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Posted by feltonjenkins

Hello to everybody,this is my special thanks for this great forum.I hope you'll enjoy it. Explanations and settings inside the file. The EA trade in a different style compared to others EA, but this doesn't mean it is profitable.I don't have much time to run BT so I ask to all of you, who will use it, to post PAIRS, SETTINGS, and RESULTS.Have great pips. sym   edit: the default setting hours for EURUSD are local time in Europe. If you run the EA elsewhere worldwide, you need to adjust hours in your local time for EUROPE SESSION and USA SESSION. Or even you can run it 24h. Your choise.

Posted by michaelharris

u need to fillup 100% the indicator parameters and name in the ealets say MACD.. so : 12|26|9if the results r 0-1 so its goodif the results r 2 + so its repiants and u should drop to trash the indicatorit can test most of the indicators but u must log in the inputs 100% like the indicatror parameters.all the best.

Posted by billhannah

Hey Jennifer, and nice to have you here. Not too often we get a chick around these parts doing what we do, so it's interesting indeed. I think you will get more notice, and a following, but at the same time you'll get more criticism too. Have you BT your EA yet? I have on multiple settings and multiple pairs, all of them a huge flop.First thing you notice is that the EAs name is misspelled, that may be a good indication of just how well this EA might do. It trades a lot which i like, Huge SL which i don't like, reducing this 1000pip SL only lessens the profits too. So looks as if this EA is doing no better than guessing its entries.... actually it is doing worse than that, it then has poor MM. So while yes this EA will make money (a nice amount) on average of 6 out of 7 days. But that 1 out of 7 day is taking all the 6 days of profit plus more. Although people in the forums told you in a rude, childish, and insulting way... they were right what they told you. Spend time BT to see how the EA works, a simple 2 min BT told me all I needed to know, don't rush to holy grail judgement, we've all been there and thought we've found the grail only for it to turn out later to be a POS. 1 day or even 1 week of forward testing is not enough for any EA, and finally, as people have said before most 7 year old EAs are dead for a reason so be skeptical, even with all new settings.Don't let some people in here discourage you from sharing your EAs or knowledge with us, just make sure to do it in a way that won't piss off people. It's not a big deal to some but others can be annoyed that we now have 3 threads for one 7 year old flop of an EA. Many pips to you and I hope you do share your next find with us, as this is the whole reason why this forum even exists.1 year BT, similar results on any pair 99% loss of account. Results: Agressive me will aggressively lower your account if you choose to use it   

Posted by dionnabown

I got this ea it looks very intresthing for me,but need some fixes in the code,can anyone to help me.2012.03.26 09:26:33 2012.03.02 00:30 Divergence Trader Version 8 SR EURUSD,M15: MAX number of orders 02012.03.26 09:26:33 2012.03.02 00:30 Divergence Trader Version 8 SR EURUSD,M15: Tp1: -0.0001 EntryVariance: 0.00042012.03.26 09:26:32 2012.03.02 00:00 Divergence Trader Version 8 SR EURUSD,M15: -----ERROR----- SELL Bid=1.3325 error=130 bartick=972012.03.26 09:26:32 2012.03.02 00:00 Divergence Trader Version 8 SR EURUSD,M15: OrderSend error 130  

hiStrong indicator, Under test , We can make a strong expert  

Hello guys, looking from you for modification of this ea, i did try my self,but i have not inoch skills in coding...I did test this expert on my real account works not bad,but need more work ,that he can open and close orders better.The ea open order in very high point for sell order and in very low point of buy,but the problem is that he does not close profit from order start untill oposide signal and when i set takeprofit to 0 he does not trading.And some times opening orders on the same way after loss,not good.If some one thake this ea for modification i would like ,that this ea open orders and close when he get rith signal without function take profit,then will be much more profitable.Tank you for your time...Was tested on M-15 eurusd

Posted by ronaldheyward

Just started this on demo last week and it's been brilliant. It's based on currency strength. Load one chart on any time frame and it will trade the other currencies automatically. I've been running the EA pretty much OOTB, except I've changed the grid to 50 and multiplier to 1.4. The banked profits are pretty impressive, considering the account is trading 1-cent pips(3700 net pips in three days!). So far, all trades have been at the specified .01 lots, which means it hasn't entered any recovery trades. My understanding is that !xmeter will get into draw down when it is in recovery mode. Therefore, lot size and account size is very important.It would be great if !xmeter could be modified to efficiently trade without having to go into recovery, but I fear it would probably end up in the scrap heap with all the other crap EAs.Looking forward to any additional feedback from the forum.    

