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The Robot or Expert Advisor (EA), MF Trend Trader is designed to use the currency movement trend.It uses two indicators in 4-hour Grafica to determine the automatic operations.The two indicators of the program are; A Bandit MA set to 27 (3) and another Bandit MA set to 50 (3).It will buy automatically when the price is above Bandido 27 and Bandido 27 is above Bandido 50. Automatically sell when the price is below Bandido 27 and Bandido 27 is below Bandido 50.This robot will automatically enter into commerce with each 4 hour stage and will seek to charge 13 pips of each move, unless the operator adjusts it differently.The MF Trend Trader 27-50 Robot works better and is more profitable in accounts that have Hedge ability (play both sides at the same time).Included is the indicator template used by the Robot for Metatrader 4 platform.All rights reserved to Maestro Forex.

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Foreign exchange Quant Asian Dough shop is an expert advisor using a breakout strategy in the range where you enter a deal when the market is the most quiet. It scales the market for small price deviation.USDCAD, EURGBP, USDJPY, GBPUSD, GBPCHF, EURCHFTF:15 M [including setfile] Not Martingale I always use stop loss to protect capital Ya desu is very good No There is no hedge Low drawdown Works with all brokers      

                                                                                           Heiken Ashi Naïve​ Introduction:Heiken Ashi Naïve is a MetaTrader expert advisor based on Heiken Ashi charting system through the platform's standard indicator by the same name. The employed trading system is naive in a way that it interprets only two latest Heiken Ashi candles and does not apply any complex pattern analysis. The only trick is that the expert advisor trades against the supposed trend direction, confirmed by current Heiken Ashi setup. Its biggest advantage is that it has no input parameters to optimize and curve-fit to the past data. Optional ATR-based position sizing is available for improved money management. There are two versions of the EA: a plain one and one with Z-Score optimization applied. The expert advisor (with and without Z-Score optimization) is available for both MT4 and MT5 versions of the platform.  

Indicator, detects important regions used by large brokers.1 - Aggressive tickets: after the break2 - Conservative input - expect to play only the first time3 - Operate only in European and American sessions    

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Here is a Interesting New EAI Never FT but BT result is Very coolLet Test it use default setting FirstBut you can change the setting too,IF you find the good setting Please Post here for everyone

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I share this robot, digamne their opinions and if they recommend it for real account, BT is very profitable

Accurate high-level trend advisor with minimal drawdown. Guys, we announce great service.Free automatic copying of paid signals to your accountNo need, no need all the time online.ProblemNo problem for time zoneAnyNo hidden paymentsFree absolutely freeManagementFree Account ManagementManagementManagement is completely freeNo need to make a profit, no advance payments.On a monthly guarantee from 50 to 70%Fix size big according to your requirementThere is no profit sharing.You do not need to use any software to purchase copiers.No need to buy VPSWe work for you. We have all the settings.EmployeesOur employees work for you.Manage bills and paid signal"The lifetime of the paid signal""Free paid signal is free" Just open an account with a link and get a free service "Signal"    

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Hello all friends, very shying to say i'm also scammed by BSS Scalper EA.I bought mql4 source file of this robot and paid 525 USD to Shahid Rasool.Robot is not working anymore... BSS EA is a big scam by Shahid Rasool. he grabs the money from buyers and then sends useless file!be careful and helps other to be aware from this scammer...  

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Hello, dear traders. We present to your attention profitable expert advisor“Dash-Bot EA”.Characteristics of the EA “Dash-Bot EA”Platform: Metatrader 4Currency pairs: ALLTimeframe: H1, H4Working hours: around the clockRecommended brokers: Roboforex, Forex4you orYou can use it on any low spread broker.Instructions:Placed template file in template of mt4 terminal.Click on MT4-> File-> open data folder-> templatesPlaced EA files in expert folder of mt4 terminal.Click on MT4-> File-> open data folder-> MQL4-> ExpertsPlaced script files in scripts folder of mt4 terminal.Click on MT4-> File-> open data folder-> MQL4-> Scripts--- Enable all 23 pairs in MT4 terminal and run this script to load history data.Download previous all pairs history.Restart mt4 terminal. Select Dash-Bot template on USDTRY pair (H4) time frame.Attach dash-bot (EA), and then double click on LoadHistory scriptand let it on all pairs and extract the history of all 23 pairs.

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Hello to everyone.This advisor is made new.Advisor works on the following currency pairs: GBPCAD, GBPCHF, GBPAUD, EURAUD, AUDCHF, AUDCAD, NZDCAD, EURCAD, GBPUSD, EURCHF, EURGBP, USDCHF, USDCAD, GBPNZD, EURNZD, etc.           

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Harmonic Patterns Market ScannerFind The Best Patterns According Your Accuracy Level3 Levels TakeProfits, StopLoss And Pending Order Open PriceAll Patterns Information In One ChartOpen Trade or Open Pattern Chart By One ClickInclude Economical News CalendarNo Need Any Forex SkillAutomated EA Installer And Friendly User Guide.

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The Price Action Scalping Expert Advisor is based on Special Price Action. Combines with some indicators and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to get opportunities to entryFeatures Allow compound interest or Fix lots by user Spreads protection, using pending orders (stop order) without any market orders No grid. No martingale A small Stoploss for every trade Combines with RSI and Bollinger Bands indicators Special Price Action, Special Artificial Intelligence (AI) $ Pairs :GBPUSDEURUSDGBPJPYUSDCHFEURCHFAUDJPYUSDJPY

Hi I'm letting go black diamond 5.5 and with best Set File for gold.read the Readme file for instruction1. Download EA2. Read the read ME file3. contact and set up

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Hi there,I'm looking for an EA that does these :(1). Open Position - it will BUY (for bullish candle) or SELL (for bearish candles) on next open candle. E.g. , if previous candle is Bullish, open BUY on next candle open.(2). Close Position - after candle has changed color.(3) need TP and SLI know nothing new there but I have a idea maybe works.Thanks

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Hi Guys,I am a great fan of hedging ;-)Here I show you how I hedge "circel pairs" = GBPUSD > USDCHF > GBPCHF""Circel pairs" means each currency "GBP" "USD" and "CHF" appears twice in these three pairs.GBPUSD = BuyUSDCHF = BuyGBPCHF = SellorGBPUSD = SellUSDCHF = SellGBPCHF = BuyI used no indicator at all, but it took sometimes a while to get in profit.I used same lotsize on all three pairs and TP of 100$One might say, hey, why did you not trade just GBPUSD and GBPCHF?Because, it causes such a big DD which can blow an account in very short time, so please do not try this at home ;-)Here some more examples for three pairs hedging:BUY BUY SELLor SELL SELL BUYEUR/CHF CHF/JPY EUR/JPYGBP/CHF CHF/JPY GBP/JPYUSD / CHF CHF / JPY USD / JPYEUR / GBP GBP / CHF EUR / CHFEUR / USD USD / CHF EUR / CHFEUR / GBP GBP / JPY EUR / JPYEUR / GBP GBP / USD / USDEUR / USD USD / JPY EUR / JPYGBP / USD USD / CHF GBP / CHFGBP / USD USD / JPY GBP / JPY

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ORCUS EA.i was searching for a best currency strength based ea, and i found an old ea which one working in all 27 pairs in 1 eurusd chart. am testing this ea in demo h1. maybe somebody in this forum knows about this ea. Thursday i found this ea had made 51 profitable trades in a raw with a 20 pips profit each. this ea has some potential.if somebody can able to find best best setfile and add a working news filter, then this ea will be a profitable one. thanks.

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EA HANEDA V.2 Is a trading robot that is able to generate consistent profit without even loss (without minus),because this robot uses the SL-0 algorithm, which can print a profit of 500% -1000% / day.The risk of using this robot is the threat of your account being blocked by the broker, because the profit continues without loss.# Then what is the fund? Missing? ... No, your funds are not lost, bro will give you 1 week to withdraw allyour funds (including profits).# What if it's blocked? Can't trade anymore? .. Yes, you can't trade anymore with a blocked accountearlier, the solution was to make a new trading account again.# How do you keep your account from being blocked? .. Limit daily profit, for example $ 5 per day (for one trading account), don'tovertrade (turning on a robot for a long time).The Terms of Using EA HANEDA V.2 are:1. MUST use the XM micro account broker.2. Use EURUSDmicro on TF M5.3. Settings in the EA input do not need to be changed (Standard Settings).4. A minimum deposit of $ 5 ($ 15 recommendation).5. Be wise in using this EA, because EA is very extreme that can endanger brokers !!!

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This adviser gives very good results. The author of the adviser gave a week to test it only on a demo account. Try and give your feedback. Trend Hunter is a Trend Following EA. It is a conservative EA. and this EA not take entry randomly. When signal comes then EA will take entry. You no need to run this EA any selective pairs. EA has ability to analysis 35 currencies from one chart. A user can change it conservative to aggressive settings. We give all the files to users. So a user can use it his suitable settings. In ttl it is a User Friendly Robot.EA can monthly return 30-60%DD is depends on users. How much his balance and how much he want to take risk. On average EA DD 10-30% maximum.

I have currently 2 EA using now. Maybe you find that EA here for free but sadly i bought it and studied a lot the perfect pair and settings and timeframe with some tweaks during news and market open. I know no EA is perfect thats why we need to monitor our open trades anytime. I am selling my knowledge of settings and the EA also. Dont worry i dont sell it in big amounts. Please email me to buy it. [email protected] accountsLogin: 2000034253Server: icmarkets live 20Pw: [email protected](This is TR EA full version)Login: 1800059515Server: icmarkets live18Pw: [email protected](This is Scalper EA)    

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Relentless Hedge is a hedging Expert Advisor using a daily breakout profitable strategy based on the INTRADAY previous period High and Low level.Relentless Hedge Expert Advisor is designed for working on ECN/Raw Spread accounts with a small spread. Using Daily Breakout Profitable Hedging Strategy, Buy and Sell at the same time with smart entry and exit strategy to make sure closing both position(buy/sell)and end with good result.Relentless Hedge EA used D1 Timeframe on yesterday High and Low values in order to find a breakout on the current day. It place a pending order on the High of yesterday and on the Low of yesterday. If order is not triggered on the end of day it will canceled.