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  Also named as Exchange RatesCurrency rate is a term which is simply the price value of the current currency you have compared to the price value of the other currencyFor example, when we say that the price of one US dollar is $ 1.11270 Euro, when you buy a Euro currency, here, you sell the dollar you have and Vice versa.Thus, in order to obtain currency, another currency must be paid for it.Why do people buy currencies from other countries?When a dealer from Malaysia, for example, buys goods from Europe, he must pay the goods in a currency acceptable to the European seller. Often, the European seller will not accept the monetary value of a Malaysian Ringgit but wants to get his commodity values in a currency acceptable in most countries of the world such as the US dollar, the euro, the pound sterling or even the Swiss franc.Here, the Malaysian trader has to replace the Malaysian Ringgit that he owns to buy Euros to send to the European seller for the goods he wants to buy from him by monitoring the live currency rates to know the exact current value of the desired currency he wants to buy!Similarly, if a Malaysian tourist wants to travel to a European country for the purpose of tourism, he must buy in his local currency the European currency (euro) to be able to pay goods and services purchased in European territory.These are the main reasons why a person buys another country's currency.www.invstoc.com is one of the most comprehensive providers and pays its clients to access to only certified and trusted forex brokers globally with the highest cashback in the world exceed 80% from given high baseline in comparison to all competing cashback providers.You will first need to register with the cashback brokers. This is free, and no credit card or other financial information needs to be supplied. Once you have registered with INVSTOC you will be able to pick out and connect with forex brokers. Of course, in order to buy something you should know its price. Similarly, when you want to buy a currency, you must know the monetary value in some other currencies which called currency rate.What is High and low exchange rates (currency rate)?And What is Supply and demand theory?You know that when demand for a commodity increase, its price rises, and when demand drops, its price drops.When the number of people who want to buy a product exceeds the number of those who want to sell, the product will cost more.This is called low supply and demand theory.This law applies to the currency rate as applied to anything else.If the number wanting to buy currency is greater than the number of sellers, the price of this currency will rise.If the number of those wishing to sell a currency is more than the number of buyers, the monetary value of this currency will decrease.For example, if you go to a bank and asked about its cost of replacing the dollar almost against the euro and the result was that the dollar = 1.11270 eurosHere you have to pay 1.11270 euros for $ 1.But if many people want to buy the euro, the cost will rise to € 1.11300, for example, the greater of people who want to pay the dollar against the euro, the value of the euro against its dollar will increase gradually.   Major currencies in the currency rateEvery bit, you know, each country possesses its own currency and the international market gives each currency a special symbol known to ease the interaction between traders without mistakes,For lessons, maybe similar to several countries dealing with the dollar is the name of the currency of the United States of America and the currency of Australia and the currency of Canada and many nations.Thus to avoid mistakes in trading, it is internationally agreed that the currency of each nation will be thrown its own symbol known worldwide.For instance, the US dollar symbol is USDThe Canadian Dollar Symbol is CAD for Canadian DollarThe Australian Dollar symbol is AUD for Australian dollarThus, for each currency, a country follows its own symbol.In principle, you can deal and buy the currency of any nation in the world. But trading in the currency market is mainly focused on four currencies:Euro: The European currency and EUR symbol.JPY: The Japanese currency and the JPY symbol for the Japanese yen.GBP: British Pound (GBP) for Great Britain pound.CHF: Swiss currency and CHF symbol for Franc.In the currency market, 80% of the trading takes place in the previous four currencies.But for what?When you want to buy the yen what you will pay for itDealing with previous currencies is all against the US buck.Remember, currency trading takes place in the form of pairs when you buy a currency, you must sell against it another currency and vice Versa as mentioned before

  Since you are here, it is quite obvious you are interested in the forex market, right? And this article is for curious people like you who have an interest and want to invest in this flexible market. The benefits of investing in the foreign market are not hidden anymore and because of this more and more people choose to trade in forex. But, every market makes winners and losers and if you do not want to become the latter, here are the tips that you should follow to become a successful forex trader. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started.· Choose your broker carefully: The first and the most important thing that you should do is find the best crypto forex brokers because a broker can offer amazing tips and tricks that will make you the master of forex trade. If you are a beginner, you are strictly advised to work with brokers to know more about the strong currency pairs and other things. Also, you should do proper research before choosing one because you would never want to work with fake or unreliable brokers, right?· Know yourself: When you are investing in the forex market, it is very important to know your risk level. Along with this, you should also analyze the forex market, which can help you to make more profit.· Restrain your emotions: You should remember that panic, excitement, fear, and greed should never control your calculations. Pro-tip, you should always start with a smaller amount that reduces the risk.There are other things too that you are supposed to focus on. But, with these tips and tricks, you should also look for a trusted platform that can help you know more about the forex market. For this, you can trust Forex Traders Guide as you can learn so many things from this platform. It is an ultimate forex trading guide and can help you to know everything related to the forex basics.You can also visit the website of Forex Traders Guide and can check the trending currency pairs, forex brokers, and forex robots. Not just this, but this platform also helps you by offering the candlestick cheat sheet, trading strategies, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis. So, hurry up! Visit Forex Traders Guide today and become the king of the forex market.

Moving Average Envelopes are percentage-based envelopes set above and below a moving average. The moving average, which forms the base for this indicator, can be a simple or exponential moving average. Each envelope is then set the same percentage above or below the moving average. This creates parallel bands that follow price action. With a moving average as the base, Moving Average Envelopes can be used as a trend following indicator. Beyond simply trend-following, though, the envelopes can also be used to identify overbought and oversold levels when the trend is relatively flat.Moving Average Envelopes Conclusions and forex signalsMoving Average Envelopes are mostly used as a trend following indicator, but can also be used to identify overbought and oversold conditions. After a consolidation period, a strong envelope break can forex signal the start of an extended trend. Once an uptrend is identified, chartists can turn to momentum indicators and other techniques to identify oversold readers and pullbacks within that trend. Overbought conditions and bounces can be used as selling forex trading signals opportunities within a bigger downtrend. In the absence of a strong trend, the Moving Average Envelopes can be used like the Percent Price Oscillator. Moves above the upper envelope signal overbought readings, while moves below the lower envelope signal oversold readings. It is also important to incorporate other aspects of technical analysis to confirm the overbought and oversold reading. Resistance and bearish reversal patterns can be used to corroborate overbought readings. Support and bullish reversal patterns can be used to affirm oversold conditions and buy forex trading signals.

