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Hi Programmers, would be great to hear from you guys in getting an indicator decompiled into Mq4 code. Thanks

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Hi, can someone please modify this ea to do the following. Program in a setting called ProfitTarget. This value must be set in dollars. Lets say we set this value to 10 (ten dollars) then when the ea trades and profit reaches 10 dollars then the ea must close all trades and must stop trading. The ea must then only trade again when Metatrader platform is closed and opened again. Hoping someone can help. Thank you and Best rgds

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Hi,Here you go for a very good expert, based on pivot points and MAWe can improve this EA together i.e minimizing the max drawdown-Backtest are from january to may-PivTech-8 EA Enjoy!Thanks

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Here is a scalping ea i found from another forum. Most orders duration time is under 2 secs. Idea is very simple, no indicators at all.it keeps updating BuyStop and SellStop orders with each price movements.And when the market becomes heavy or news it won't get a chance to get updated quick... which means very fast price movement in one of the directions. This practically guarantees 10-15 pips movement.I have tested it only at demo accounts. I think it needs a lot of modification. It performs well only at heavy news days. The rest of the days the performance is bad. Also its very broker depended. For example It works good with armada and exness but it doesnt work with hotforex, thinkforex etc. Also i am almost sure that the live performance will be worse, but the fact that it works with pending orders is positive.Maybe with some modification we can make it better, because it seems that for now its not profitable unless you use it only with certain brokers and only during high volatility news

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Here's the new FapTurbo Ichimoku.It's un-educated.Enjoy! /JDM

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Hi,in one arabic forum I find this simple system, for EUR/USD and more:maurizio

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I Found this ea in Russian Fourm it will work profitable in GBP/USD M1

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Vi enclose this expert find the setting mile to make profitable in real. Thank you

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i want to share this expert.it's tested on eurusd 15M, but it can work with other pair  

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forward test on GU M5      

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Hi posting new Aladdin 7 FX Pro version. As not tried yet please post your results and comments.ТF: М15EURUSDGBPUSDUSDCHF  

Hey guys,I'm posting this thread as some inspiration for aspiring programmers and developers. First and foremost, I want everyone to know, I have nothing to sell, and I am not looking for clients. This is for informational purposes only.I've been working on an EA since September 2011, and it looks like it's almost ready to demo, then roll out to my fund.Let me explain what you're looking at. This strategy trades 28 currency pairs separately so I couldn't exactly post 28 backtests - rather, I compiled them in Excel to show you the important statistics. I do a lot of my work in Excel anyways, so it?s easier.When I set out to build this EA, it had to satisfy several conditions:1. It had to work with any and every pair.2. It had to be scalable (work with $multi-million accounts)3. It had to be adaptable to market changes.Now I know the list above sounds ridiculous to most as it is essentially what everyone is looking for. But after a thousand hours of programming and testing, I feel like I've satisfied those conditions.I will not provide details about my strategy, but I will tell you I only use price action.It utilizes a very rudimentary single-step artificial intelligence for determining exits. This can be observed in the "Risk Adjusted Equity" line; it basically ?learns? as it goes and automatically re-optimizes every 24 hours.These results are in pips. Yes, you read correctly, pips. Adjusted for risk, my simulation shows over 200,000 pips in less than a month. I have re-checked these calculations several times and to the best of my knowledge and skills it is mathematically correct give or take a 5% error. The results are based on a 2-pip fixed spread, which is too optimistic, I know, but it?s just an example. The entries are based on M5 bars. I assume if I lower the Timeframe to M1, it will be quite worse.I ran a rough draft of this on a demo for 2 days and returned 12,551 pips (arbitrarymax spread of 5 pips). A screenshot of my myfxbook is attached. Please note there were over 1400 trades, though. I need to make it more efficient by combining orders wherever possible.So, as many of you know, and as you can tell from my ?Thanks,? I try to help out and provide as much information as I can because I like this forum, so I will reiterate ? I?m not selling anything.I would love to be able to share this with you, but as I?m sure you can understand, I?ve spent 6 months of my life on this and it will remain private. I just want to show everyone the power of an EA, when you ignore the bullshit Marketing crap you see online! I urge those of you who have a true passion for this to learn to program so you can build your own strategy.    

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A very good expert I found on another forum. EU H1  

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my latest EA fabrication ;-)we use:- Heiken Ashi and Range-Bars for Stoporders- indicators from 4indicators EA for StandardordersEURUSD - M5enjoy  

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Hello !this ea work in 15m.i share it with my set in this pairs:eurusd,gbpusd,usdjpy  

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Championship best EA -AvoitenkoWorking on EURUSD M5Based on break outs on H1 patterns ,adding pending stop orders above/bellow-jigh/low, trading with trailing stop at break outs.Tested also in 2011,2012 and i confirm that is profitable EA for many years!All greetings to Avoitenko-RussiaEnjoy  

I found this EA in other forum ( most of you probably know which forum!)It looks promising. I am testing forward in demo.If some one ( Thanks in advance) can modify it a little bit in the code then i think it will be more safer with lower DD.Here is my thought.1. Exteriorize the magic number, so that it can be attached to same currency with different setting ( to limit DD). This one will be critical, so it will not confuse with the order placed by the some EA in same currency but in different chart. For example I want to attach it to GBPUSD by 2 gomo_buy's and GBPUSD by 2 gomo_sell's.2.Add a new variable of pipstep multiplier (or range multiplier).3. (Optional and i am not sure whether it will work or not ) Add trailing profit towards the trend. I dont know whether the following thing is good stategy or not.For example If take profit hit, then trail another 1/3rd of TP and add a new order towards the trend before closing the previous profitable order. It the price retrace then close the forward trend busket with a minimum profit of the original order. If trend goes favorable then open another towards the trend order and continue trailing and again if the price retrace close the trade with minimum TPs of previous orders. I think this is the way to minimize the countertrend martingale orders. This will also Hedge the countertrend busket orders.With this modification I think we will be able to find right optimization for each currency with little DD. I will keep u updated with my forward testing result after this modification ( at least first 2 modification)   Lets start!

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hi people, i modified this old ea and so far so good. Capella once told me that old eas are oy worth it. I have used this ea over a year now thats why i keep pressing on people to join me and use it. the strategy tester i attached is from 1999 till today. If you wnt the ea, just download it. Use it one either 5m or 1m tf but preferrably 5m.It makes at least 70pips daily depending on the market trend that day. Put in more than 2 charts for maximal gainStrategy Tester Report100 pips v3SIG-Demo.com (Build 418)Symbol EURUSD (Euro vs US Dollar)Period 5 Minutes (M5) 2012.03.20 12:30 - 2012.05.01 23:55 (1999.05.02 - 2012.05.02)Model Every tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)Parameters stopLoss=50; lTakeProfit=20; sTakeProfit=15; lTrailingStop=12; sTrailingStop=13; clOpenBuy=Blue; clCloseBuy=Aqua; clOpenSell=Red; clCloseSell=Violet; clModiBuy=Blue; clModiSell=Red; Name_Expert="100 pips"; Slippage=2; UseSound=true; NameFileSound="shotgun.wav"; Lots=100;Bars in test 8864 Ticks modelled 213745 Modelling quality 66.69%Mismatched charts errors 7Initial deposit 1000000.00Total net profit 425360.00 Gross profit 439390.00 Gross loss -14030.00Profit factor 31.32 Expected payoff 12889.70Absolute drawdown 41000.00 Maximal drawdown 246130.00 (18.74%) Relative drawdown 18.74% (246130.00)Total trades 33 Short positions (won %) 14 (100.00%) Long positions (won %) 19 (89.47%)Profit trades (% of total) 31 (93.94%) Loss trades (% of total) 2 (6.06%)Largest profit trade 20000.00 loss trade -14000.00Average profit trade 14173.87 loss trade -7015.00Maximum consecutive wins (profit in money) 23 (299400.00) consecutive losses (loss in money) 1 (-14000.00)Maximal consecutive profit (count of wins) 299400.00 (23) consecutive loss (count of losses) -14000.00 (1)Average consecutive wins 16 consecutive losses 133 100.0

Hi all,I've been using a mannual scalping system, running either on M5 or M15 with quite good profit. However, it requires very fast actions .I would like to share the system here and looking for someone to help me code it into fully automated EA.1. System type: Scalping2. Time frame: M5 or M153. Currency pairs: all - but recommend low spread pairs4. Indicators used:- Bollinger Bands (3 band for different deviation)- Money Flow Index- Market range filter and trend detection- Candle reversal confirmationKey rules:- Trade on M5 or M15- Trade when price is within first 2 BB, and there is a candle reversal confirmation signal; do not trade when price exceed first 2 BB and reach 3 BB (as it starts to be breakout)- Sell only when trend (at least M30 is down), Buy when trend M30 is up- Enter order in range market (ie. asia session, with low range under 25 pips)- TP around MA- Short trailing might be used to extend possible profit- Using Buy/Sell stop to avoid sudden spike- Would be great if this can be integrated with some slope indicator to follow trend for safer trade (like when M30 is up, EA open only buy order when there is signal for buy option)I've been using this method for mannual trade with good suceess but it is very tired to manage all orders.Pls see attached image for further idea of this system. Trade results are on Instaforex with 3 fixed spreads (very hard to scalp, right); 1 insta lot = 1/10 standard market lot.    

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Respected sir please decompile this eaThis is milion dolor robotthis will make 1000$ to 1lack$ in one yearthis is demo ver of eaPlease decompile this