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The close price of the current candle is compared with the previous candle in TimeFrame M30 to detect the trend. The ATR value in TimeFrame M1 indicates if the volatility is enough to open trades.      

You can login to see this EA performance for live result(non-stop)Broker: FBS-Real-2Acc no: 1132152Investor password: syarief1234Broker: FortFS-RealAcc no: 453376Investor password: syarief1234Broker: XM.COM-Real 9Acc no: 13614008Investor password: syarief1234If there any of your friends or relatives who trade at any capital but always MC, please introduce this EA to them.Our only goals is 'Trade, profit, withdraw, withdraw, withdraw.'For newbies(same like me), please forward test in demo account first, okay, at least a week.Follow tightly all the MM rules.Make yourself understand first on how this ea is working, then only execute it into a real account.The EA can be The Most Profitable & The Most Robust money machine , in the world as long as keep discipline and not greedy.However, it can make your account MC in 3 hours if not follow the rules.Please try it yourself. EA has no limitations and no expiry date.Update your browser to use Google Drive - Drive Helpyou must using cent account 1000$ =100000 centORyour minimum deposit must be 5000$This is for version 1.27 & 1.36..Multiplier type:Insane = x2Very high risk = x1.7High risk = x1.6Medium risk = x1.5Low risk = x1.4Very low risk = x1.3Safe = x1.2goodluck

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I bought this EA but it don't make the same profit as claimed by the seller. I am sharing this with you guys. Its a unlimited version without any restrictionsEnjoy.Pair EU, GU, UJTF 5m

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Hello, I have this EA that use Correlation between 2 pairs.I have tested this EA for 3 days in Demo and EA make profit, EA close orders when there is a profit for example of 10 points from Correlation of 2 pairs. I used EURUSD and USDCHF where correlation is about 95%, if 1 lose the other win.I don't load image with results because I have closed a lot of trades manually for testing EA.EA has MaxSpread parameter and Commission parameter for each pair: If MaxSpread=20 and Commission=5, the max spread on any pair is 15 pointsI set TakeProfit=10 where EA close orders when there is a profit of 10 points from Correlation of both pairs, and StopLoss=0, I don't know if could be good or bad to set StopLoss=0 for this Correlation.

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This ea use many strategies inside, u can pick one of them.     this ea have news filter from forexfactory calendar, so this ea can set off before and after news.EA setting Parameter     dont forget to click allow dll import     by default is using reversal system on fibonacci retracement level.1. open sellstop if market break fibonacci 76.4%2. open buystop if market break fibonacci 23.6%       u can try to develop your own setting strategy..note : i must add expiry date to avoid ea seller,..

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Hi people,Ok, so I am back with a new EA for everyone to try. Same rules as last time with a couple of differences. This EA can only be traded on a demo account but it has no expiry so test it as long as you like. When/ or if you want to trade it on a real account, I will expect you to open an account with me as Introducing Broker.It is an offspring of the CF trend trader, but I have removed the trend function, so it was no longer appropriate to leave it as part of the previous thread.Ok, the basic entry is based on simple RSI & stochastics. If the trade runs to profit great. If not, the losing trade is cost-averaged until it reaches profit. The big difference is that we trade only currencies and directions that result in positive swap(interest). That way, you can leave the trade open forever and it will still produce money.I believe this will be a good long term EA....don't expect hundreds of percent per year but I think you will see better than average with reasonable drawdowns. Default settings are ok to use and are recommended unless your testing shows otherwise.Use on a single EURUSD M15 chart. The ea will select the currencies for trading based on available swaps.The settings are :-MagicNumberDo_NOT_Trade = ""..................here you enter any specific pairs you do not want to trade. Format is enclosed in quotations separated by a comma with no spaces.Use_Average_Swap = true;Swap_Factor = 5;Min_Swap = 0.0;For this EA to be interesting and to reduce drawdowns, we must select currencies that produce best swaps. These 3 settings do that. You have the option to enter a minimum swap for a pair...set Use_Average_Swap to false and enter your minimum swap.If you set Use_Average_Swap to true, the EA adds up all the positive swap and divides it by the number of available symbols. Because the high swaps skewer the results, I have used a Swap_Factor to reduce this number to a more balanced level. The higher the Swap_Factor, the lower your average swap will be and the more pairs you will have for trading. You will also have higher drawdowns. Experiment at will.Cease Making NEW tradesUse bargaining Stop-OrdersPending Order Life(min 900)Initial_Lots = 0.04;Lot_Exponent = 1.0;Pip_Step_Factor = 5;TP_ATR = 2;Allow correlated tradesRelative Lotszize for Correlated TradesMax cost averaging tradesEquity Stoploss in percentTrade Factor Higher = more tradesNo trading from 15 Dec to 15 JanText_ColorMax_Expire = 1;Expire_Timeout = 7200;Debug = true;Most of the settings are self explanatory. I have also included as swap calculation script to help you find the brokers with the best swap. Just drop it on any chart and it will pop up with a message box giving a swap score. This is simply all the positive swap that the broker offers. Pepperstone is just over 2000 and IC Markets around 2400. It is a crude mechnism and proves nothing but it is a start.UPDATE 12/08/2017 Swap Trader V1.21Update v1.21 is now uploaded. Changes includeRevised money management. You now select absolute trade size and money management will increase trade size as EQUITY grows.Attention paid to data download. I have has some events where trades were made on indicators that had no data(returns 0 which is interpreted as oversold). The EA will now initialise data download whenever it is started and it also inspects indicator output before accepting data for trade.Good trading

The EA is avalaible on internet, after many and many test I found my best risk reward set (conservative)3 test and .set file are in the zip  

Brokers:AnyAccount:ECNMinimum Funds:$5000+Profit:$200+(daily)Pairs:30Chart:M1Account:2089725545Investor Passowrd:xyz888Server:Tickmill-DemoUK    

EA Profit V10 Trader (Full Version 2014), EA Profit V9 Traderplease test this expert1- EA Profit V10 Trader (Full Version 2014)2- EA Profit V9 Traderthank you

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I bought this EA from Japan Site because I live in Japan. Please try to understand.Profit 20,932 yenRate of return (All Time) 24.8 %Recommended Margin 84,334 yenWinning percentage 77.65 %Profit factor 3.22Maximum holdings Number of Positions 4Risk reward ratio 0.78Maximum draw-down 19.03 %Account balance 1,020,932 yenInitial amount 1,000,000 yenRevenue includes -148 yenCurrency Yen   Sorry for my English

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RedEyeECN v5.20found some EA , its said that RedEyeECN is cracked version from 1350$ cost EA....Backtest with 99.9% modeling quality looks so interesting.

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i've got RedEye EA ( cracked one ) from a friend ,Confirmed Profitable ( so far ), Unlocked RedEye v5.20EURCHF,EURGBP and EURUSD H1 only.Price Action Scalper.good result with Tickmill, Vipro, ICM , Pepperstone..all broker with GMT +3.GMT Offset sensitive EA, make sure set the GMt offset correctly...this EA claimed better thanEA BOSS and EA EVOSS

*** HEADSHOT Free Version ***I hope we use real EA not fake. if you need EA for Real Account. NO File set,EA trade base new Grid Martingale theory. this for long-term Profit3%-5% / monthsForword Account : more than 1 years !!bit.ly/HeadShot100Impportant** :- use in MT4- Attach it every graph every Timeframe- trade EURUSD Only- uncondition- You must use the XM Broker only.- For micro type- Not For Sale !!!- limits Date 2019-06-30**If it is illegal, you can delete the post.Just thank you

Hello there,I've tested this EA and the results are too good to be true. It has no limitations, expiration etc....The person who gave this to me, needed to test it with 99% data quality (TickDataSuite) :1.variable spread2.delay execution from 100-300 ms average3. 1:5004.slippageFrom my tests worth mentioning :- LOW DD- NO Matringale, NO Grid- It survived Brexit in 2017 in the tests.- It Hedges and closes partially the losing orders and keeps opened the winning ones following the trend.I asked for aditional info but he did not get back to me.I wish it had Risk Managment when the balance grows, so does the lot so it could be more profitable.Anyone know this EA or does have more info aboout it ? This is the main reason im not going live with it.2015 - 2018 Results below and attached is the whole test i made.If u have TickDataSuite u can test it yourself.- Balance 200 USD- Lot 0.01  

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  GRID has the following minimum deposit requirements:- Safe mode $3000 ($300 for micro and $30 for cent accounts)- Normal mode $2000 ($200 for micro and $20 for cent accounts)- Aggressive mode $1000 ($100 for micro and $10 for cent accounts) Focus on EURUSD Good profitability Drawdown control Compatibility with any MT4 broker

Hi everyone Here's one of my EA for you all but let me explain what the SyTLAS project is all about...This EA considers the 28 Forex pairs has a whole where each trade is part of a global position. This gives a higher level of understanding of market dynamics because everything is connected. First, the EA analyzes the position of 100 Moving Averages and the spread between them and the last quote. It's trying to spot the moment where trend is about to reverse and when it's done, acts accordingly.As trades pile on each others, a story is being whispered and some logic finally emerges. The EA correlates every trades between them and closes some in order to stay neutral. You read it well : SyTLAS is always trying to stay neutral ! But by doing so, and because markets are inefficient at the smaller timeframes, it manages to accumulate currency units. Basically, SyTLAS doesn't try to win. Money is just a byproduct of its work...Coding this has been quiet difficult but I think I'm finally getting what I was looking for.INSTALLATION Put the EA in your \MQL5\Experts\ folder. Be sure to have the 28 pairs in your "Market Watch" section. Load it on ONLY ONE M1 CHART of your choice. Default presets are the good ones. Enjoy !

Virtual trailing may exhibit stop-loss, take profit and trailing order so that the feet are not visible to the broker, i.e. they are exposed not in the dealing center, and on your computer, and no one other than your computer and you are not able to see your plans.In addition to invisibility, there is still a very useful thing: many brokers are very large spreads and stop levels installation, so now these levels can not hurt you, Advisor just ignores them.The stop-loss and take-profit, I think everything is clear. I describe only the trailing .trailing is controlled by three variables:the length of the trailing ;minimum profit for the start;trailing step.Virtual stop loss reaches the price at the distance of the length of the trailing . Minimum income - this is when     note:Virtual order work with tick,so you must be always connect to serverExample:length = 5 trailingminimum profit for start = 2step trailing = 3When the order reaches the profit of 7 points, a virtual stop loss moves to the opening price of the order plus 2 points minimum profit. Further, if the price will be 3 points towards profit, stop-loss will be moved to 5 pips and so on the price at a distance of 5 points. When you roll back prices to the level of the stop order will be closed.Stops trailing is indicated by dotted lines.Further refinement plan to make the possibility of moving the line by hand, so that you can adjust the feet during operation. Also, the plans include revision number of orders. Now the correct operation of the trailing is only possible if the order 1 each way. But despite this, the trailing will not close losing positions, even if exposed to a few orders in each direction.For easy and quick understanding advisor can set it to the tester, and there in the imaging mode, to see his work.

Timeframe: M1Trading Time: 17:00 to 12:00 GMTCurrency Pairs: AllBest Results With: EUR/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, EUR/CHF-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Need to use both EA's on each trading pair.Scalper has the following minimum deposit requirements for each trading pair:- Safe mode $5000 ($500 for micro and $50 for cent accounts)- Normal mode $3000 ($300 for micro and $30 for cent accounts)- Aggressive mode $2000 ($200 for micro and $20 for cent accounts)  

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EURUSD M5 (its not scalper)Stop Loss from 15 - 25 pips relativeTake Profit from 20-50 pips relativeMost of you know well Pro Bot, but no one i think have this results on M5 Timeframe!90% or 99.9% mod quality will give you similar results, but ill ask kindly who can test with 99%Wish you many profits !