I found this EA. i have it running since a week and it's profitable but on a demo account.

There so many options what i am choosing is a 25SL 50TP first profit and 75 second profit. As long the trend is up it will do trailing stop. Any no grid or martingale trade you need a ratio of 3:1. anyway thats from my experience and that's how bankers trade.

you can find this ea on mql5.

I am sharing this in hope to have more people test and provide a good setting. It has so many option.

for setting explanation you can see on youtube his explanation.

timeframe 1h and not sure if it can be backtested. its not profitable each day but at the end of the week it was weel above the loss.

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Posted By jaronfarris : 19 July, 2020
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I use this ea is a free version .. Free version only can trade CHF/JPY USD/CAD AUD/CAD only .. This problem this pair has a big wide spread when open new daily candle .. The maximum spread can profit below 4pips(40point) .. I see can profit use this ea pair EUR/USD because this pair has a 2pips only spread .. I do FT at this ea at demo account use broker tickmill and profit if the spread below 4pips .. .. This is result i use this ea          

just 1 or 2 hours trade any pair and look at the live result this is synetic trade          

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