Posted by tommiepatrick

Here is TP TrailingStop EA it may help you in your trade , what it will do :it will keep the TS or TP fix in the trade you take , hope it will help you in your trade .

hello everybodysir Capella and all respected membersi wish to share this great EA with you and i hope to know you opinioni take it from one fourm

Posted by danielboone

hi friends,some months back i have seen in one website about an ea name=turbo scalper.they given demo version of that ea,they said that it would work in gcgfx broker and Investtechfx.com because they give 1 pip spread in eurchf and eurgbp.i down loaded that ea opened demo account in gcg fx .com and sent my account no. to the web site owners,then they sent me a dll file.i started forard trading,first trade is my manual trade from then trades are eas.i have seen amaging performance ,then i discussed to gcgfx brokers ,for me they looked like scammers,so i stopped talk to them and some days i forgotten this thingto day i have seen a thread in another forum about turbo scaler.i wanted to share my experince with you.thats why i written long story.if it is genuine please crack the dll file and develope the thread    

This simple EA needs someone with good Backtest 99% data, Mine is only 90% with 2 mismatchs. I like it as it only opens 2 hedged positions and then 1 more in the direction of the trend. when it hit profit all close and start again. Amazing to watch.Chart is for E/U M15 last week. My data from Thinkforex has gaps..A profit factor of 14 can't be bad.... lets see.thx to those who test this with their good data.    

Hi guys, this EA I made is base on buysellwait indicator, the vendor website advertised this indicator is very very good, so I wonder maybe it would be a good idea to make a EA to trade automatically.I tested the EA, sometime it really profitable, but sometimes not, 70% of the signals are very accurate, but in some choppy market, there are many false sigals. I wish to post here and we can modify this EA to be more profitable. i think add another indicator to avoid ranging market could be nice.Personally I tested use parameter TP=85, SL=45, on all pairs and Gold M15. You can also change the GUP from 4 to 6, then less signals.

Posted by ashleybutler

see live proof here with real money and real accountforex-swiss.com and download terminallogin : 4096password : $1million  

Hello,I have buy NewestHedge directly from this site. Then I'm amaze whatMT4 Broker that this owner use. If anybody know or can figure outplease tell me. I will share profit with you and share EA completepackage with you.Here is the clue :-1. Owner use 4 qoutes/pricing broker.2. This MT4 broker can deposit via WebMoney3. When you deposit money... it's stated like this" From Z131957099503 (706417764) just an example.4. Just 1pips spread on Major Currency5. Can deposit with small amount.Sorry i'm in a wrong thread. But I need to know the truth. If anybodyknow this broker please let me know. I'll give you my account accesswe will share 50/50 profit from my live account. And I will email EA toyou. Take a look on below pictures      

Posted by marvinholmes

I got this ea in Need decompile using EX4-TO-MQ4 V4.0.229.1 yesterday. It work very well but lot multipiler is not working....Kindly add the money management in this ea pl

Posted by lisaglisson

This EA was shared at the decompile thread.Thanks to Capella for decompiling.I removed restriction, and externalized pair selection. Dll file is no longer needed. You must enter the corresponding number for the pair you want to trade in the externals.I couldn't find much information or set file about this EA. Anyone who used this EA, please share your experience.This EA can trade any major pair. It uses moving average to determine the trend. It uses some sort of grid strategy. Also, it has martingale option which can be turned on or off.From my short testing, I found that it is better to use it on H1. Other parameters are yet to be tested. Please share with us your successful settings and pairs.

Posted by martybonner

Automated Trading System ?Collector? - is a trading robot that uses a hidden vulnerability of the foreign exchange market, which are reluctant to extend that successful traders and brokers are trying to hide.The robot performs arbitrage operations around the clock monitoring the market and earns a correlation rates. Subject to the rules of money management risk is minimal, and the drawdown in the trade are only a few percent. Profitability can also be very large, up to 10% per day (depending on system configuration).Arbitrage trading in a rational approach is the safest way to profit in the Forex market. The key point is that at any time your open positions are protected from the critical drawdown, which would be and how many points did not follow the price. This method of trading used in one form or another, most large hedge funds and financial companies. However, with regard to conditions in the foreign exchange market Forex, it should be noted that the favorable arbitrage opportunities occur with varying intensity, and often very transient.Platform: Metatrader 4;Version Adviser: 2012;Currency pairs: EURUSD with GBPUSD, AUD/USD with NZD/USD and etc;Timeframe: Any;Hours: Round the clock;  

Posted by jamesgardner

hello all members and expertsi found in one arabic fourm this expert and i tried it demothe results were so good till now so,i will share it with you and i wish you like itand if you have any comments, please sharethis EA pased on Raitis_Trading Systemyou can use with low spread pairs (recomended)enjoy

Posted by lexiegordon

Hello, 3 weeks ago I started using this EA live. I used 0.01 lots with 5$ take profit (secure profit). I started with $100 on GBPUSD. The EA reached $164 then it lost everything. Emily EA is not very smart, it opens only buy orders without any indicator. On backtest it was very successful but it had some account blows. I checked it and it seems that it blows accounts only when tick data is missing. The max level of lost positions on backtest is 4. What do you think about this EA, and is it worth trying it again with 200$ investment (because it actually needs $200 start money for the 4 level loss + the margin)?Thank you.P.S. It`s grid martingale    

Posted by andrewdoherty

Hello to all!I think is time to make one special WWI EA(original our) for all members!I will need help from programers to make this EA what will work on all existing pairs and all TF's .i am ask programers, please make this EA  you will not sorry!When you make this EA ill make complete set files and strategy per every pair !!!The logic is very simple, and i hope it will easy to make!So here is the rules very clear explained in pictures with title explanation: