Extreme Spike Indicator with Non Repaint Option

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I used the Extreme Spike Indicator on the GBP/USD setup. How I use is it I wait for a Spike Low to form then trade in its direction to the upside as you can see this methods work but the indicator does repaint even though you enabled the non repaint option but the repainting has been reduced by this feature when enabled but I still think a filter is needed in order not to just trade the spikes low or high blindly so if someone has a better way to add to this indicator as a filter it would be really great as this indicator has a potential

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Posted By samgibbs : 16 July, 2020
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Here's an interesting indicator. It's valuable as a general oscillator but have also noticed is gives powerful divergence signals as well. Obviously looking back they are easier seen in hindsight than real time but it could give conformation if a breakout move is a continuation move or a false break out.  

This special candlestick indicator is trend following in nature. It draws bullish and bearish candlesticks on any currency chart. This is a great indicator to find lower-risk price entries in an existing trend.   Trading Signals Buy: Wait for the first green candlestick. Sell: Wait for the first pink candlestick. Use in conjunction with other trading indicators.   Indicator Preferences Currency pairs: anyPreferred Time frames: anySessions: Any   Configurable Indicator Options Colors   GBP/USD 1 Hour Chart Example  

What is Xcode and what is it for?This tool has been popular with traders since its inception. Externally graphically simple and understandable, it refers to a group of trend indicators. Xcode has all the properties that are characteristic of the tools of this group. The algorithm of its work uses the principle of the moving average. At the same time, it differs from its trendy "colleagues" with special properties: it does not lag and does not redraw its indicators.All the information displayed on the screen does not change - it remains on the graph. This is very convenient from a practical point of view. Thanks to Xcode, the trader always sees the moment of trend direction change on time. Experienced traders agree that all signals of this indicator are highly reliable. But at the same time, they note that to select the right entry point to the market for this tool alone is not enough.

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