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Those of us who have been trading for a long time and have a rough idea about different currencies may have noticed that there are some currencies that are related to other currencies, that is, when one currency goes to the market long, another currency goes to market short. You will see again that when one currency goes to Long, another currency also goes to Long, the currency is copied from one to another. As you can see, EUR/USD and USD/CHF are two currency pairs, one of which will go in the opposite direction of the market, the other will follow it with the EUR currency, this is called currency co-relation. There are many such currency pairs that are related to each other. The advantage of this is that the trader does not get misguided in order, when the trader trades with more than one currency at a time, this method will help him to know how much the effect of a currency is with a currency, which order of a corner currency is better and the trade will be positive. This helps to open the trade.   There are some clauses relating to different currencies with different currencies i.e. some currencies are 100% related to other currencies and some are less. Some currencies have Opposite Directional and some have the Same Directional. We will use three types of signals to understand the relationship between different currencies. E.g.,   Positive Correlation: (+1) Plus one, the currency pairs with which we see this signal will understand that those two currencies are the Same Directional. That is, wherever one goes, the other will go.   Negative Correlation: (-1) Minus one, the currency pairs with which we see this signal, we understand that those two currencies are Opposite Directional. That is, one will go in the opposite direction.   No Correlation: (0) Zero, the currency pairs with which we see this signal will understand that one of those two currencies has no relation to the other. They are independent in any of their directions.   Just as we human beings cannot maintain the same relationship within ourselves all year round, so the mutual relations of currencies do not remain the same throughout the year, they change from time to time, more or less.   See correlation charts of different currencies below ...   EUR/USD Correlations:   AUD/USD Correlations:   EUR/GBP Correlations:   EUR/JPY Correlations:   GBP/USD Correlations:   NZD/USD Correlations:   USD/CAD Correlations:   USD/CHF Correlations:   USD/JPY Correlations:   Example: 1 # EUR / USD Correlation, see chart USD/JPY -0.23 What is the currency co-relation in this pair? Yes, the currency co-relation in this pair is Opposite Directional. This means that with EUR/USD, USD/JPY currency will not go in a very opposite trend in the first week of the year, there will be a reverse movement like 23% in 100. Which is expected to reach 69% by the end of the year. Again with USD/CHF, there is an indication of a 100% reversal throughout the year.   Example: 2 # Come on, GBP/USD Correlation, look at the chart EUR/USD 0.94 What is the currency co-relation in this pair? Yes, the currency co-relation in this pair is the Same Directional. This means that the EUR/USD currency will be a good partner in the first week of the year with GBP/USD (going in the same direction), with the same movement as 94% in 100. Which will be slightly reduced to 88% at the end of the year. The EUR/USD currency will have the same movement with GBP/USD throughout the year, more or less.   Today I will stay for the time being, tomorrow I will come up with more about this Currency Correlations. Stay tuned. Share your forex experience, help others to trade better.   Thanks.

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No matter how many methods you use in Forex trading, the only purpose is to make a profit, and the only way to make a trade profitable is to use different types of methods, strategies. Uses a variety of tools, indicators. The main reason why traders are not able to trade regularly is because of the complex and difficult trading strategy. Many people try to trade by hiring a lot of indicators but when the use of that indicator becomes complicated or difficult to use, they omit to trade with that indicator.   We know that undisciplined trading in the forex market is the root cause of losses, so to make a profit you need regular and disciplined trading, right?   So my suggestion is to make it a habit to trade regularly using as simple and clean tools as possible. Think about it when your trading method is very simple which is very easy to follow and hassle-free, your trading is strategic or there are not too many indicators in the chart so your chart reading will be great and hassle-free.     Do you understand this chart? How clear is it to you? Yes, it is very well understood or you just understand that a range has been created in the chart and the market has failed in bullish knocking twice and is currently in bearish sentiment. With the right draw of two lines, you will get an easy and nice way to understand the market sentiment. Undoubtedly you understand which order is wise for you now and will make your trade profitable. If you look at the chart above, you will further understand that Last Candlestick has changed the market sentiment by breaking the normal pace and changed your thinking for the next trading order.   So try not to cover the trading chart with too many indicators, try to understand the market with a few indicators and open the trade, because the more indicators you use, the more confused you may be. I hope you will keep this small word in mind and trade successfully.

