I just tried it on BT
I haven't tried it in DEMO because again there is no VPS: D


This is the BT result



Who knows good and can be used on REAL: D


If the results are disappointing, don't be angry, okay? D
because I only share the risk borne by passengers: D


Please aspirated master

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Posted By geewilson : 31 August, 2020
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Expert Advisor Metatrader   Bassic settingextern double Lots = 0.1;extern double TakeProfit = 50;extern double StopLoss = 50;extern int TrailingProfit=0;//|------------------trailing stop after profit reachedextern int TrailingStop=30;//|--------------------trailing stopextern int TrailingStep=0;//|--------------------trailing stepextern double MACDByeLevel = 0.0;extern double MACDSellLevel = 0.0;extern double RSILevel = 50;extern double FastMA = 5;extern double SlowMA = 10;    Time Frame H1 or higher   • 5 period WMA (Weighted Moving Average) • 10 period SMA (Simple Moving Average) • Slow Stochastic (5,3,3 (exponential)) • RSI (14)• MACD (12/26/9 (exponential))    BUY: MA1 > MA2, RSI > 50, MACD Fast > MACD Signal and Stochastic is signaling up (fast line above the slow line).   SELL: MA1 < MA2, RSI < 50, MACD Fast < MACD Signal and Stochastic is signaling down (fast line below slow line). (Test without optmization)   

Hello im new here, I like this forum!I want to share with the forum this Ea (avalaible free on the web) with my optimized set file (after a lot of work!).In the zip file there are also 3 test about it. Enjoy!          

EA Net89 Robot Description :How does the concept of EA Net89 work ???EA Net89 work concept:1. Maximum loss is -5% per day (but so far there has never been a loss of up to -5% per day on average only -1%)This means it is very safe because it takes 20 consecutive days to be able to get a Margin Call if -5% per day (which reality never loses up to -5% per day, on average only -1%).2. Logic entry of the first EA is TREND, if it is wrong and there is a loss then EA will continue with the SIDEWAY strategy.So our EA can run with 2 strategies, can adapt very well to the market.3. If 2x Cutloss occurs in 1 day, the bot will OFFThis means the bot sees unpredictable market conditions, so it’s better to stop.4. Target profit of 1% per dayThe bot will continue to try to reach the target no matter how many times its position is opened, …Unless it is affected by conditions 1 or 3.So our robot, can work in 2 types of price movement patterns:– trending and– bounching / sideway.Our robot is ADAPTIVE , can adjust. The explanation is in point number 2 aboveThen the questions that are often asked to us are1. Is this business safe?2. How does the robot work?3. What about the broker?4. What about the income earned?5. What about the Withdrawl process? 6. How to join? The answer:1. All businesses must have a “risk”, EA Forex Net 89 sets a maximum loss of -5% a day, meaning that it takes 20 consecutive days to get Margin Call / capital out.We do not “promise” you to “get rich quick / suddenly get rich”, because our robot logic only targets 1% profit per day, but if you want to have an income that is “consistent and safe in each account” you can try our robots.2. The principle of trading using PAMM technology (percentage alocation money module) means that trading is carried out in the master account only. The client follows what is in his master account. So from the client side does not need a server or vps. PAMM is different from copy trade, meaning “if one gains all profits, if one loss all losses due to the entry in the same position”, if copy trade is still possible there is a difference in position because of the delay.Every transaction or Open Position can be watched live (live trading) on each Meta Trader 4 account.Robot works for 5 working days (Monday-Friday) starting at 07.00 – 23.00 WIB, Saturday – Sunday holidays or there are international scale holidays that affect the global market.The robot will every day look for open positions until the target of 1% is reached, if the target has been reached the robot is “automatically deactivated” and will be active again “the next day”.There are no “floating / overnight funds”. Every day the transaction must “close” both “profit and loss”.“Distribution of profit sharing” is done after “00.00 WIB”. The profit that friends get from trading results before 00.00 WIB is “gross profit before sharing profit is reduced”.3. For brokers, of course we are “Not just choose”. For brokers we work with “Maxglobal” and for trading we use “Meta Rader 4”.Why did we choose Maxglobal? Because Maxglobal has been “20 years” active as a broker. You can check whois.net and friends must “open an account” also at Global Max. You can pull it at any time, because you are holding all the pins, passwords.“It means that we do not rotate your money / funds / deposit. Everything is in your respective account”.In addition the company is given a private server facility for prices to be thrown directly into the global market.4. EA Forex Net89 provides proof not promises. all transaction processes can be clearly seen in the investor’s account.Then is every day a profit? all Net89 investors have felt “consistent” profits. For loss, there must be, but is it often loss? the answer is there must be a loss,Another advantage of Net89 is that if the robot loses, then when trading on the next day the bot will look for targets> 1%. This means that losses previously experienced will be covered by the profit obtained from trading results in the following days.Overall profit achieved in a month is 10-20%. Depending on the package taken.5. Withdrawal process / withdrawal can be withdrawn at any time, the process only takes “10 – 60 minutes”. No need to wait 1-2 days, even weeks. There are no funds / deposits withheld, all money that friends deposit in the broker can be withdrawn at any time.What is disbursed is “profit trading results” both daily, weekly and monthly. If all deposits in the broker’s account are withdrawn, the robot will automatically be scorched because the system will read it as MARGIN CALL.It is enough to withdraw the trading profit, but if you feel like you have gotten enough profit and want to withdraw all of your deposit, no problem. All returned to their respective decisions

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