Don't believe in your own trading method, be successful gradually.

Dear trade friends, today's post is a little different, I have seen many traders who are very proud of their trading strategy and quite successful but at one point I heard that their account was terminated by their strategy. Those who think that their trade strategy is almost 100 percent successful will hopefully be able to answer these questions effortlessly.


The questions are:

- How much do you think it can take from a 1000 dollars account to 5000 dollars?
- How long will it take you to meet your needs and exit the trade?
- In what amount of time have you been able to double your account balance?


I think you would prefer one answer to all these questions and that is the amount of money or capital invested. Yes, it should be acknowledged that those who trade/invest in Forex invest in higher income. Because Forex is called Money Making Machine, yes I also admit that it is possible to make good money in Forex but it is not very fast, as you think. To the best of my knowledge, doubling an amount in a given period of time in any strategy means that you are not a forex trader but a gambler. In this type of gambling, your account can be void at any one time. So I tell you, never expect a certain amount of income from Forex within a specified period. Succeed slowly. Remember, "The nail that gets stuck in the wall too quickly, the nail falls off the wall too quickly."


Verify the reality:
I am sure and you also know that Forex is not a quick project to get rich quickly. Many do not want to believe this, especially those who are new and have had good success in a number of trades. However, what most people don't say is that Forex is a profession. Just as it takes time to succeed in another profession, it also takes time and proper education to succeed in Forex. So if you consider forex as a profession, you need to ask yourself two simple questions:

- Am I interested in starting a new (Forex) career and succeeding?
- Obstacles are mine to get through success
- Patience? If the answer to the above questions is "no", then I think Forex is not for you. Because, to do forex you need interest, proper training, patience, and the latest money.


Get rich slowly


Let me tell you one thing, I have been trading Forex for over 4 years now and I am constantly learning new things. But in these 4 years, I have met many traders who want to get rich quickly by earning from Forex. I wouldn't say it's not possible, but as far as I know and see those who have had success with Forex have gradually grown up. To be a successful Forex trader, you must follow these five steps. They are:

Learn Basic Forex

Planning and Preparation (Write a proper trading plan and money management method.)
Develop a trading method and test your trading method and verify its success.
When trading, show patience and decide what and how to trade. I.e. non
Do not trade with patience.
Be successful.


To be successful in Forex, you need to follow these five steps or you will be far from successful. Most of the traders see that they want to jump to the fifth step after completing the first step in a month or two. You have to understand that if you want to survive in the Forex market, you have to gradually come to the path of success. The steps must be completed successfully. That is why I say that Forex is a means to get rich slowly. You can see many posts on BDForexPro for trade success.

In fact, most people do not succeed in their business or job profession very quickly, we all know that. So forex and time are needed for success. I personally think that Forex is an independent business and it gives people freedom. Just like you fix your trading time schedule in Forex, in other professions but you will not get this kind of freedom. If you calculate the time you spend on Forex with simple other professions, you will see that you have spent less time on Forex.


The rate of return on Forex is much higher than any other business or profession if you can master Forex properly and be able to improve the quality of your life journey. But don't ever think that if you make a name for yourself in 6 months or a certain period of time by earning money from Forex, then it may become black for you.


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Posted By jennymayes : 05 September, 2020
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No matter what the Forex Expert or the Forex Guru says, one of the most powerful pillars of Forex today if you go to the flashback of their success, you will see that their amount of loss was not less. So if you want to be a good trader, you have to lose? How did it go? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain't for me either. No matter how many sites, some strategies, or whatever type of auto and manual methods, no method can make your trade 100% successful. This will probably make many people frown and naturally ask how you can prove that you need to know how to make a loss in order to be successful in Forex.   First of all, the Forex market is a constantly changing market that we all know. Now if the question is how this change comes about, maybe your answer will be, on a fundamental or technical issue. But many experts want to say that the forex market does not really change based on fundamental or technical issues. The main thing here is demand and supply. In other words, the forex market moves based on the bidding hire or lowering of the trader or trading organization. In other words, the difference between the bid and ask the level of the trader or trading organization is mainly the demand and supply. And the movement is basically based on this movement.     When a trader loses on his average trade, many may think that the question arises as to whether the forex market is controlled by anyone or whether the strategy in which you once made a profit is repeatedly losing. Mentally weakened. Remember that the Forex market is completely neutral. Here the movement of the market is conducted in a way where no one has a chance to play the game. The market varies according to the speed of the currency's own demand or supply. Most traders have a careless and thoughtless decision behind the loss trade. That is to open the trade without any thought. Ask successful traders today or those who have a good experience of trading for a long time and I can say Damon Siurley if you open the trade by understanding the terms of the trade open, you will not close your account if you are not a complete trader. So the bottom line is that before you learn it, it's an art.   Many people trade in revenge that I lost two trades in a row. This time I will cover the loss of the last two trades in the 3rd trade and thus you make the final loss and finally, you light the red light of your trade yourself. So don't trade with that mentality. Another main reason behind the loss of most traders in Forex trading is - too much excitement! But don't have the burden of learning like that. How long will you survive in the market while making a loss, or how much ability do you have to stabilize in this market with huge losses? While it is possible for one or two people to think this way, it is not possible for 95% + traders to think this way. So before going into the trade, know the related issues including trade balance, trade open rules, then get down to trade. But besides all this, it is also important to know how to make a good trade. Because the road to a successful trade will come from the opposite side of the losing trade.

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