Many of us have different thinking ideas for successful trading but how many or are actually effective for success? All of us traders need to know what good trading or successful trading depends on. When you want to be a successful trader you will discover all those doors one by one. It is normal for the market to go against you again and again or in your favor, but in the opposite situation you have to be successful by applying your strategy, that is why you will be considered as a successful trader.   So let's know what things will help you in a successful trade.   Analysis: (Analysis will be before each of your trades) First of all you have to do this work. You need to choose a currency pair that indicates a clear market condition and has a good chance of making a profit. You need to adjust the trading method and the risk ratio of each trade through proper analysis. Sometimes you have to move slowly from the position where you will trade in a single currency, otherwise, you will be forced to trade in a difficult situation. Understand the type of analysis and select specific indicator tools.   Order: When you choose the right currency pair and the right movement, your trading system will change a bit, but you have no reason to worry, you will be in favor of the market and will be able to take profit. The thing to worry about is when you open a trade without any analysis and you are worried about the market movement, exactly what to do at the moment. In the case of orders that cannot be mistaken, e.g.   # Trying to understand market movement clearly with many indicators. # Trading based on indicators only. # Not resorting to any method in case of trade open.     Money Management: Almost all traders are aware of money management but very few traders take advantage of it. Without being too complicated, think about the size of your next trade and whether it is capable of your current balance. Some issues need to be left out of the head, such as money management issues,   # My account needs small money management. # I have my own trading method in my head so I don't need any other method.   Risk Management: The focus of traders is to open the right trades just as it is important to close the trades that come out of the trades at the right time. Risk management will help you determine exactly where your stop will be and where the profit point should be. There are more things to follow in risk management:   # Increasing the stop or profit by moving away from the strategy by predicting the trend. #Or move away from the original strategy with partial profits.   Trading Psychology: This point is a little more sensitive and complex. Basically, the psychological issue plays a very important role in trading. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. So for good trading, you need to be as systematic as you need to be mentally prepared. So trade well with the right benefits of the above. Thanks;

In general, we know that the value of money has an important relationship with the wheels of the economy. When the economic situation improves, an organization gains and so do the employees and officers of that organization. Forex traders make beautiful profitable trades by arranging their trades on some of these economic conditions. As the interest rate rises or falls, so does the currency, and the central bank changes the value of that currency as the interest rates of different currencies rise and fall. The central bank usually raises the currency interest rate through the consumer price index (CPI) and producers price index (PPI) in case of inflation.   What happens if there is inflation? The stronger the economy, the higher the demand for workers. As their demand increases, so will their wages. As wages increase, so do costs, so does the sale of various products, and the price of that product increases.   Central banks make their decisions based on (CPI) and (PPI) and for (CPI) and (PPI) they prioritize the main four indicator news. So you don't know how the value of a currency increases or decreases and how you will value that currency.   Gross Domestic Product (GDP)Payroll EmploymentDurable goods ordersRetail sales     Gross Domestic Product (GDP): Is a broad measure of macroeconomic activity. In other words, the overall GDP growth of the entire country at one time is the main strength of the economy. GDP is the rate at which the total value of all types of domestic production and purchases of a country, private, business or government, over a period of time, is published every four months. Therefore, the previous volatility and rate in each report are reviewed year after year to understand the trend or pace of change and to maintain the balance of the economy or to understand the level of money strength. As a result of gradual high GDP, interest rates continue to rise.   Payroll Employment: Employment statistics are especially important for Forex traders who trade privately. It acts as a special indicator of a country's economy whose effects are well seen in the Forex market. In this case, the news called Nonfarm Payroll has a good impact on the Forex market. Which is calculated through the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is done on the basis of the total payment rate of the employees of all employees except the employees of government, private, and non-profit organizations. This report, published on the first Friday of every month, refers to the overall situation in terms of total earnings and working hours for the 6 months, and the market fluctuates with a good fluctuation in every previous subtle change. The main currencies of this news are EUR, GBP and JPY.   Durable goods orders: This is the total product produced on the basis of the order. Where the USD rate of the total product produced in a given month determines the value of the futures market i.e. a particular indicator of a state or activity of that currency. This report is published in the last week of each month (27th) and the total production is calculated based on the sales rate compared to the production, whether the rate at which the product is being produced is able to meet consumer demand, or whether the market demand has increased at all. A value of a currency tends to rise or fall and eventually bring about a change in the USD currencies on the Forex market. In general, if the current order rate is lower than before, it means that there has been a change in consumer demand or a negative consumer impact on the product that has led to the contemporary change in the US currency.   Retail sales: This data report is published by the US Census Bureau and the Department of Commerce on a monthly basis in the middle of the month, stating the total estimated sales volume of the previous month or its market condition. Basically this data is generated through the receipts of the overall sales of all the retailers. There is not just a calculation of the past month but a weighted chart or graph of the total sales rate per month on an annual basis which gives a very good idea of ​​what the market situation is and what steps need to be taken accordingly to increase sales or meet consumer demand. This data report is a total sales report related to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which has made a huge difference in the Forex market. So traders have to be careful while publishing all these data news. For example, you have to be very careful to understand the movement during the negative change of the USD or the movement during the positive change.

