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Posted by leeroberts

H1 or M30 seems to be accurate. Any pairs.Thanks

Posted by katehoward

Hi guys,I had founded this ea in the I-net, but I do not remember where.It is a marti can be well calibrated though.At the moment I'm playing around and do some BT's.Some settings I do not understand, so maybe you can help to optimize the thing.Currency does not matter, it even works with CFD's, TF 1 min or 5 minI have not the mq4 file...have fun

Posted by ralphlauren

This is a free conservative ea, enjoy! Eur/Usd 5min(test from 2012, alpari nz)     ... programmers would be good to find a good file. set and share ... 

Posted by melvinjones

this stoch ea from ritha. any pair,time frame 15m,d1 with moneymanagement

Posted by ginamiller

Trading Pair EUR/USD and GBP/USDTime Frame M15Trading Hours between 22 - 4 Your Server TimeFully Auto Money ManagementVirtual Take Profit and Stop Loss

Posted by richporterf

deari found this ea from other forum , they shows very good result please check this and send me review or if anybody have already used it so please share experiencetimeframe 1 hour gpbusd for stochpowerand 15 min gpbusd for otherthanks

Posted by andrewoliver

Currency Pairs:EURUSDEURGBPEURCHFUSDCADGBPCHFType: ScalperTimeframe: M15

Posted by staceyswart

Attention: Use at own risk. I will not be responsible for any results and anything at all that has a relation with this topic and / or the by me provided code. Profit or loss, demo or live, it's your own responsibility.That being said.Hello,For those who are interested in (latency) arbitrage trading, I’ve put together a simple straightforward system that I’m willing to share with this community.Guide:1. Put file “Master_V1.0.mq4” in the experts folder of your master terminal (C:/Master/Experts).2. Put file “Slave_V1.0.mq4” in the experts folder of your slave terminal (c:/Slave/Experts).3. Start in both terminals the charts of the symbols that you want to use. Attach the EA’s on those charts (Master_V1.0 on EURUSD at Master side and Slave_V1.0 on EURUSD at Slave side)Of course you should check and if needful adjust the settings of both EA’s before you put them on the chart.Inputs:Master_V1.0.mq4-LocationOnly one input needed here, the directory of the experts/files folder of the slave terminal. The standard input covers if your slave terminal is located at C:/SlaveSlave_V1.0.mq4-TriggerWhen should the EA fire a trade? Once the pricedifference between the midprices of both brokers exceeds the sum of Trigger plus Spread (slave side) and CommissionPips, then it will fire in the logical direction.-CommissionPipsHere you should enter the amount of pips the EA should cover for to compensate the commission your broker charges you (if any)-LotSizeHere you should enter the lotsize you want to trade (The EA will automatically correct it if it’s below or above the limits set by the broker)-StopLoss/TakeProfitThose two speak for themselves and are also automatically corrected by the EA if they are not accepted by the stopslevel of the broker. Leave 0.0 if you don’t want to use StopLoss and/or TakeProfit.Both master and slave will work on brokers with suffixes. Also ECN/non-ECN will work.Please try it out and share your results here so that we can all benefit from it. If I see good response I’ll continue this project with better software and more info. I’ve been trading forex and arbitrage strategies for a long time and this what I’m sharing here today is really just a small piece of what I got to offer. I believe in two way traffic, so invest some time and we can all benefit.//UpdateAt request of a member, I've updated the file to show SL/TP/Trigger/CommissionPips on the chart.I also spotted a small error that didn't let you to set SL and/or TP to be 0.0.V1.1 is the newest slave version.

Posted by terrybryant

This EA will move SL to BE if profit >= minimum set pips.enjoy Trading.

Hi Programmers, would be great to hear from you guys in getting an indicator decompiled into Mq4 code. Thanks

Posted by donaldperkins

Hi, can someone please modify this ea to do the following. Program in a setting called ProfitTarget. This value must be set in dollars. Lets say we set this value to 10 (ten dollars) then when the ea trades and profit reaches 10 dollars then the ea must close all trades and must stop trading. The ea must then only trade again when Metatrader platform is closed and opened again. Hoping someone can help. Thank you and Best rgds

Posted by harryshavers

Hi,Here you go for a very good expert, based on pivot points and MAWe can improve this EA together i.e minimizing the max drawdown-Backtest are from january to may-PivTech-8 EA Enjoy!Thanks

Posted by kimberlyjones

Here is a scalping ea i found from another forum. Most orders duration time is under 2 secs. Idea is very simple, no indicators at all.it keeps updating BuyStop and SellStop orders with each price movements.And when the market becomes heavy or news it won't get a chance to get updated quick... which means very fast price movement in one of the directions. This practically guarantees 10-15 pips movement.I have tested it only at demo accounts. I think it needs a lot of modification. It performs well only at heavy news days. The rest of the days the performance is bad. Also its very broker depended. For example It works good with armada and exness but it doesnt work with hotforex, thinkforex etc. Also i am almost sure that the live performance will be worse, but the fact that it works with pending orders is positive.Maybe with some modification we can make it better, because it seems that for now its not profitable unless you use it only with certain brokers and only during high volatility news

Posted by reginaldreed

Here's the new FapTurbo Ichimoku.It's un-educated.Enjoy! /JDM

Posted by jeromerobeets

Hi,in one arabic forum I find this simple system, for EUR/USD and more:maurizio

Posted by brandywalker

I Found this ea in Russian Fourm it will work profitable in GBP/USD M1

Posted by rodneyevans

Vi enclose this expert find the setting mile to make profitable in real. Thank you

Posted by carolynholmes

i want to share this expert.it's tested on eurusd 15M, but it can work with other pair  

Posted by samgibbs

forward test on GU M5      

Posted by deraldmiller

Hi posting new Aladdin 7 FX Pro version. As not tried yet please post your results and comments.ТF: М15EURUSDGBPUSDUSDCHF