  People working in the forex market often ask a question- is a forex robot safe to use? Can we use a forex robot to make more profit? Or can forex robots tell us about the strongest currency pairs? The answer is yes! If you trade in the forex market, you should use a forex robot to make more profits. See, a robot does not work out of emotions, and they suggest options without bias. Logic is the only deciding factor. Hence, if you wish to become successful in the forex market, read the tips to find the best forex robots. These tips from experts will surely help you eliminate fraudulent and scam products. So, don’t miss them. • Use a demo account: Before you decide and pick any robot, you should try it first. Why? Because once you have tested a robot, you will know about its capabilities. Not to mention, when you use a demo account, you will also come to know how the robot performs under trading conditions.• Read the reviews and check the ratings: Although most people think this is not an important step, you should never ignore it. Why? Because whenever you purchase any product or services, it's the reviews and ratings help you know more about it. When you will read the reviews, you will come to know about the shortcomings and features of the products that you cannot find anywhere else.Along with this, there is something more that we would like you to know. Always remember that a forex robot should be thoroughly tested. This is because backtesting helps to understand the capabilities of the robot. So, keep in mind these tips and find a good forex robot.To read the reviews and know about other features of the latest forex robots, you can trust Forex Traders Guide. It is an ultimate platform that has helped many traders until now with the information on their website. The platform was started to offer trustworthy and genuine reviews and ratings so that forex traders could invest in better products. Not just top forex robots but Forex Traders Guide also tells about leading brokerage companies.Don’t worry if you are new to the forex market. With this platform, you can also know about trading strategies, basics, fundamental & technical analysis, and a forex glossary.

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To become a successful trader, you need a clear system that helps you to stay consistent and handle negative market movements. You must also guard against becoming over-emotional. There is no magic formula to becoming a successful trader, but there are a few steps you can take to make sure you’re mastering both the basics and complexities of trading:   1. Do your research 2. Create a trading plan 3. Practice your trades When you’re ready to take on the markets, you can open a live trading account. Do your researchImproving your knowledge of financial markets is the first step to becoming a successful trader. Start by researching the different markets available to trade and to build your trading skills. Remember that you can never know too much; if you want to be a successful trader, you must always aim to improve your knowledge. Create a trading planA trading plan is a blueprint for how you are going to trade. It is driven by your trading strategy, helping you to quantify your goals and motivation. Your trading plan also covers your risk management strategy and preferred analysis method.Learn how to create a successful trading plan Practice your tradesIf you want to put your trading plan into practice, you can start trialing your trades on the demo account. With a demo account, you can develop your skills without risking your capital right away. Practicing your trades will also help you to refine your trading strategy and learn from any mistakes.

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Why work in the currency trading market? As you know, there are many types of commodities that can be traded such as stocks, commodities, bonds and many more. Each example of a commodity has its own lineage, where one chooses one or more of these cases to sell. On that point is a mass of reasons why the currency trading market is better than trading other types of markets and the most significant of these causes:   The currency market is open 24 hours a daylight For direct exchanges, a limited period of time is used every day as the bourse opens at the dawn and closed in limited time.For instance, if you require to trade US stocks, you can exclusively buy and sell when the New York Stock Exchange opens at 9 am (EST) to 4 pm at the same time.This implies that you are restricted at this time to monitor the securities industry, which requires full-time, and this gives to all other stock exchanges, each according to the timing of the state-affiliated to it.If you turn in a Gulf nation and desire to trade on the New York Stock Exchange, you are restrained to run between 4 pm and 11 pm, which corresponds to the timing of the opening of the New York Stock Exchange for most middle eastern countries.Such a divergence in working hours causes many troubles and difficulties in the long term.On the exchange of the currency market and because there is no specific central office, and because operations are transmitted out by computer networks, work along the exchange does not stop the currency 24 hours. Just market has just been off two days a week (Saturday and Sunday).. !!Banks and financial institutions open in Japan at 12 am GMT (8 am Japan time), buying and selling begin and the Japanese institutions are closed only at 9 am (5 pm Japan time).But the work will not stop because once the Japanese and Asian institutions are shut down and the most important ones are in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore so that the European institutions and the most important in London, Frankfurt and Paris have opened their doors. , And when the American institutions close their doors to state psychiatric hospitals in Australia and New Zealand in circulation, and before closing the last doors of the Japanese institutions have begun a new day at work.. !!   Thus and depending on the timing of each state it will be for you to trade continuously for 24 hours. Except on Saturday and Sunday. Because it is a holiday in all nations.When US institutions close on Friday at about 10 pm GMT it will be Saturday morning in Australia and New Zealand which is a holiday as you know so work stops until Sunday evening at 10 pm GMT, where Monday morning in Australia and New Zealand will be back for the next week Behind the daylight. In each country and granting to its timing to the close of the following week and so on.Of course, you will not mete out with all these introductions in all these countries separately but will distribute with the forex broker company, which will unite you in turn with all other establishments across the universe.What we are interested to know here is that currency trading goes on 24 hours a day, and this gives you the opportunity to take the time that suits you best without fear of "arriving late" in the currency market cannot get too late, Because opportunities are many and round the clock.   Working in currency trading on the international exchange of currencies You are today learning how profits are realized in currency trading in principle.The principle of currency trading is non-dissimilar from the principle of trading any other good.The selling and buying of currencies between the various banks and financial institutions linked to each other through the nets, where these institutions and around the world exchange all day and night currencies, each sells and buys for his clients, which may be States or transnational corporations or people.This is the international exchange of currencies, which we have supposed it is a stock exchange through the networks of communication, data processor and Internet OTC.You will also be linked to this market and will be able to buy and sell currencies by contacting the broker you choose to trade with, which will in turn receive hundreds of establishments around the globe.Of course, you will be affiliated with the brokerage company through a special platform will provide you the currency rates and you will be able to purchase or trade these currencies through the brokerage company - through this program - to sell or buy the currency you want At a price you deem appropriate.Now learn that there are two cases of entities that buy currencies from other nationsThe first case is buying currency to be utilized as an exchange tool for trade, investment, and travel.And the second case is those who buy currencies using them as a commodity, IE to sell them and to claim advantage of the difference in price between buying and selling. These are the speculators, and you will be one of them.In front we move farther into this exciting field, we will draw on some central conceptsMajor currencies Every bit, you know, each country possesses its own currency and the international market gives each currency a special symbol known to ease the interaction between traders without mistakes, For lessons, maybe similar to several countries dealing with the dollar is the name of the currency of the United States of America and the currency of Australia and the currency of Canada and many nations.Thus to avoid mistakes in trading, it is internationally agreed that the currency of each nation will be thrown its own symbol known worldwide. For instance, the US dollar symbol is USDThe Canadian Dollar Symbol is CAD for Canadian DollarThe Australian Dollar symbol is AUD for Australian dollarThus, for each currency a country follows its own symbol.In principle, you can perform currency trading of any nation in the world. But trading in the currency market is mainly focused on four currencies: Euro: a single European currency and EUR symbol.JPY: The Japanese currency and the JPY symbol for the Japanese yen.British Pound (GBP): British Pound (GBP) short of Great Britain pound.CHF: Swiss currency and CHF symbol for Confidralic Helevitica Franc. In the currency market, 80% of currency trading takes place in the previous four currencies. But for what?When do you want to buy the yen what you will pay for it?Dealing with previous currencies is all against the US buck.Remember, currency trading takes place in the form of pairs when you buy a currency, you must sell - pay - against it another currency, and frailty versa.In the currency market, when you buy the euro, you will sell the dollar against it, and when you sell the euro, you will purchase the dollar against it.You may wonder: Why do most transactions take place in these four currencies? Can not buy and sell other currencies?Answer: Have you ever remembered about moving to a cashier and asking for a Thai bat? !!If you examine it you will find it hard to get a cashier selling you Thai BahtWhy?Because few people are able to use the Thai currency in your land.If you proceed to the cashier to buy or sell the US dollar or the pound sterling, for instance, you will get them easily, because there are many people dealing with these currencies are acceptable not only in the United States and Britain but from different countries in the Earth, that the demand for them is high.Because the euro, the yen, the pound sterling and the US dollar are the currencies of the countries with the largest saving in the globe, and because most transactions between states and individuals are in one of this currency.

Have you ever thought of investing your money in the global market? Do you know why people are always ready to invest in this sector? Are you aware of the profit that you can make by simply investing in forex? Do you know about the best currency pairs to trade in this market? Well, if you don’t know, we are here to help. If you want to make extra money, grab a chair and read this forex traders guide to know why investing in the foreign market can be great for you. 24-Hour Available: Forex market is not like the domestic market as it is available 24/7. This means that you can start to trade anytime when you are comfortable or available. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that the forex market never sleeps.   Low Transaction Cost: Yes, you have read it right. The transaction cost of trading in this market is comparatively very low and this is one of the main reasons that people show interest in investing in the forex market. To your surprise, the transaction cost is mostly less than 0.1% and for a larger transaction, the cost is nearly 0.7%, isn’t it great?   Liquidity: Since the forex market is huge, it is very liquid. This means that this market has so many buyers and sellers that you can easily do the trading without getting stuck in the trade.   Easy Accessibility: The next reason due to which the forex market has gained enough popularity is that it can be easily accessed. If you are interested in trading globally, you can easily and directly trade with the FX brokers and the bank by following certain rules. Now, talking about the best pairs to trade, for this you can visit Forex Traders Guide. It is a trusted guiding platform that has helped many people know about the right thing that they can invest in this year. With the help of the Forex Traders Guide, you can gather info about crypto forex brokers. Along with the right currency pairs, you can also know about forex brokers and forex robots. So, if you want to clear your doubts regarding forex trading, visit the official website of Forex Traders Guide.

A popular name at the moment is Forex trading and an acronym for it is a part of Forex. Binary Options Trading. In terms of usage, two similar systems are doing the same thing. What is called foreign exchange? That means you have to buy or sell one coin in exchange for 1 coin.   However, the difference is that in Forex you can trade at any time and stay for a long time. And in binary options, you have to leave the market with a profit or loss within a period of one minute to 10 minutes 30 minutes.   In Forex you have to acquire and all your capital is invested in the market.   On the other hand, anyone percent of your investment in binary options is at risk.   Binary Options You need to make a decision in a short time. And you have to come out of the market with profit. On the other hand in Forex you have to spend a long time and do an analysis of the market.   You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.   My favorite of the two systems is Forex trading where you can trade for longer and make a profit.   When it comes to Forex, you must have a lot of capital. Then you can make a lot of money in small amounts.   Things to keep in mind before entering the Forex market. 1. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. 2. Must be more patient. 3. You can't come to the forex market by borrowing. 4. You need to learn to do a market analysis. 5. Large lots cannot be opened with less capital. 6. First of all, you have to practice for at least three months by having a demo account. 7. A minimum of 2 to 3 hours per day must be spent. 8. Talk to experienced forex traders. Participate in different types of forex-forums. 9. No temptation can ever be made to invest without understanding. 10. You need to read a lot about Forex. You need to know about Forex by reading different types of videos and articles from Google and YouTube. And you have to have a lifelong learning mindset.   But in this case, you can be successful and prove yourself as a skilled trader. I wish you a more beautiful and happy Forex Live. Thanks everyone.

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Hello friends, I hope everyone is well. And may you always be well and may your life become more beautiful.   So friends, I will discuss one or another topic of Forex every day. Things that you must like. So friends, I want to discuss this today   What do we mean by forex? What is forex?   Yes friends, the first thing we understand about the Forex market is the Foreign Currency Exchange. This means that you have to buy another currency in exchange for one currency or sell another currency and buy another currency.   These tasks could have been done by various big banking institutions before. But now anyone can enter this market and make money transactions.   The forex market is similar to the stock market but there is a difference. If you buy shares in the stock market, you have to sell Orissa that will buy those shares. On the other hand, in the Forex market you can buy any type of currency at any time at your convenience and sell.   Different types of currencies like Gold Brunch Oil Gas etc. are traded in the Forex market. Besides, cryptocurrency transactions are currently taking place. Many other types of coins are traded, including bitcoins and ethereum coins.   The people of the world today are involved in the Forex market.   In the forex market, it is always better to market with patience.   So friends, I will discuss another topic later today. If you want to know about anything, please comment.   All is well Thanks, everyone.

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  How are you friends, I hope everyone is well. I'm fine too. What am I doing through Forex today? I want to talk about whether you can change your destiny or not.   Here are two questions on how you can be successful in the forex market, and the second is not possible to be successful from here.   What do you think?   But I want to say that from my current experience. Forex is not a common thing.   Where you actually trend and profit your destiny will change. If you think this is wrong.   It is not possible to succeed easily in the forex market, so you need to do a huge study on this subject.   Things you need to know: * You must first know what Forex is and how it works. * What is traded with. * What kind of training is done in Forex. * What pairs are there. * Which pairs are marketed. * If you want to trade Forex, you need to know about different times in the market.   There are three main types of marketing analysis. You need to know that. 1. Technical analysis 2. Fundamental Analysis 3. Sentimental analysis   In addition to the above analysis, you need to have an idea about more different types of tools.   Then there are things that will depend on your success   First of all, you have to give up greed because the main condition of this market is to reduce greed if you want to survive in this market.

News Impact is of the utmost importance in Forex because it is possible to make a good profit by trading through News Impact. Many Forex news, job reports, speeches are published every day. These affect the market. So many people trade by targeting this news. But should we trade all the news? Not all news has the same effect. Everyone mainly follows forexfactory.com for forex news. Because they publish the best news and publish first. You will see some signs next to each news there. So, when you see the sign, you can understand the effect of that news and you can trade accordingly. High Impact News implies that it can have a huge impact on the market. The impact of medium impact news is relatively small. The impact of low impact news is minimal. The white sign indicates that the news is not economic news, such as Bank Holiday. Since Red High Impact and Orange Medium-Impact news have a big impact on the market, you can trade them or know what kind of impact they can have on the market.

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The basic idea of ​​Forex.   What is Forex? Forex is foreign exchange. It is the largest market in the world. More than 4 trillion (1.5 trillion at 1500 billion) is traded here every day. Even though all the stock markets of the world match, there is not much transaction every day. The average one-day trading on the New York Stock Exchange is 30 billion. Since the market is so large, no individual, organization or even the state alone can easily control it.   What do you need to trade Forex? A computer with an internet connection and an initial capital of 1,000 dollars (even less).Even if you start with 1000 dollars, you can trade a lot more because of the leverage. Most brokers offer a 1: 200 (or higher) leverage, which means you can invest up to 200,000 dollars by investing 1,000 dollars. Keep in mind, leverage can work for you and against you. Example: Suppose you bought 200,000 EUR/USD. Now if this trade goes in favor, that is, if the price of the euro continues to rise against the dollar, then you are earning 20 per pips, and if the price rises by 50 pips, you will gain 1,000 dollars. Similarly, if the price of Euro falls by 50 pips, that is, if the trade goes against you, then the account will be zero.   Here we are introduced to three new words, Broker, Leverage and Pip. What are these actually?   Broker: The company with which you will open an account, i.e. the institution through which you will transact in the currency market, is called a broker. There are many brokers from which you have to choose one. But choosing a good broker is not easy. When we discuss brokers later in this regard, we will see how and what factors can be considered to choose a good broker.   Leverage: Leverage is the opportunity to buy and sell more than the amount of dollars you have. For example, if you invest 1000 dollars and allow 2000 dollars to trade, then the leverage is 1:2, if you have the opportunity to trade 1 lakh, then the leverage is 1:100.   Pips: The smallest change in currency is called Pips. 100 cents is 1 dollar as 100 pips are 1 cent. This is a small unit but when the amount of buying and selling is a lot, this little change is a lot in dollars. For example, if you increase 1 pips by Rs. Suppose EUR/USD rises from 1.3050 to 1.3051, then EUR / USD rises 1 pips. So far today. It will be discussed in more detail later.

Many of us trade well but due to the lack of some things in our trade almost all the time there are various negative effects as a result of the loss of trade. But if you trade with some important things or conditions, your trading power will be many times more than before and it will be positive, and if you can make it a regular habit, you will always trade better.   Let's find out what are the things that will help you in good trading.     1. Create your own trading plan.   2. Take the help of 2-3 indicators in trading, there is no need to use many indicators.   3. Start trading through Money Management.   4. Trade by setting stop-loss with tech profit in each trade.   5. Take profit according to the duration of trading. Avoid closing profitable trades early and prolonging loss trades.   6. Do not increase the risk with success in a few trades. Do not trade excessively.   7. Do not change the trading plan in the middle of the trade.   8. Do not trade directly on the real account in the new strategy, first check the success rate in the demo.   9 Keep a record of both successful and unsuccessful trades, will be useful next time.   10. Do not trade with robots depending on different readymade auto trading tools.   11. Do not trade against the trend. Remember trend is your friend.   12. Don't take the total risk by getting angry after losing one or two trades.   13. Don't start trading without a fresh mind.   14. Share your trading experience and develop strategy all the time.   15. Trade a certain amount every day or at a certain profit target. When the target fails, finish the trade for 7 days. If the market volatility is not good, do not go to fill the target.   16. Don't trade emotionally, don't be greedy.   16. Do not trade in co-related currency pairs for one-way trades. For example, if you trade both EUR and GPB in a buy or sell order, the profit or loss result will be almost equal and the risk will increase if the market goes against you.   16. Trade with trading possibilities, you will never see any reason for your inexperience in losing trades.   19. In the case of trades, do not expect a profit per trade.   20 In case of short time trades, trade with an understanding of active time sessions

1. Start with the basics. It is very easy to say that in order to be a trader, you must first know the basic terms of the Forex market. On a regular basis, you will learn things slowly without any haste. Eliminate the thought of becoming a great sage by learning all the things together in one day. Take your time, don't get too excited.   2. Give up the thought of gaining quickly, learn to gain slowly by creating the experience. If you think that forex is the shortcut and the only way to get rich in less time then you are wrong. First, master the subject well and gain experience. The more time you spend on any career, not just Forex, the more you will benefit. What difference does it make if your friend makes 100 pips at the same time you make only a few pips at the same time? The difference is an experience! Your friend has been trading for the last 5 years and you have started those few days. Remember Forex is a career, not a scheme to get rich overnight.   3. Be an expert. At the beginning of learning, many people first look for experts, people think that if you get the shadow of an expert, you will become an expert in a short time, I am not completely denying that. But the latent desire to be an expert is one step towards becoming an expert. Another form of an expert is the result of your normal learning day by day. Because you can become an expert in the light of experience, so make your dream successful by counting your own experience. The expert's experience is completely his own. Until you cross that path on your own, it will only remain your dream.   4. Use your own analysis. Following another person blindly will make you blind. Your goal is to become a successful trader so analyze your own trades by mastering the analysis methods well. If you are able to trade in your own analysis, your analysis will make you a professional trader. If you follow a self-proclaimed guru like a blind man, how will you trade when the guru stops giving his tips? So be your own guru.   5. Demo The best of all is demo trading. Demo trading will help you catch the mistakes of your new trading and help you to give up bad habits in trading. Demo trades are superior to live trades from different brokers. The test of every trading method is a demo. If the demo success rate is good, use it in a live trade. Use the style you have in the demo first. Make the trades as you wish in the demo. Then select which strategies to use in real trade.   6. Learn from mistakes Take note of the success and failure of each test trade. Retire from the trade for some time (maybe more) in three consecutive failed trades. And give time again in the cold head after the break. Don't go live thinking about the success of the fourth time in the three times loss trading method. He started the analysis with the loss trades, where the mistake was, or why it didn't work properly. Find out the right reason and move on to the next trade.   7. Create good methods. Most new traders lose first. The reason is over-excitement, over-demand, and pre-trading ahead of time. So guys, without trading too much excitement, master the issues well first, gain experience and start trading at minimum risk. Before trading every time, check and check if the trading tool (strategy) is correct. Everything you expect from the trade, etc.   8. Stick to your own method. Every trading method has its pros and cons. No trading method is 100% profitable. There are 6 profits and 3 losses in 10 trades of your trading method, you are successful. In case your trading success rate may go down further, don't get frustrated or excited, update the strategy by understanding the market change, and stick to your strategy because only you know how fruitful your strategy is.   9. Think of everything simply. There is no reason to think that your trading is too difficult. Start in a simple way. You will see that it is really easy. Set aside time to trade at your convenience. Give less time but it should be effective. In other words, if you can't give more time, then just spend as much as you can for trading. If you want to start a new strategy, first think about it easily with time, analyze and fix it, make sure the results in the demo. And decide.   10. Trade-in a pair. Starting multiple trades at once does not put your own risk level and extra stress on your head. So choose only one pair for longer trading. Many currencies may seem suitable for trading together, but trade with the currency pair that you have a good idea about. If you trade with 4-5 pairs at a time, you will not be able to understand the character of any pair well. And become misguided and eventually lose the trade.   11. Trade within a certain timeframe. Practice trading in a specific timeframe, as there are many advantages to trading in a single timeframe, such as trading in a single timeframe where you can concentrate where multiple timeframes can confuse you. A timeframe will help you analyze and make proper decisions, because the same chart will start different analyzes in different timeframes, so trading in a timeframe is very important, especially for beginners.   12. Keep trading charts clear. Many new traders think that it is better to have more indicators on the chart, but this is not the case. It is not wise to trade the chart randomly with more than 2-3 indicators on the chart. Understand the 3 indicators and characters and finalize in the light of experience. Basically the use of indicators in trade is not mandatory for you, it is only used to smooth your trading decision. Because there are many traders who are trading at 80% without using any indicator. I am not telling you to trade by removing all the indicators, if you want to be a good trader, you also need to use 2-3 indicators in the first stage. Understand the support and resistance lines for better trading.

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Scalping is a technique to trade quickly. In this method, traders complete their trades in a few seconds. Which is up to a few minutes at most. Scalping is the best way for those who want to trade more in less time with smaller profits. For example, if you open a trade with a scalping technique, remember that your trading time limit is very low and you close the trade without expecting more than 2-3 pips. However, in this case, you must remember whether the broker you want to trade scalping has scalping trade support. This means that you will see that the broker is an ECN or no-dealing desk broker. Usually dealing desk brokers do not offer scalping support. (See details about broker type)   Scalping is a popular way to open and close fast trades. But it also has some disadvantages, those who go for scalping without knowing those things will remember that they will lose more often and time instead of profit.   When to do scalping: This way you can't trade every day. Because the market environment is an important issue for scalping which you will not always get. Scalping in the hot market and the time frame will be a 1-2 minute chart. In scalping or small trading formulas, you have to execute trades with small changes in the market. So again, make sure that your broker has fast trade execution before the trade. For scalping trades, you must trade in low spread currency. Because your target is a spread of 2-3 pips, if it is 3 pips, then you will not be able to profit without a change of 6 pips. So all the currency spreads 1, they are eligible currencies for scaping.     Notice in the figure above that many spellings have been traded in small changes in the 1-minute chart. You can make a good profit by scalping in this kind of fast market movement. One of the default indicators of MT4 for scalping trades is Fractals which will get Insert> Indicators> Bill Williams> Fractals of Meta Trader. This indicator will give you a buy and sell signal via an arrow symbol above and below the candle. For example, sell in the upward arrow above the Kendall and buy in the downward arrow below the Kendall.   Keep in mind that any indicator will help you in order-making. If you trade with 100% indicators completely, there is a possibility of missing. So use the indicator as to your helping hand and trade overall in the light of Upper Trading Strategy and experience.   Thanks, everyone. I tried to share as much as I could. If you make a mistake, correct it.

1. Create your own trading plan. 2. Take the help of 2-3 indicators in trading, there is no need to use many indicators. 3. Start trading through Money Management. 4. Trade by setting stop-loss with tech profit in each trade. 5. Take profit according to the duration of trading. Avoid closing profitable trades early and prolonging loss trades. 6. Do not increase the risk with success in a few trades. Do not trade excessively. 7. Do not change the trading plan in the middle of the trade. 8. Do not trade directly on the real account in the new strategy, first check the success rate in the demo. 9. Keep a record of both successful and bad trades, will be useful next time. 10. Do not trade with robots depending on different readymade auto trading tools. 11. Do not trade against the trend. Remember trend is your friend. 12. Don't take a total risk by getting angry after losing one or two trades. 13. Don't start trading without a fresh mind. 14. Share your trading experience and develop strategy all the time. 15. Trade a certain amount every day or at a certain profit target. When the target fails, finish the trade for 7 days. If the market volatility is not good, do not go to fill the target. 16. Don't trade emotionally, don't be greedy. 17. Do not trade in co-related currency pairs for one-way trades. For example, if you trade both EUR and GPB in a buy or sell order, the profit or loss result will be almost equal and the risk will increase if the market goes against you. 18. Trade with trading possibilities, you will never see any reason for your inexperience in losing trades. 19. In the case of trades, do not expect a profit per trade. 20. In the case of short-time trades, trade with an understanding of active time sessions.

What is a currency index? An index of a currency is the trading volume or trading weight value of the currencies of other countries at the highest level as opposed to the currencies of one country. Which has been the official forex base currency since 1973? So the highest base currency is the USD whose indexing calculation can be used to measure the value of the Ananya currency. So in today's currency index discussion, the index currency is USD i.e. USD index USDX.   The USDX is calculated with the trading value against the USD of the currencies of 22 countries over a total of 8 major currencies.   The currencies are:   Euro (EUR)Yen (JPY)Pound (GBP)Canadian dollar (CAD)Krona (SEK)Franc (CHF) Now the question is how to include 22 countries in 6 currencies? Yes, we know that there are 17 countries in the European zone, all of which have a single currency, the EUR, and the USD has a trending value against the single currency of Japan, Britain, Canada, Sweden and Switzerland. Simply put, one way to find out how much the USD is running against different currencies is called Indexing, since we will find out the index of USD, so it is called USDX.   USDX Currency Country: Let's find out now which currencies are most involved for USDX i.e. how much of which currency is USDX for trading. Notice the image below:     The EUR is a huge part of the figure for USDX. In second place is Japan, followed by Great Britain. Thus you see a ratio of country-based currencies, with 50% of USD currency trading and more trading against the EUR. The remaining 30% off the chart is traded with unique currencies. The EUR plays the most important role for the USDX dollar and the USD is the most affected by the EUR. That is why USDX is called the "Anti-Euro Index". The USDX is not calculated in the Forex market, but rather the large financial institutions that have the USDX calculated to balance their trades or the economy. Since USDX is a global concept, many financial institutions use this formula to keep their economies afloat or to conduct business accordingly. One such institution is the Federal Reserve. They use the "trade-weighted U.S. dollar index" to calculate the USDX. Hope you got a good idea about USDX.   USDX Formula:   USDX = EUR * 0.576 x JPY * 0.136 x GBP * 0.119 x CAD * 0.091 x SEK * 0.042 x CHF * 0.036   When the USDX starts to fall, it means that the exchange traders are selling the USDConversely, when USDX starts to rise then exchange traders start to buy USD.How to read the USDX chart:   The USDX chart is a type of chart similar to the Unique Currency Chart whose Index is calculated on a daily and weekly basis. In this case, the INDEX General value of 100.00 is calculated on a Base basis. For example, when the USDX goes up, the USD value increases. If USDX is 110 then the USD value increases by 10%. Again when USDX falls to 90 then the USD value decreases by 10%. Remember that since we are talking about USDX, its reflection will be around the USD currency, which is why I see the reflection of USDX rising or falling, but in my USD currency. So far the USDX level has reached a high of 160 and a low of 78.     Why use: As mentioned earlier, the trading weight of USD can be measured with a unique currency through the USD Index. Since the combination of many currencies is USDX. So it is possible to forex those currencies through USDX. The effect of the strong or weak behavior of the USDX chart plays an important role in the forecasting of unique currencies. Just as we use Support and Resistance, Candlestick pattern, technical analysis or various other strategies for trend lines and price forecasts, the trending trends of those currencies can also be understood through the effect of USDX or the flow of this chart.   How to use: Since the index chart of USDX is EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, USD/CAD based on trading volume. The trading strength of all these currencies against the USD is USDX. So notice that when the trend is down on the EUR/USD daily chart, the trend is reversed on the USDX chart.     This time look at the EUR/USD Daily Chart     If you consider the above two charts, you will see that they are slightly opposite to each other. Because we already know that the main traded currency of the USDX chart is EUR so this currency hits the USDX chart more. Thus the next movement of the charts is predicted according to the country based and the traded volume of USD with their currency.   Currency co-relation needs to be discussed to clarify this issue. And different Currency Strength Indicators are used to get their Forecasts by combining unique currencies with USDX. Understanding the currency co-relation will get you the magic of how 4-5 currency charts create a reverse trend against a USDX chart. Today I tried to give a good idea about USDX. We will discuss currency co-relation in detail in the future.

There is an important relationship between Gold and Oil in the Forex market. Because these two commodities are used as the leading indicators in trading decisions in the Forex market.   According to a 2011 survey of mine production in various countries, China is the only country in the world, followed by Australia and the United States. Thus the production of different countries in different years hits the currency of that country. Note that the USD has an inverse relationship with the GOLD, despite the fact that the US is often the largest producer of the GOLD. The main reason behind this is that the price of GOLD is always set against USD. Another reason is that sometimes investors think it is safer to transfer their capital from USD to GOLD.   Gold: See the image below    Oil In general, we see an increase in the price of oil, especially transportation costs. At the same time, the utility and heating cost of the finished product also increases. Its impact is particularly felt in oil-dependent economies such as the United States, China, India and other developed countries. But the exception is Canada, the world's second-largest oil producer and net oil exporter, which has seen a positive correlation between the oil price and the Canadian dollar, which is not unique among developed countries.   One of the things I have learned so far is the economic calendar, let's see how you can understand the fundamental issues with the economic calendar.