European Session:   The London session starts at 8 am local time. When the Tokyo session (currently) lasts only 2 hours. At this time a large number of traders participate in the market and compared to the Asian session, there is a huge movement in this market.     Many DAY traders close their trades at the close of the Asian session, giving traders the opportunity to open trades at the London session. However, we open and close trades at any time through our brokers.   In the European session, good movement can be noticed most of the time in all pairs. Again this time the spread is less. Of all the sessions, London is the most liquid. In terms of liquid, London 38%, New York 17%, Asian 6%. So many traders do most of their trades in sessions.   New York Session:   The New York session opens at 8 a.m. local time.     The London and New York sessions are open at the same time. As a result, the number of traders in the market at this time is actually much higher. As a result, there is more price movement.   Only the New York session is open when the London session closes at 17 GMT. After the New York session closes again, the new day will start with Sydney.   The New York session is more current in the trader market than the Asian session. However, after the London session closes, many traders close their positions or trades. Thus one market after another gradually opens and closes.   Session overlap:   When two sessions are open simultaneously, it is called session overlap. Sessions overlap between Tokyo and London (currently) for 2 hours and between New York and London for 4 hours. At this time most traders are present in the market. At this time the market is very liquid so traders trade more. At this time the amount of spread is also the lowest. For all these reasons this time can be said to be the best time to trade and most traders set this time as the actual time of their trade.   Warning at certain times:   Some days banks in the US, UK and Europe are on holiday. It is better to refrain from trading at this time. Because the market movement is not good at this time. At this time the market is less liquid and at this time more traders do not participate in the market. Again, most of the time the news has a huge impact on the market. At this time, due to the effect of the news, the market price makes a huge move in any direction and comes back to that price very soon.   So be careful before any important news is released or refrain from trading at this dangerous time.   Now you, think about which time is beneficial for you. Many people like to trade in some special pairs, such as AUD & JPY, but yes New York Session trading in these pairs may not get good results. Take a look at the pair of your choice and trade when there is a good movement. However, it is best to know if the market for one of the two currencies of the pair you want to trade is open, and if you see that the market for both currencies of that pair is closed, then refrain from trading in that pair.   I hope you have understood the details of the trading session by post and if you do not understand in any place, please let me know in the comments, I will try to give you the correct information.   Thanks.

Friends, the word hedging may have been first heard by many today. Yes, today I will tell you as much as I know about hedging.      What is forex hedging? Forex hedging is a tool used to protect traders against losses. Buying a contract means increasing its value and denying the damage caused by another contract. Hedging is only recommended for experienced forex traders.   Forex hedging by the company Forex hedging is used by companies to deny forex risk when trading in the Forex market. They follow the rules set by the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the generally accepted US Accounting Principles (US GAAP). All Forex hedges of the company are listed on their balance sheet at a fair market price.  Direct hedging Direct hedging occurs when a trader opens two trades at the same rate in a pair and at the same lot in a sale. There is no profit for the trader in those trades but the broker is at a loss with spreads, yes the profit will be if the trader has good capital and then the movement of that pair can open some more trades wherever they are and close all the trades together with average profit. This is how many traders hedge.  Complex hedging There are several complex ways of hedging. For example, a trader can hedge against a particular currency by using two different currency pairs. For example, a trader can hedge in EUR / GBP pairs by buying / long and trading in GBP / USD on sell / short.Forex options trade is an agreement for the exchange of foreign currency at a specific future price.For example, a trader trades at 1.27 on the EUR/USD pair, and a forex strike option is placed on the broker at 1.26 in the same position for protection.     If the EUR / USD pair drops to 1.26 at the specified time, the trader is paid for that option. The amount of this alternative money will depend on the market condition of the trader's trade as well as its lot size.And if the EUR / USD pair does not come to the rate of 1.26 at that particular time, then the trader loses the purchase price of that options trade/option.  Other types of hedging Hedging in currency contracts is more tradable and everyone's choice, hedging in products and other types of hedging. Which many of us do not know.  The image below shows the hedging cycle:   However, many good traders in the world hedge according to their position and scope of capital. Which is not so easy for you and me. If you want to hedge then you must be a skilled and successful trader and you can learn hedging type and hedging from someone then you can get into hedging. Hedging with a little idea is like jumping into a fire on your own.   Thanks.

