one time. When trading, trade by creating money by managing and calculating volume.  11. Keep an eye on the news: Before trading in any pair, find out if there is any news in that pair. If there is news in that pair, then refrain from trading in that pair before the news is published, understand the news and trade after the news is published. And refrain from trading in those currency pairs on bank holidays of major currencies.

No matter what the Forex Expert or the Forex Guru says, one of the most powerful pillars of Forex today if you go to the flashback of their success, you will see that their amount of loss was not less. So if you want to be a good trader, you have to lose? How did it go? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain't for me either. No matter how many sites, some strategies, or whatever type of auto and manual methods, no method can make your trade 100% successful. This will probably make many people frown and naturally ask how you can prove that you need to know how to make a loss in order to be successful in Forex.   First of all, the Forex market is a constantly changing market that we all know. Now if the question is how this change comes about, maybe your answer will be, on a fundamental or technical issue. But many experts want to say that the forex market does not really change based on fundamental or technical issues. The main thing here is demand and supply. In other words, the forex market moves based on the bidding hire or lowering of the trader or trading organization. In other words, the difference between the bid and ask the level of the trader or trading organization is mainly the demand and supply. And the movement is basically based on this movement.     When a trader loses on his average trade, many may think that the question arises as to whether the forex market is controlled by anyone or whether the strategy in which you once made a profit is repeatedly losing. Mentally weakened. Remember that the Forex market is completely neutral. Here the movement of the market is conducted in a way where no one has a chance to play the game. The market varies according to the speed of the currency's own demand or supply. Most traders have a careless and thoughtless decision behind the loss trade. That is to open the trade without any thought. Ask successful traders today or those who have a good experience of trading for a long time and I can say Damon Siurley if you open the trade by understanding the terms of the trade open, you will not close your account if you are not a complete trader. So the bottom line is that before you learn it, it's an art.   Many people trade in revenge that I lost two trades in a row. This time I will cover the loss of the last two trades in the 3rd trade and thus you make the final loss and finally, you light the red light of your trade yourself. So don't trade with that mentality. Another main reason behind the loss of most traders in Forex trading is - too much excitement! But don't have the burden of learning like that. How long will you survive in the market while making a loss, or how much ability do you have to stabilize in this market with huge losses? While it is possible for one or two people to think this way, it is not possible for 95% + traders to think this way. So before going into the trade, know the related issues including trade balance, trade open rules, then get down to trade. But besides all this, it is also important to know how to make a good trade. Because the road to a successful trade will come from the opposite side of the losing trade.