What is Forex, where to go to learn? How long will it take? How much money is the guarantee of income? How much to invest? Is it possible to trade without investment? As a profession, what can everyone do? Explain all this a little. - Trader, non-trader for everyone.   Before moving on to the main discussion, Halka gets to know a little bit about the benefits of Forex and what it can be like as a profession. I am actually sharing the matter with a little unknown person, I have been facing a question for several days, many people are annoyed to hear the word forex, where to go to learn forex? Many people are talking about many kinds of benefits, some people are saying that training is a guaranteed income, while others are saying that it is a system of unlimited income with Rs 50,000-60,000 per month, again they are showing someone who is earning Rs 1,00,000 (one lakh) per month. Earn more than money through forex trading. All in all, the matter is still unclear to many. So my intention is to try to solve the above problems and possibilities from my experience of Forex trading. We hope you will share your Forex trading experience. The minimum benefit is that the newcomers will not be misguided.   What is Forex? In a new way, it seems that there is no need to explain to anyone what Forex is for the sake of discussion and those who are absolute novices; Forex is a trading market where one currency can be traded against another to make a profit. And newcomers can know the trading facilities in this market once.   Where to go to learn forex? The simplest answer is to go to a forex training center or if you know someone who knows forex, start learning from the start anyway. Let's go a little deeper this time. How to learn Forex by going to the training center. At present, the training fee for general Forex trading in almost all Forex training centers in our country is between Rs. 8,000-10,000. Time 2-4 weeks. Good. There is no substitute for training if you want to know something better. Not everyone can do everything on their own. In this one month of training at the training center, you have stepped into the realm of forex trading. Now the rest of your work, regular study and effort can make you a trader. He needs to start practicing for a long time. And to do this you are not obliged to win at the training center, you can master the subject on your own if you want. However, if it is readymade, it takes less time. Note first that Forex is not a pill made by a doctor who got confused in an instant or a package that understood everything in a month. Forex is a "long time learning process for a lifetime and lives to learn". Just as a little knowledge is terrible, so is the thought of mastering the subject with a little effort. Then you   How to get started?   Step 1 # You first mark any site, domestic or foreign, then take out a specific time every day from your regular routine and then start studying little by little. Remember, don't rush to load. Do not try to control something by force. If you give time to time then time will give you time. Divide your study into three parts or you can confuse them (Beginning, Professional and Advanced).   Step 2 # In the case where many issues may remain unclear to continue the study, ask your problem or issue in the forum. There are many experienced traders who can give you a good solution to your problem. Demo practice starts as soon as you finish the demo trading chapter of the study. And continue your regular study as well. Fix the demo trading practice in the same way you did the regular study.   Step 3 # Assuming your basic study course is over, now you can understand and trade fairly. So what to do now. In fact, you will decide now. Is it really possible for you to trade? How happy are you with the intention of learning Forex for so long or how happy are you with Forex? Take the answer to this question on your own, if your answer is you are quite enjoying and this kind of earning concept is giving you a lot of pleasure then I would say you can decide to do forex. And start your next step. And if you can't cope with this kind of learning system, or you don't understand the subject, you're not really happy, then I say don't force yourself, you have to understand that this kind of earning is not suitable for you. , You can do any other business of your choice without trying too hard. Because as much as you understand in the first stage, at least I hope you understand that this is an art, the better you can spend your time happily, the sooner you can succeed. So since your assessment period is not positive then you should skip this type of business thinking. Because not everything happens with everyone, you know that very well.   Step - 4 # OK, let's assume you have decided you will trade. Then now is the time to make yourself the main trader. Are you a student or an employee? Take 1-2 hours out of your normal routine every day as you are very interested in and enjoying the subject.   This is your second assessment: - I am focusing on feeling very good because the results of forced work are not good. This time practice Forex as a completely optional subject while keeping your normal activities in order, do not expect a quick return from this market. One more thing to keep in mind when you are not discovering that you are trading well and if your 4-6 months of regular practice gives you an overall positive result then you can invest and think.   Step - 5 # Basically you now know that there are many formulas and many strategies of forex trading. You also learned that strategies can be created individually with each subject. But it is not possible to trade all the issues together again. So now your job is to make regular trades in any style you decide. You know that there are basically three formulas to trade   Technical analysisFundamental AnalysisAnd candlestick analysis.Most trades are based on technical analysis strategies and this strategy is the largest and most time-consuming.   Step - 6 # Assuming you decide to trade in Technical Analysis Strategy, the goal this time is to learn the technical terms. You already know that the special method for Trend Power Trading is to identify the trends and trade them. For that, you need to do a lot of tools and study. And so start drawing different patterns, standing and execution. This will give you a better idea of ​​the pattern then start working with Advance Pivot Point and Fibonacci Retracement.     Step - 7 # In this step, you will go one step further with the chart, until you know how to convince him by drawing a pattern with Fibonacci. Now basically do that job again with more strength than before. Let's take Trading Classic Chart Patterns, basically by following the book you will be clear how far the chart patterns work and how effectively they work in different market situations. If you have a good chart pattern book in your reference, you can follow it. Basically the purpose is the same. Learning chart patterns and not taking all the patterns together at the same time can be such a horrible situation. So after mastering a few patterns, make 4-5 strategies with them and mark their trading success through demo trading. Keep up the good work.   Step - 8 # Let's take a simple and transparent path this time, you must have got the MACD indicator, you don't need to think about this indicator at all, because you may not know how much power this indicator has, you will be happy to know the favorite trading strategies of many expert traders who are earning much more But with MACD. So when you understand the pattern, start the strategy with the MACD and trade regularly. Remember that you will find thousands of strategies for trading in the Forex market. If you fall into the trap of all of them, you don't have to trade anymore, so you don't need to be such a strategy expert.   Step - 9 # You've come a long way and now that you've come this far, you're doing well. Then you know that you have also passed the second assessment so you can do forex. It's final. Now it's time to become an expert. How is that possible? In fact, it is not too difficult for you. What does expert trading mean? Is it a medal or a recognition? Expert trading is when you trade well, your maximum trade is profitable and you have a very good knowledge of the market and understand the market volatility and can trade accordingly. Now all these things but you will not get in one kind of analysis, so you need to know about currency falling and rising issues which you will get a lot in fundamental analysis, remember that fundamental analysis means but not just being able to read an economic calendar but what causes currency. Fluctuation means knowing and having knowledge about economic data points. So you understand how important your technical analysis, as well as fundamental analysis, is. Here is another common analysis you need to know if you want to develop yourself as a Forex expert. That is a candlestick analysis. There is no need to think lightly about candlestick analysis because there are so many different negative opinions. I am not denying the different patterns of the candlestick, but I can give some formulas so that your trade can be successful, notice when you know how to enter the trade with technical analysis. You can also match your candlestick pattern, but your trade is not supposed to be negative. Now maybe the mood is getting worse or you think you should do so much analysis and not trade, but in the morning it seems like it is now but in fact, it is not the case. Because when you come up with a good idea about different analyzes, it is only a matter of a few seconds to make the order positive with different analyzes in one order, so don't worry.   Step - 10 # Yes, you know a lot about Forex. So now there is nothing to learn? Just trade and keep earning more and more dollars? I'm not going to let you down, but I want to remind you that the Forex trading market is not the same all year round, the same strategy you are using now to make a profit but at another time in another month of the year may not work or completely. Your target may not be filled or the trade may go against your order. So how do you trade all year round? No-tension boss! When I say that, it doesn't happen all the time, but it doesn't happen at all, so I warned you a little bit. In this case, you simply divide the whole year into three parts. E.g. - October-January,- February-May- And June-September.   If you notice or have good trading experience, you can assume that no matter how good or bad the market is throughout the year, 3-4 time circles no longer react outside. So take the idea out of the annual chart. You have become so breathless that you have to clear so many steps, in fact, you will not be able to do these things in one day and you will not be able to. So take a short break if you get a little tired in the middle of learning or if you get a little annoyed because learning to be bored will make you more annoyed. Will increase. Because Forex is a total art where an extreme value of your talent is found.   Of course, I hope you have invested as much as you can and traded a lot before expecting so far, then I would like to say as a recommendation, if you want a good return, you have to give good input. I'm not saying you have to start trading with, 500,1000,2000 or 5,000 dollars, I just want to say you understand the trade so think about all aspects of you and invest as you like, maybe that's $ 10,000 or more. All your analysis, as well as investment, is a huge factor, yes, you may have a huge amount to invest but you need to know how to use it in a risk-free way. And when you finish learning up to this point in my discussion, I'm sure you don't have to tell me how much to invest.   Is it possible to trade without investment? I want to give the answer very simply, it is not possible to trade without investment, boss! When you are in this market, you may have heard that there are various Forex sites that offer bonus dollars for posting which can be traded, or some brokers offer a bonus of 5-10 dollars for their brand promotion. True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you're a techie who knows what he's doing. If you like the subject a lot and if you actually make trading money collection in this way, you may lose your interest in the original trading and your business sentiment will be lost and you will be annoyed to make the condition oblique so come directly to trade without getting addicted to all these things. Think of it as a business, not an opportunity seeker. And since you are doing business, you know that there is no profit without investment, so keep that in mind.   I hope you have found a new business concept for those who do not know anything about Forex yet but have read this article. Now you have a plan for how you want to go about this new business with all your thoughts in mind. Surely you know that a beautiful beginning of something is half-finished. So far those who have been harassed, annoyed, losers by trading Forex will do a little research on their history and you will see that they have traded randomly or started trading without the adequate practice of risk management or key issues. So you guys think it's normal and just like any other business, hard work and dedication are at the root of business success. Yes, Forex is a different kind of business. Working here is the work of your talent. So business is not acceptable to everyone and not everyone can. Don't go for less than your full potential. Don't think of this as a way to get rich overnight.   Forex is full-time or part-time, as a profession This is very important because in many cases it has been seen that part-time traders can do the same amount of income that full-time forex traders earn over the course of the day. Moreover, 85% of total Forex traders are part-time traders. Moreover, full-time traders have very good mental pressure which is why they tend to be a bit lazy in nature. Something else doesn't happen very often. There is no need to take it full-time in the beginning. Basically the main difference between full-time and part-time trading is the pressure, how much pressure you can take. So keep moving forward according to your own sentiments without making the matter too complicated. You can take advantage of three types of Forex careers.   Professional trader or institutional trader.Forex analyst or currency researcherE.A DeveloperYou can also do many high-level jobs in various interesting posts including regulator and exchange manager.   If you can be a good analyst in skilled trading then besides trading there is another huge potential for you to work as an analyst. A huge sector for all brokers, different forex service providers is that currency analysis is basically the more and the more effective analysis can be given to the customers, the better the market can be captured and the long jump of all forex organizations but this is one thing. So if you can develop yourself as a skilled analyst then forex companies will take you by the hand and give you high rise celery which can be 3-5 lakh rupees per month. You will continue to work from the comfort of your own home as you trade from your home. So there is a lot of potential in this sector.   The key to success in the Forex market is to: Patience + humility + education = success So many people are trading for a long time and developing analytical skills in different ways such as chart patterns, pivot points, vignettes retracement, Elliott Wave, researching mathematical explanations and gaining the ability to understand the price movement. So if the target is to be an analyst, then keep notes of your trade formulas down from the beginning, update and make a form of the logic of each strategy, you can proceed in this way. In fact, you are an analyst because you need analysis in every trade, the way you enter the trade. So always emphasize on the subject. At one stage you will get your targeted area while practicing. However, to reach that position, you need to cross a milestone of 3-5 years or more with regular study. So keep trading normally for a few years through all those things.   Some straightforward words: If you do not get the benefits, you may have to suffer.   1. Do not trade on loan. 2. Do not trade force to fill the target. 3. Demo trade with exactly the amount of money you invest in live trading. 4. Do not trade in Yes or No function. 5. Occasionally take a break from trading. 6. Do not compete. 7. Keep records of all trades, compare positive and negative trades. Review and correct negative trades. 8. If you get a positive result in two consecutive trades, do not increase the volume in trade number 3. 9. Don't trade against your will if you don't want to. 10. Do a minimum of 5 minutes chart analysis before opening a trade.

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What is Gap Trading? Gap refers to the space between the end of a candle and the beginning of the next candle. Gaping is not a regular feature of the market, it usually happens during the weekly market open. It happens at the price closing of a particular pair on Friday and at the price opening of that currency on Monday. The stock and commodity markets in particular enjoy more price gaps. Gaps are caused by longer or shorter than the expected ratio of any currency. And in the stock market, there is a price gap every day. Normally, if there is a price gap, it is covered again. This is normal, but there are some reasons behind it. When there is a price gap, there is no support or resistance area, so the price can move openly in that direction.   Does price always fill the gap? Technically speaking, the price fills the time gap by 90%. However, if the previous trend of the gap is more than 300 pips, then it takes about 15 days to fill the gap. If it is within 90 pips, then it is seen to be filled in 2-3 days.   Is Price Gap Trading Profitable In Forex? According to the pair, the price gap can be of many ranges, there can be many types, such as some gaps are in the price breakaway, some are in the trend continuous pattern, filling the gaps in all the pairs or patterns is not exactly the same. However, if you see that the price gap is closing, you can trade to fill that gap. Since there is no support or resistance in the gap space, in most cases the trade does not change without filling that gap. If you want to trade in currency gaps, consider that currency first, record the gaps in a few months, and report on both short and long gaps by day. Remember there is no reason to think that it will always fill the gap. Long gap trades are more sustainable than short gaps, so do not hold trades in the hope of filling a full gap, because sometimes the market gap fills half immediately and then fills the remaining gap after a very long time, so if you stop trading Understand the future of this trade.