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What are fixed and variable spread spreads?     Permanent/fixed spread means unchanged spread which never changes. And the number of pips in a fixed/fixed spread will depend on your broker.   Variable spreads, on the other hand, mean that such spreads change and depend on the Forex market, that is, the amount of pips in a variable spread fluctuates between the purchase and sale price of a pair in a variable spread.   The main differences between fixed and variable spreads are:   Fixed/fixed spreads are usually much better and saved than variable spreads. Let us understand the difference between these two spreads with the help of an example- EURUSD pair for trading is fixed/fixed spread is 2-3pips or whatever your broker has, if that pair changes or fluctuates incredibly in fixed/fixed spread then any type of spread Will not change.     On the other hand, for EUR / USD pair trading in variable spreads, the spreads are usually up to 1-4 pips and in volatile currency markets, the spreads are up to 8-10 pips. And the variable spread is low only when the movement, liquidity and transaction of the market are low.   Spread selection: Most of the people who trade currencies, despite their doubts about the fixed spreads, feel or believe that they have a lot of savings by fixed/fixed spreads. For example, when a trader opens 100 trades at a variable spread (when the market is volatile), he opens trades at a spread rate of 1 pip in 20 trades, 2 pip in 40 trades and 8 pips in the last 40 trades. Then you have to pay its cost (spread) in variable spread (20 × 1 + + 40 × 2 + + 40 × 8) = 420 pips.   On the other hand, if he did those trades at a fixed/fixed spread, he would have to pay a (cost) spread of 100 × 2 = 200 pips. Then he would have saved 220 pips.   Also if the market is high volatility during trading at variable spreads, then the trader has to face huge losses. So for those who are new to Forex / Trade, fixed/fixed spreads are the best. Only when they become an experienced trader in the Forex market can they dare to trade in competitive variable spreads.     Finally, everyone understands which spread is good for you, I would say permanent/specific spread. Because if you trade at a fixed/fixed spread, you do not have to take extra tension in the trade and the broker does not have to pay a huge share of the huge profit/loss of your trade. Now the decision is yours.   Thanks.

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Trend is your friend:   This method is all simple snakes where only the two basic common indicators will be used. These are EMA (100) & RSI (9). In this case, the moving average will measure the trend and the RSI will filter the trend. Using these two tools you can take buy and sell signals in a very nice way. E.g.   Sell: When the price is below the moving average and the price is below the RSI level 50, you can take the market as a sell trend and order for short trades.   Buy: Conversely, when the price is above the moving average and above the RSI level 50, you can understand the market buy, but in the case of I, the reversal candle will help you to make a long trade.     So now the rest is where to set the stop loss, yes in case of buy order the last support will be buy stop and in case of the sale order, the last resistance will be stopped. However, you can simplify the process according to 2: 1 Money Management. For example, in the case of a trader with this strategy, the take profit will be double the stop loss, that is, you can set a 100 point take profit with 50 points stop loss.   See a backtest of this method,     Although the profit ratio of the method is not more than 50% at the moment it is better to start with such a method to build yourself as a trading professional so that your next strategies will be systematic and target achievable, so start trading with 2: 1 ratio and good Start trading.

Not to mention at the outset what Expert Advisor (EA) is, it is an automated method where you don't have to open or close a trade, you don't have to do any analysis and the system will do everything automatically.   Today we will discuss what are your advantages for those who want to trade in this method, since this method is a fully automated method, so you do not have much work here, but the advantages for which you can use this method are:   You sleep EA will trade for you   The Forex market is a 24-hour market, so it is probably not possible for anyone here to sit in front of trade all the time, or to analyze day and night, or even to fail to do a good analysis. There is no trading decision according to your trade balance by the computer program section written instruction method automatically analyzes the different logic. So you don't have to do anything, it doesn't matter if you are sleeping or monitoring the trade, by measuring the market volatility in different sessions, he starts trading on his own, close to losing and profit.     This method is not emotional   In manual trading, when traders trade on their own, some factors make their base emotional, such as fear, apprehension, self-confidence, etc. Which has an effect on the trade and leads to unintended losses in the trade. But when trades are conducted with automated robots, there is no such opportunity. Because robots are operated in a certain way where there is no room for any other thought. Since the robot has a specific trading plan, there is no question of where to stop or profit emotionally.   You can run backtest faster:   With Robot Trading you can take backtests of your trades very easily. That means you can easily know how safe your trading is or how much it benefits you.   Can make decisions with market movement at a faster time   Deciding in manual trading on fast time price movement becomes a little difficult or absolutely impossible for some. Nor is it possible to make a decision by analyzing the market so quickly. But robots or automated methods can do this very easily. In the fast price movement market, robots can also trade on 1-5 minute charts effortlessly and slowly take the desired profit.   It is not prone to malpractice   When it comes to making trade decisions, people can be very emotional about the trade and make mistakes and the wrong calculation can make the trade negative which is unrealistic. So in this case the robot can easily get rid of all those risks.   Manual trading and robot trading are two completely different trading theories, which have nothing to do with each other. In terms of management, good analysis based trading is able to give you much more profit than auto trading.

MACD Divergence System   Today's discussion is about the MACD Divergence System which is one of the most important tools of Forex Technical Analysis. Basically today I will show you a trading style and strategy which will accurately reflect the value of your daily trade to be more positive and profitable. Mechanical analysis is basically an indicator based trade.   Two indicators will be required to trade in this strategy.   1. MACD: 12, 26, 9 - used for spotting divergences 2. Stochastic: 14, 3, 3 - used for confirmation   This trading method consisting of MACD: 12, 26, 9 and Stochastic: 14, 3, 3 is very simple and effective. In this case, Stochastic will help you to be sure of the order and get out of the trade on time.   If you understand Divergence, then notice in your chart when the Divergence form is created by combining MACD and price. That is:     If the price stays in the upper limit and the MACD makes a low, more precisely,   First Price = lower lows, look for MACD = higher lows. Price = lower highs, look for MACD = higher highs. Price = higher lows, look for MACD = lower lows.   Second Whether you have crossed the Stochastic Overbought / Oversold border, i.e. if you have crossed the level 20 if you are in long order and if you have crossed level 80 if you are in a short trade.   Stop: You can decide to exit the trade only by looking at the overbought and oversold levels.   Profit: It is very simple, you should follow the normal rules of regular trading, such as your previous resistance or support level will be your take profit level.

The Forex market is a huge experience for new Forex traders from outside, much more excitement and indifference. In this case, traders make many kinds of mistakes, whether they understand it or not, so today we will discuss two things that cause traders to lose a lot.   Shortage of capital   The main problem for traders in the first stage of trading is the lack of sufficient capital, which causes most traders to lose. There are many instances where non-occurrences occur within 2-3 days of starting a trade and large losses within a week and account closures at the end of the week. You run out of capital before you even begin to understand the forex market. And this poisoning mostly happens in the case of new traders   - They do not have adequate trading experience and knowledge.- They are not aware of money management and risk management.- They generally perceive risk which is not sufficient for their trade.  In the case of the first trade, after being very careful and opening the trade with time, he makes the final decision of the trade with any fictitious decision without heeding any rules and regulations. The tech profit sets well but the need for stop loss is not very much felt. There is no interest management for the stability of the trade, but a few positive trades get excited and bring their own danger in the next trade. Separates trades from normal and traditional business and takes it as a dollar making a box that mentally removes the thoughts of normal business from the consciousness and exaggerates the loss of trade.   Extra trading:   That's when it comes to trying when you have the effort or the thought to leave this trade or this 1-hour trade with the highest profit. He opens large lots of trades with normal market movements and one shows trade decisions whose trade size is much larger than the trade capital and the account closes before the trade exists.   And the most important reason is to get involved in the trade without understanding the money management policy and to start the trade without creating any opportunity or qualification to manage the trade. Forgetting that every penny you have is a new opportunity for you not to waste it.   I know people who are reading this, especially newcomers, are all true because I wrote it from my own experience, when I first started trading, it happened in my case, so I shared it with you, and especially those who are new traders before they start trading. Of course, you can start trading by thinking about the issues.   I hope you find it useful. Thanks;

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Emotion is a very bad and important thing. Most new traders lose their money for emotions. New traders fail to control their emotions. And you have to work hard for it. Emotional traders can never be successful in Forex. If you want to control emotions, you first need to know about Forex in a good way, there are a few steps. You need to have good knowledge, skills, learn, education and good analysis. Minimum 8 months, you need to create a full-time professional trader, the more you increase your trade and experience, the more you will be able to control emotions. Emotion is great pain and a great enemy for traders. So if you want to be a good and successful trader, first of all, you have to control your emotions. Emotion control is a very challenging thing.  

Just think-   - Are you dissatisfied with your current job? - Are you frustrated with finding jobs here and there? - Are you looking for a way to earn some extra money as well as study? - Are you looking for a good way to earn money online but can't find it?   If you have any one of the above four problems then Forex trading can be a great way to solve your problem. Many people around the world are choosing Forex trading as an alternative to a job or a traditional business. With a little education, a little capital, close observation, patience and wise decision making, it is possible to become successful in the Forex market very quickly.   However, today's post is not for biblical knowledge about Forex. There are many interested people in our country who are not able to enter the Forex market due to various obstacles.   Now, I suppose you are interested in Forex. So think about which of the following categories do you fall into?   1. I have the money. I want to learn forex. But I can't find any reliable organization or expert from where I can learn Forex well. Besides, I don't know what would be the best platform to do forex business.   2. I am very interested in learning Forex. But it takes money to learn Forex from an expert or organization. I have no money. Moreover, starting a forex business also requires a lot of capital. Where can I get so much money?   3. I know a lot about Forex, I am interested in starting trading. But I am afraid to start trading by spending my own pocket money. In the beginning, if someone gives me some money to trade then I will have the courage to start trading.   4. I do forex trading. I am not satisfied with my current broker. I want to go to another good broker. But before depositing with the broker, I want to trade for free and see if the broker is good!

One of the things we all do when we know how to analyze or prepare for a trade is to put a lot of charts in front of us and then open the trade in a chart that matches our own analysis and strategy, in many cases if a few currencies fall into the analysis. Then do not leave to open trade in any. This is what most traders do. But in this case, how much you can be sure about your trades, maybe you can not reduce your stress until you close the trades.  So what to do, if you go to trade in one currency you may not be able to trade more daily, where if you follow more than one currency there is a lot of opportunities to trade. Yes, that's not a lie, but what is your main goal as a trader? Of course, trade safely and make a profit. So if so, you have to come to a conclusion. Yes, basically I am indicating how many currencies you will have on a regular basis.     To put it bluntly, I would say don't increase the currency as much as you can. Try to stay in 2 currencies if too much. 1 is better. Much like the birth control method. 1 is better if 2 is no more. I hope you do not have to explain the benefits of these 1 or 2.There are many secret sources for good trading, one of which is the currency target. All the information in many currencies can be very complicated for you, but if you target currency and trade in that currency knowing the beginning and end of that currency, know all the updates of that particular currency, or keep all the trading history of that currency in mind. And you don't lose anyway.   What are the advantages of trading in a currency?   - You know the daily range of the currency.- Where is the high-low of the currency in the last 10 years, where is it now and why?- How many pips the currency can change in news hours.- How much other currency currents affect this currency.- What is the total turnover of this currency per week?- What is the correction rate of the currency?- How long a currency stays in a trend line.   Yes, knowing the answers to the above questions means that you know everything about that currency, so you must agree with me now that the weaker the enemy, or the more information you know about him, the stronger you are in the fight against him. Be. So if you want to trade regularly in the Forex market and make a profit successfully, I would say stay in a currency. And become an expert in that currency. Extremely control yourself. I'm not saying it's bad to trade in multiple currencies, but apply my single currency suggestion and see if you do better than before. Then of course let me know.