Any professional independent is open to anyone. However, in particular, many people value domestic professions more because of their advantages, considerations, and desires. There are many such jobs all over the world. It's really fun to work with an outside organization at home. And the young generation of our country is taking this fun very well. And taking with success.   Thanks to technology, people's lives are now much easier, more dynamic, and much more beautiful. Many people's imaginations are now turning into reality with the help of technology. One such blessing of technology is online income from home. Among the many domestic professions, today I will discuss foreign exchange (forex) trading.   First of all, I would like to say that you can earn a lot more from Forex trading at home than from any of the current schedule based outside professions. Yes, indeed. I'm not saying anything to hurt. Forex trading is a type of market similar to the traditional stock market where you make a profit by exchanging currency. This profession is open. You can run your business from anywhere in the world using the only net connection and laptop PC, Open is a business so you are not tied to anyone or anyone to you. You can do the whole process yourself.   Traditional A business If you start with small capital and start-up, why not do that type of business? How much profit can you make per month after deducting all expenses? Simply put, if I calculate this investment in proportion to the trade in the Forex market, then you can easily get a monthly profit of 20k to 30k dollars from this completely non-existent internationally recognized business. This account is my on-average average, you can make a profit in exchange for skills and much more unlimited money. For which you do not need any special business position. There are no stops or business utilities. Your PC and internet connection is the main set up of your business. So sitting at home this business can change your destiny much easier and in less time.     How can you do this business at home? - You can trade at your own convenience. - The Forex market is open 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday, so you are not obliged to run the scheduled time scale like any other job, you can sit and trade at midnight if you want. - Forex is the largest market in the world with a daily turnover of ৪ 4 trillion, so everyone has the potential to be involved in this market. - Starting with a minimum capital of $ 1 and a maximum capital, you can start your own business with a small investment. - Representation of a single person cannot create any form of reflection in this market. Bill Gates himself could not afford to change this market. - You can trade both up and downtrends. - This is a spot trading market so you can buy instantly, you don't have to wait for any maturity. - Your transactions are completely secure through your own account password where no one has access. - Brokers can transact through various types of money media as per their choice. - Due to the loan facility, you can continue trading in more power than your own capital. - You can create a free and pre-investment method called Demo Account before you go to the main investment. - If you want to go out for any work, you have the facility to control the trade completely through your mobile phone. - Full-time or part-time bases can scale your choice. - Graduate-non-graduate is crazy for everyone i.e. educational qualification is weak.   All of the above benefits that you can get sitting at home without any business. The key to any business is to first master that business, to learn it well. So before you go to the main investment, of course, of course, the whole thing is clear and efficient then start. This time let's not know what kind of limitations you will have in this business or what kind of risks you may have. Be aware of the following issues before starting a business.   When investing, give priority to emotions over logic. - Going into business with your full capital i.e. Living Secure Money. - Going into business without acquiring full knowledge. - The whole concept of business practices is manipulated. - Make a profit from every trade. - Taking more risk than your own skills.   Forex trading is at the top of the world as a domestic profession for various exceptional religious benefits, especially for women who do not want to go out for work or engage in business, Forex may be their first choice to earn from home. And you can be a big earner in your family, you can change your destiny, you can be financially self-sufficient.

There are a lot of good study resources being created on Forex these days that are really great, and some Forex study tutorials are awesome. But one thing I want to know is,   Dear Trader, are you also learning Forex trading on your own?   Do you have a forex teacher?   So far I am continuing my own education. I'm good and I'm bad again, but I'm happy.   Your willpower is your first tool for good trading. And with that comes the need for perseverance, regular trading and applying new strategies. Try to know well what you know and make it a reality. Set and trade each strategy as you like. Keep a record of both your profit and loss trades then review both trades over time, why the trade lost and why the trade made a profit. Find out the right reason and learn from it.   If there are any other issues that make you think too much, then ask questions in the forum. There are many expert traders who will give you the right solution to your problem. Hope you do well.   Thanks.

Forex trading is one of the most successful professions in the world. Not everyone will trade forex. This is normal. Some people will do forex trading. People choose a profession based on their thoughts and feelings, everyone is independent in their profession. In fact, in addition to the profession, people think of other things, such as   My profession will be independent.- I want to give my family time on a regular basis.- I want to play a role in different tasks.- I want to ensure a beautiful and happy life for me and my family.- I want to do business and I will have no obstacles to go wherever I want.   The aspirations towards the above things everyone expects in all professions. But can you fulfill your desires from all professions? However, there are some professions in which you can make a lot of your wishes come true. The right attitude towards some things can be the fulfillment of your wishes and dreams in Forex trading.     - Can you immerse yourself in something that relies on analysis, are you mentally prepared for this?- Do you have any magic formula that you can use to gain survival consciousness in this market?- Do you have the mental courage and willpower to do forex trading?- Do you prefer the trading methods or opinions of other traders?- How satisfied are you with the trading methods/strategies you are using?- Can you trade news analysis or understand the impact of news?- Can you build your trading structure in short/long time charts?- Can you keep yourself active in the market flow on a regular basis?- Are you scared of doing this type of business or just not wanting to?- Or do you want someone else to manage my trade?- Do you want to trade in this market on the basis of options/gambling without knowing the trading method?   With a strong and thoughtful decision towards the above, you will be able to successfully enter this market and start trading. So judge for yourself and find the right path through the right decision.   We hope you find this post helpful in your decision about Forex trading.   Thanks

Dear trade friends, today's post is a little different, I have seen many traders who are very proud of their trading strategy and quite successful but at one point I heard that their account was terminated by their strategy. Those who think that their trade strategy is almost 100 percent successful will hopefully be able to answer these questions effortlessly.   The questions are: - How much do you think it can take from a 1000 dollars account to 5000 dollars?- How long will it take you to meet your needs and exit the trade?- In what amount of time have you been able to double your account balance?      I think you would prefer one answer to all these questions and that is the amount of money or capital invested. Yes, it should be acknowledged that those who trade/invest in Forex invest in higher income. Because Forex is called Money Making Machine, yes I also admit that it is possible to make good money in Forex but it is not very fast, as you think. To the best of my knowledge, doubling an amount in a given period of time in any strategy means that you are not a forex trader but a gambler. In this type of gambling, your account can be void at any one time. So I tell you, never expect a certain amount of income from Forex within a specified period. Succeed slowly. Remember, "The nail that gets stuck in the wall too quickly, the nail falls off the wall too quickly."    Verify the reality:I am sure and you also know that Forex is not a quick project to get rich quickly. Many do not want to believe this, especially those who are new and have had good success in a number of trades. However, what most people don't say is that Forex is a profession. Just as it takes time to succeed in another profession, it also takes time and proper education to succeed in Forex. So if you consider forex as a profession, you need to ask yourself two simple questions: - Am I interested in starting a new (Forex) career and succeeding?- Obstacles are mine to get through success- Patience? If the answer to the above questions is "no", then I think Forex is not for you. Because, to do forex you need interest, proper training, patience, and the latest money.    Get rich slowly      Let me tell you one thing, I have been trading Forex for over 4 years now and I am constantly learning new things. But in these 4 years, I have met many traders who want to get rich quickly by earning from Forex. I wouldn't say it's not possible, but as far as I know and see those who have had success with Forex have gradually grown up. To be a successful Forex trader, you must follow these five steps. They are: Learn Basic Forex Planning and Preparation (Write a proper trading plan and money management method.)Develop a trading method and test your trading method and verify its success.When trading, show patience and decide what and how to trade. I.e. nonDo not trade with patience.Be successful.      To be successful in Forex, you need to follow these five steps or you will be far from successful. Most of the traders see that they want to jump to the fifth step after completing the first step in a month or two. You have to understand that if you want to survive in the Forex market, you have to gradually come to the path of success. The steps must be completed successfully. That is why I say that Forex is a means to get rich slowly. You can see many posts on BDForexPro for trade success.  In fact, most people do not succeed in their business or job profession very quickly, we all know that. So forex and time are needed for success. I personally think that Forex is an independent business and it gives people freedom. Just like you fix your trading time schedule in Forex, in other professions but you will not get this kind of freedom. If you calculate the time you spend on Forex with simple other professions, you will see that you have spent less time on Forex.      The rate of return on Forex is much higher than any other business or profession if you can master Forex properly and be able to improve the quality of your life journey. But don't ever think that if you make a name for yourself in 6 months or a certain period of time by earning money from Forex, then it may become black for you.  Thanks.

In order to make trading positive, we can create a strategy, follow it and be vigilant so that our trade never becomes negative. In fact, how many people can continue trading with 100% sure analysis? Answer: Not one. That's why it is not possible to trade out of analysis, yes, and for this, it is necessary to do regular analysis with some good tools and open a beautiful trade and take profit. Most traders open trades with technical analysis rather than fundamental analysis, but both types of analysis are important for a good trade, so today we will discuss some of the mechanical tools with which market analysis was fairly solid last year.   So at the beginning of the new year today I will introduce you to those indicators you don't know, in today's discussion I will discuss only a general summary of the tools then I will discuss each indicator in detail through a series based on a post. So guys who are reading this post will try to finish all the posts in this series one by one, all you have to do is write a new chapter of your trading analysis and your analysis will be more beautiful and successful.   Take a look at their backtest reports before getting acquainted with the tools.     1. The trend is your Friend: This is a very simple and commonly used trading method where you can make a good profit by trading EMA (Exponential Moving Average) and RSI (Relative Strength Index).   2. MACD Divergence System: For advanced traders, this analysis is a very useful trading method in a mixed formula of MACD & Stochastic, which may seem a bit complicated for the new at first.   3. Crossover System V1: In the first version, the Parabolic SAR tools for this method came with a good introduction and new versions in this genre.   4. Crossover System V2: Basically updating the previous version a little more analyst dependent The new version has a very positive analysis based positive trade based role. I will give a clear idea in the next discussion.   5. Amazing Crossover System V3: This latest version integrated with the Market Correction Formula has attracted a lot of attention from traders for a good technical analysis, so the new formula is doing well with the previous versions.   6. Triple SMA Crossover V1: Basically a combination of three simple moving average ascending and descending, this analysis helps in very clear and perfect buy and sell signal analysis.   7. Triple SMA Crossover V2: The revision of the first version has made it possible to understand crossovers more clearly through short time SMA’s and has made the analysis through ADX indicators much more positive trade dependent.   8. Triple SMA Crossover V3: One of the great advantages of this last version is that it has a much more trend-oriented outlook than the previous version, which is capable of gaining more than 20% profit in the pullback trade.   Above I just gave a briefing of the tools today when I will discuss in detail one by one you will be able to enjoy a lot and hope to find some systems quite useful in the field of trade.

The more resource study analysis that can be done for regular Forex trading, the more accurate and powerful the trade becomes. No matter how technical or fundamental you do trade analysis, much of the success of analysis depends on a strong resource. So I mentioned some resource sites for Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis, I hope those who know OK and those who don't know will find it very useful for regular strong trading analysis.     For technical analysis: http://www.fxstreet.com/technical/http://www.dailyfx.com/technical_analysishttp://www.actionforex.com/analysis/daily-forex-technicals/    For Fundamental Analysis: http://www.forexcrunch.com/category/forex-weekly-outlook/http://www.fxstreet.com/fundamental/http://www.forexfactory.com/calendar.php    Regular news releases: http://www.bloomberg.com/marketshttp://www.reuters.com/finance/currencieshttp://www.economist.com/sections/business-financehttp://money.cnn.com/data/currencies/http://markets.on.nytimes.com/research/markets/overview/overview.asp?src=busfn    For more currency related information: http://www.investopedia.com/university/forexmarket/    For Forex Studies: http://www.babypips.com/schoolhttps://www.forex4noobs.com/    For Forex Group Discussions: http://www.forexfactory.com/forum.phphttp://forums.babypips.com/https://www.journeyforex.com/discussion   For Forex Review: http://www.trade2win.com/reviewshttp://www.forexpeacearmy.com/public/all_forex_reviews

Almost everyone is aware of the stock market. The trading theory of the stock market is that the possible price increase is to buy the product at a lower price and sell it at a higher price. And the difference between the middle price is the profit. In this way, the market moves with different trading rules.   Below we discuss some of the differences and advantages of the domestic stock market with the Forex market.     - Forex is basically the largest financial market in the world with a daily turnover high.- The traditional stock market is a small market that is confined within a country. - The Forex market can be traded 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.- Traditional stock markets cannot be traded for more than 5 hours 5 days a week. - Forex market is a spot trading market, you can buy/sell immediately by making a deposit.- If you want to buy and sell shares in the traditional stock market, you have to wait for 2-3 days. - In the Forex market, a broker's loan can be taken on a specific trading volume scale, without having to repay.- The traditional stock market takes no advantage in this regard. Obliged to repay the loan. - It is possible to trade with minimal investment in the Forex market.- It is not possible to trade in the traditional stock market without a certain investment. - You can take profit by trading in both up and down markets of the Forex market, that is, you can trade in a buy order and you can trade in a sell order.- You can only buy by trading in the traditional stock market. - Your trades in the Forex market you can do everything from order make to close cash profit at your own account software completely at home.- If you want to cash profit in the traditional stock market, you have to wait with check requisition. - You can test your skills before going for live trading through a demo account in the Forex market.- There is no such method in the traditional stock market. - Since trading in the Forex market takes 24 hours, Ananya can do the work at the time of her choice.- In the traditional stock market, there is no opportunity to trade outside the broker's allotted time of 5 hours daily. - There is no broker commission for trading open in the Forex market.- Traditional stock markets do not have broker commissions for both open and closed trades. - If you need to go out for work in Forex trading, you can manage trading on mobile.- The traditional stock market does not have this advantage as it is dependent on the broker. - Since Forex is a global market, it rolls in 4 time sessions so that every currency is active in the market.- No such thing is possible in the traditional stock market.   It is possible to trade in the Forex market with the traditional stock market with many such advantages. That is why a large number of people in the world prefer Forex to stocks as a trading business.

Today we will discuss how to get out of all these bed trading formulas and some formulas to become a successful trader.   This time if you feel that you are not following the path of a professional trader or your trading style is leading you towards gambling. But you want to get back from your position and become a professional trader. Then your will is enough and I need this guideline.   How to get yourself out of the gambling trade:   First, you move out of the trade with real money. Stay away from trading for a few days to break trading emotions with real money. After taking a break for a few days, think of a little study without thinking about trading directly, that is, learn some trading strategies such as price action, trend line, etc.   - At the same time, create a trading checklist of your own, which will mention how your daily trades will be.- Start trading on the demo account, don't forget to go to the live account at this moment.- Then think for yourself how to do a risk management trade and apply to a demo account.- Track daily trades, and journal.- Open limit trades i.e. create self rules that do not open more than a certain number of trades i.e. 2-3 trades.- Trade with Confidence, not Revenge on Loss Trade but find out the cause and correct it.- Keep the risk management ratio in mind in every trade and eliminate emotions.     One thing to keep in mind is that trading is your habit but will be the main carrier of your next movement. So keep professionalism in your daily trade and do not repeat the previous gambling. Occasionally read the professional trading points and keep your mindset. And judge for yourself whether your movements are right. Do not enter the trade blindly believing in a positive 3-4 trading strategy, do as you normally would order every time considering the aspects of judging for your trading entry. Think of a new trading strategy at least once a week, read on and start applying to the demo. Thus, a few based strategies should be considered before all trades and place the final order. But never enter the trade relying on 100% strategy. The key is to enter a new trade by calculating your account balance in each trade.   Being cautious about trading depends on the risk ratio of your trades so don't take any risk trades that give you new tenses and deprive you of a good night's sleep. That means trading risk should not affect your body. We hope that the importance of these issues will help you to become a successful and professional trader.

Everyone understands how sensitive a market Forex trading is. Trading in this market is done in light of many things. Each trader follows a different approach. Walking with one market with profit and loss, some are making more profit and some are making less. But there are some traders who do not see the face of profit, know a lot of good trading theory but are losing again and again. Your purpose is to say, are you trading keeping the boundaries of trading right? Or you have left the trade by loosening the rope, thinking that you will back at your own pace. If so, I would say you are wrong here. Trading in this way means you don't know what the future holds for your trade, whether it can be recovered or not, then the issue is like a kind of gambler.   Which is not a trading method in the Forex market. Think about your last month's trading. How many trades have you done in Proper Strategy? You may be able to adjust the calculation yourself. It doesn't matter how many trades you make, you do it without setting boundaries. Which is like gambling and if you think that's what you want to do then you can go to any casino and fulfill your wish.     And if you want to do forex trading, you must agree that your trade must have a boundary. Let's make clear what I mean by trading boundaries, trading boundaries are not a signal or a particular method of trading, it is a bunch of trading theories or trading rules that will keep your trades in a certain position.   You need to know when you will enter the market and when you will leave the market. (Via Long Time Analysis)   You need to know when you will enter the market and when you will leave the market. (In light of current chart position)   If the market goes against you, how to get out of the trade or if the market is in your favor, how long will you stay with the movement, you have to have those trading powers.   Be very strict with money management, do not take more than 1% risk of capital per trade.   Cannot be applied to live account without confirming the effectiveness of the strategy, be sure to demo if necessary.