To be a successful Forex trader you must put in a lot of hard work, time and talent. Otherwise, you will never succeed as a forex trader. Here are some tips to help you become a successful trader.                     1. Basic Forex Learning: There are many of us who start trading in a hurry after seeing the success of a good trader with a few ideas in Forex or hearing about the success of Forex in someone's mouth. In this case, I would say that first, you have to learn the basics of Forex well, then practice the demo for a minimum of 3 months (or until you succeed in 70% trading).  2. Save experience in trading: Many people start trading in the live accounts after practicing for a few days and within a few days the account is closed and they become destitute. If you think that you have learned Forex after making a profit in the first two or four days of trading, then you are mistaken, because, in order to take one step towards success in the Forex market, you have to practice a lot. Otherwise, you cannot be a successful trader. So consider your own success by trading 3-6 months in the demo first.  3. Avoid some advice from experienced traders: It is important to listen to the opinions or suggestions of experts. However, there are some traders who claim to be experienced and dream of different ways to earn 100% from Forex.E.g. - Given all the data that has no success.- Asked to buy commercial indicators, robots, etc.- Attracting others with different types of screenshots, which when compared to you will see a lot of unwanted and fake.   Keep yourself away from the various temptations of such expert traders. Because such experts will extend a helping hand to you to achieve their objectives.  4. Own Analysis: If you trade by looking at the analysis/signal of others, you will remain a blind trader for the rest of your life, because if you trade on the analysis/signal of others, sometimes profit and sometimes a huge loss can occur. For this, create a strategy that you try yourself so that 70-80 percent success comes in trade. Don't write your name in Live Trade's account without your success strategy.  5. Break after Loss: There are many of us who trade with the insistence that we will make a profit today. No, do not do such a thing that you will see that 2/3 of your trades are closed at a loss, then you should refrain from trading. And prepare for the next day.  6. Trading in specific pairs: Most traders trade in multiple pairs at the same time which is really dangerous. Always try to trade in 1/2 pair, then you will have a good idea about that pair and you will be able to analyze and decide very easily.  7. Time Frame: Trading in multiple time frames is a bad quality for a trader. You must decide to look at each time frame before trading 1, but always trade-in one-time frame. Because of the way you look at a chart on a daily chart, you don't look at it in a 1-hour chart. Trade-in a time frame that you can adapt to your strategy and trade amount.  8. Perfect Chart: Indicators help us a lot in the case of trade, so it is not said that we will put the match of the indicator on the pair chart in which we will trade. In my opinion, it is not right/necessary to use more than 2 indicators to trade. Because the more indicators you use, the more confused you will be and the wrong decision will be made. To sort the chart with only 2 indicators that you like.  9. Using Tech Profit and Stop Loss: Use Tech Profit and Stop Loss by analyzing each of your trades, otherwise, you may face big loss at any time.  10. Manage Money: There are many traders who do not manage money, they become poor at one time. When trading, trade by creating money by managing and calculating volume.  11. Keep an eye on the news: Before trading in any pair, find out if there is any news in that pair. If there is news in that pair, then refrain from trading in that pair before the news is published, understand the news and trade after the news is published. And refrain from trading in those currency pairs on bank holidays of major currencies.

No matter what the Forex Expert or the Forex Guru says, one of the most powerful pillars of Forex today if you go to the flashback of their success, you will see that their amount of loss was not less. So if you want to be a good trader, you have to lose? How did it go? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain't for me either. No matter how many sites, some strategies, or whatever type of auto and manual methods, no method can make your trade 100% successful. This will probably make many people frown and naturally ask how you can prove that you need to know how to make a loss in order to be successful in Forex.   First of all, the Forex market is a constantly changing market that we all know. Now if the question is how this change comes about, maybe your answer will be, on a fundamental or technical issue. But many experts want to say that the forex market does not really change based on fundamental or technical issues. The main thing here is demand and supply. In other words, the forex market moves based on the bidding hire or lowering of the trader or trading organization. In other words, the difference between the bid and ask the level of the trader or trading organization is mainly the demand and supply. And the movement is basically based on this movement.     When a trader loses on his average trade, many may think that the question arises as to whether the forex market is controlled by anyone or whether the strategy in which you once made a profit is repeatedly losing. Mentally weakened. Remember that the Forex market is completely neutral. Here the movement of the market is conducted in a way where no one has a chance to play the game. The market varies according to the speed of the currency's own demand or supply. Most traders have a careless and thoughtless decision behind the loss trade. That is to open the trade without any thought. Ask successful traders today or those who have a good experience of trading for a long time and I can say Damon Siurley if you open the trade by understanding the terms of the trade open, you will not close your account if you are not a complete trader. So the bottom line is that before you learn it, it's an art.   Many people trade in revenge that I lost two trades in a row. This time I will cover the loss of the last two trades in the 3rd trade and thus you make the final loss and finally, you light the red light of your trade yourself. So don't trade with that mentality. Another main reason behind the loss of most traders in Forex trading is - too much excitement! But don't have the burden of learning like that. How long will you survive in the market while making a loss, or how much ability do you have to stabilize in this market with huge losses? While it is possible for one or two people to think this way, it is not possible for 95% + traders to think this way. So before going into the trade, know the related issues including trade balance, trade open rules, then get down to trade. But besides all this, it is also important to know how to make a good trade. Because the road to a successful trade will come from the opposite side of the losing trade.

Any professional independent is open to anyone. However, in particular, many people value domestic professions more because of their advantages, considerations, and desires. There are many such jobs all over the world. It's really fun to work with an outside organization at home. And the young generation of our country is taking this fun very well. And taking with success.   Thanks to technology, people's lives are now much easier, more dynamic, and much more beautiful. Many people's imaginations are now turning into reality with the help of technology. One such blessing of technology is online income from home. Among the many domestic professions, today I will discuss foreign exchange (forex) trading.   First of all, I would like to say that you can earn a lot more from Forex trading at home than from any of the current schedule based outside professions. Yes, indeed. I'm not saying anything to hurt. Forex trading is a type of market similar to the traditional stock market where you make a profit by exchanging currency. This profession is open. You can run your business from anywhere in the world using the only net connection and laptop PC, Open is a business so you are not tied to anyone or anyone to you. You can do the whole process yourself.   Traditional A business If you start with small capital and start-up, why not do that type of business? How much profit can you make per month after deducting all expenses? Simply put, if I calculate this investment in proportion to the trade in the Forex market, then you can easily get a monthly profit of 20k to 30k dollars from this completely non-existent internationally recognized business. This account is my on-average average, you can make a profit in exchange for skills and much more unlimited money. For which you do not need any special business position. There are no stops or business utilities. Your PC and internet connection is the main set up of your business. So sitting at home this business can change your destiny much easier and in less time.     How can you do this business at home? - You can trade at your own convenience. - The Forex market is open 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday, so you are not obliged to run the scheduled time scale like any other job, you can sit and trade at midnight if you want. - Forex is the largest market in the world with a daily turnover of ৪ 4 trillion, so everyone has the potential to be involved in this market. - Starting with a minimum capital of $ 1 and a maximum capital, you can start your own business with a small investment. - Representation of a single person cannot create any form of reflection in this market. Bill Gates himself could not afford to change this market. - You can trade both up and downtrends. - This is a spot trading market so you can buy instantly, you don't have to wait for any maturity. - Your transactions are completely secure through your own account password where no one has access. - Brokers can transact through various types of money media as per their choice. - Due to the loan facility, you can continue trading in more power than your own capital. - You can create a free and pre-investment method called Demo Account before you go to the main investment. - If you want to go out for any work, you have the facility to control the trade completely through your mobile phone. - Full-time or part-time bases can scale your choice. - Graduate-non-graduate is crazy for everyone i.e. educational qualification is weak.   All of the above benefits that you can get sitting at home without any business. The key to any business is to first master that business, to learn it well. So before you go to the main investment, of course, of course, the whole thing is clear and efficient then start. This time let's not know what kind of limitations you will have in this business or what kind of risks you may have. Be aware of the following issues before starting a business.   When investing, give priority to emotions over logic. - Going into business with your full capital i.e. Living Secure Money. - Going into business without acquiring full knowledge. - The whole concept of business practices is manipulated. - Make a profit from every trade. - Taking more risk than your own skills.   Forex trading is at the top of the world as a domestic profession for various exceptional religious benefits, especially for women who do not want to go out for work or engage in business, Forex may be their first choice to earn from home. And you can be a big earner in your family, you can change your destiny, you can be financially self-sufficient.

There are a lot of good study resources being created on Forex these days that are really great, and some Forex study tutorials are awesome. But one thing I want to know is,   Dear Trader, are you also learning Forex trading on your own?   Do you have a forex teacher?   So far I am continuing my own education. I'm good and I'm bad again, but I'm happy.   Your willpower is your first tool for good trading. And with that comes the need for perseverance, regular trading and applying new strategies. Try to know well what you know and make it a reality. Set and trade each strategy as you like. Keep a record of both your profit and loss trades then review both trades over time, why the trade lost and why the trade made a profit. Find out the right reason and learn from it.   If there are any other issues that make you think too much, then ask questions in the forum. There are many expert traders who will give you the right solution to your problem. Hope you do well.   Thanks.