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In fact, a very common question for students or those who are studying here is whether they can trade Forex in this situation. Of course, you can answer in one word, but you will do well if you make the decision after confirming some things. We know Forex is a business, so naturally, you need capital. But the thing you need to master before capital is to know the trading system well. Make yourself angry. Now if it is possible for you from your position, I would say if you are a student of O level then think to start a little later, and if you are a student of this level or higher level then you can think now. I answered the curse very straightforwardly. Let's face it - most people can master the Forex trading concept very quickly in developing their talents, but more importantly, whether you have developed enough sentiment for Forex trading, as the business is very sensitive and time-consuming. Cannot be done, requires time-dependent learning and practice. So I am giving a little more priority to the issue of age in this business. I have personally observed that the only reason why young people make more losses in this business is that there is no patience because the effect of the word patience is much more with forex trading. And with age, people can make themselves much more stable, so there is no fear of accidents. And this business creates a lot of stress that is slowly removed in the first place, so if you don't start maintaining a step, you may have to count the losses as a result. So for those of you who are still students, very interested in Forex trading, you can start studying Forex as a subject of your education, with an effective plan of your own. Take things in stride and try not to focus too much on the problem. Learn how to do it right, and learn how to do it right. Continue like this for a long time, then when you become more and more expert, when you have the opportunity to do a huge range, then you can think professionally about good capital in a good way. Basically, the purpose of all these discussions is to make your start beautiful and lasting. There are many who fall into this business with a lot of fuss and then go back to their previous destination and work a negative attitude towards this industry. When a new concept comes to our country, it ends by drowning it. The reason is that we don't start the way we need to. So it doesn't last for us. It does not exist at this stage. But Forex is one of the many high professions in the developed world. So if the idea is to extend interest, then the achievement must also be a time extension.

What is Forex ?, Why are you doing Forex? If you make a profit by forex, then why not Bill Gates?   Is it possible to earn money from forex? How much did you earn? How long have you been trading Forex? Forex will not go? There are some traders, they just analyze, they analyze that they can't make a profit from the market and provide it. But why? Where is the difficulty in teaching your country's brothers for free? Is the forex halal in Islam? Where does Forex get so much money? Isn't it gambling again? If everyone makes a profit, where will Forex pay so much money? If Forex is so good, why does everyone lose?     Faced with thousands of other questions, when you try to answer them with a cool head without creating any confusion, you will realize that you are really good for forex trading. When a trader begins to see the face of success after years of continuous pursuit, it is the fruit of that trader's own experience. Maybe he has some good guidelines behind it. Because if there is a guide in front, there is no fear of getting lost easily.   And when this trader is unable to teach all his experiences to anyone else who wants to do forex very quickly (within 3-4 days) or demands a little behind this hard work, then some people leave their face blackened nonsense on a Facebook post, Like Forex no juice powder. You can learn by playing with confusion. Why brother, why are you blaming only those forex traders? The big outsourcers earning lakhs of rupees have started training by opening various types of IT firms in return for what? They also make a profit online.   Everyone should learn to value someone's hard work. Otherwise, you expect to earn thousands, millions of rupees from Forex and do not try to learn from somewhere good. Go around for free like the government relief fund. So in this case, why only you, even a helpless child will say in one word, it will never be possible for you to learn Forex.   One thing to note here is that the person you are going to learn from understands Forex well. At present widespread fraud has started with it. There are some Lao people who try to run with what they get by trading and losing. Everyone needs to be careful of them.   Again, there are many who think that Forex is a money tree and start trading. But after eating the loss, he started talking about the opposite. Those who are making a profit by forex, why they are not Bill Gates, etc., etc. I tell them, brother, forex is not a money call. It's a business. Maybe it's a currency business. So why Forex, you can be Bill Gates if you make a profit in any business. What is the need to pull the forex?     One thing to keep in mind, Forex is a business like any other business. So plan your trading plan with specific targets just like any other business. Then proceed slowly. Gather different types of strategies and information from different places and keep practicing with them. One day the market will be easier for you. Keep practicing with any strategy of your choice. Don't even look at any other strategy. Remember all strategies are good if you stick to them well. You see, you too have started making a profit. One day you too will succeed. And remember, being successful doesn't mean being Bill Gates. Identify your workplace first. Then you can know your own situation. Thanks, everyone.

Different traders use different types of strategies for good trading, some strategies work quite well and some may not produce such positive results. There are many good strategies that don't work all the time, however, it really depends on your trading experience. Because as a trader it all depends on your regular trading skills.   However, as many methods of trading today I will discuss in the context of partial gain in trading. Those who have used it before will improve this idea and those who are new will give feedback through comments.   How it works: Suppose you open a long trade, when the trade reaches your desired number of pips, or you close the trade at half or three-thirds of the target take profit level.     Yes, most traders do that, otherwise, the market retreats, and all your profits are lost in an instant. And this is exactly how trading in the name of partial profit is done.   This method works, when the market really moves towards your stop loss in retros movement. But what exactly should be done when the market moves in your favor towards your target pips? Yes, that's right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. But if you are confident enough in your trading and wait for that trade to reach the target level and take that amount of profit, then you realize the amount of profit but double than before. On the other hand, if the trade loses, then maybe you will lose in that trade. But as a trader, you must accept that loss is also a part of your trading. And that's exactly my idea. Because in most cases, after a partial profit, when the market reaches your target, you just regret it.     I think what else can you do in this case, such as when the market is in your favor, you can increase your trading size and take profit in a short time in a partial profit method.   Whatever method you use in your daily trading experience, I would like to ask you a question, how can you make a good profit? In partial profit concept or target pips trading concept, I hope you will let me know in the comments.

You do not need to be very smart for a successful trade   Many people like this hear that successful traders understand that they are much smarter than us or they have a theory of ultra. They have superhuman power so they are successful in forex trading. Or the thought that they must have a very large degree. In fact, it is not so, there are many successful traders who have not gone to college, but are doing forex trading successfully and earning billions of rupees. To be a successful trader, you need psychological qualifications or your will is enough. You do not have to have a large degree. So don't get overwhelmed by thinking about all this and start in a normal way without getting frustrated.   You can't trade normally. Think about it. That's true   There are some people who can master a lot in a very short time, but you can't, there's no need to despair or look down on others because you can't, that's normal. So instead of pushing yourself into despair at the beginning, think that you can be like people like them, and start with a single heart. You think you are human too, you have a brain that needs to be put to good use. Remember you saw him running so you don’t run, because you have to learn to walk first.     Professional traders never expect a return as a percentage   One of the great secrets of Forex trading is to never expect a return as a percentage. If you hear from someone that he gets 100% return at the end of the year, what does it mean, you have to take it too, don't worry because your trading accuracy and relevance is not like that. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis, not just a percentage set. Withdraw profit every month. The basic policy of your trading will be how much you can gain with the average risk ratio. But of course, never leave the risk ratio.    It will take time for you to become a successful trader   You should never think that a good trader or a professional trader has any bullet power or something that will easily pull you back and make you a successful trader very soon. But I'm not disappointing you, but it's true that if you want to be a successful trader if someone really wants to be a successful trader, the right hard work and effort are enough. Forex trading is not for everyone. It is true that not everyone can be successful in forex trading unless he has such recklessness and determination. Many of them are seen to start flames with great excitement and erupt again in a very few days, basically they become losers. So don't include yourself in that team.    Sometimes successful trading can be frustrating   Surprisingly, if you can trade successfully, what's the point of bothering again, it won't happen if you have money income. In fact, the subject is relative, because the same work every day is a dual set of one game. So in such a situation, good trade has a bad effect on your own unknowingly. So don't force yourself on the mission of being a good or successful trader, go to relax like time, stay away from one gamble in leisure for some time.   Remember that the more you want to increase your income, the harder it will be for you   Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly. Some days when you succeed in trading a trend, you naturally want to increase the income a little more, I'm not saying it's bad, but to increase the income you need to increase the emphasis on the more relevant things. So pay close attention to whether the more force you are taking for trading is being successfully applied.   Good trading requires fancy software or multi-screen   Many people think that a multi-screen display or super software is essential for good trading. Guys don't worry about these, if you really think you need something for trading then you can be sure that your brain is more than just thinking about your super software, indicators, or other tools.