Forex Money Manager

EA Trailing Stop


Forex money manager is an ea (expert advisor). This is a great support for every trader becouse just need to manually open the trade and forex money manager EA will do the rest.



    set take profit,
    set stop loss,
    moves breakeven,
    shows essential informations on the screen,
    change price for stop loss and take profit,
    stop and limit orders , directly from the chart.

Forex Money manager ea (expert advisor):
works on 4 and 5 digits Brokers;
cuistomizable percent scaling out;
account type (account micro, mini and standard);
scaling out;
trailing stop loss when pips profits is reached;
set breakeven for locks profit,
auto stop loss based on ATR calculations.

This Forex Money Manager ea (expert advisor) is very simple and is a great friend for the trader. 


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Posted By antwanbedgood : 31 August, 2020
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I found this EA in other forum ( most of you probably know which forum!)It looks promising. I am testing forward in demo.If some one ( Thanks in advance) can modify it a little bit in the code then i think it will be more safer with lower DD.Here is my thought.1. Exteriorize the magic number, so that it can be attached to same currency with different setting ( to limit DD). This one will be critical, so it will not confuse with the order placed by the some EA in same currency but in different chart. For example I want to attach it to GBPUSD by 2 gomo_buy's and GBPUSD by 2 gomo_sell's.2.Add a new variable of pipstep multiplier (or range multiplier).3. (Optional and i am not sure whether it will work or not ) Add trailing profit towards the trend. I dont know whether the following thing is good stategy or not.For example If take profit hit, then trail another 1/3rd of TP and add a new order towards the trend before closing the previous profitable order. It the price retrace then close the forward trend busket with a minimum profit of the original order. If trend goes favorable then open another towards the trend order and continue trailing and again if the price retrace close the trade with minimum TPs of previous orders. I think this is the way to minimize the countertrend martingale orders. This will also Hedge the countertrend busket orders.With this modification I think we will be able to find right optimization for each currency with little DD. I will keep u updated with my forward testing result after this modification ( at least first 2 modification)   Lets start!

Back v1 is an automated trading system (Passages automatic trading orders, positions and risk management, money management ...).The transactions can be fully automated and tradées by a trading robot: Expert Advisor or EA.An expert advisor or EA is a program or trading software that automatically enters the transaction, according to certain rules and allowing to market without the intervention of the trader.An expert advisor or EA is able to analyze in real time the current situation and determine the direction of the trend to make a decision and negotiate on the financial markets.To design an expert advisor that allows to realize the long-term benefit, we must establish and comply with strict rules and use adequate and functional architecture for the passage of orders and managements mistakes.The robot back v1 opens a position at a fixed time with limit orders framing the prices.EA Back v1 works with all Forex pairs and graphics optimizing parametersThe basic logic of the strategy of the stock robot Back v1. At 9:00 p.m.. Place an order sell by 25 pips above the opening price. At a distance of 5 pips above the previous order, a new order limit of sale with the same volume is placed. The operation is repeated up to n times. Place a limit order to buy 25 pips below the opening price. At a distance of 5 pips below the previous order, a new order purchase limit with the same volume is placed. The operation is repeated up to n times. All orders are automatically triggered not supprimmés after 4:00Currency EUR / USD (euro / US dollar)Session Trading         Time frame / time unit UT: 4:00 H4    

hi people, i modified this old ea and so far so good. Capella once told me that old eas are oy worth it. I have used this ea over a year now thats why i keep pressing on people to join me and use it. the strategy tester i attached is from 1999 till today. If you wnt the ea, just download it. Use it one either 5m or 1m tf but preferrably 5m.It makes at least 70pips daily depending on the market trend that day. Put in more than 2 charts for maximal gainStrategy Tester Report100 pips (Build 418)Symbol EURUSD (Euro vs US Dollar)Period 5 Minutes (M5) 2012.03.20 12:30 - 2012.05.01 23:55 (1999.05.02 - 2012.05.02)Model Every tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)Parameters stopLoss=50; lTakeProfit=20; sTakeProfit=15; lTrailingStop=12; sTrailingStop=13; clOpenBuy=Blue; clCloseBuy=Aqua; clOpenSell=Red; clCloseSell=Violet; clModiBuy=Blue; clModiSell=Red; Name_Expert="100 pips"; Slippage=2; UseSound=true; NameFileSound="shotgun.wav"; Lots=100;Bars in test 8864 Ticks modelled 213745 Modelling quality 66.69%Mismatched charts errors 7Initial deposit 1000000.00Total net profit 425360.00 Gross profit 439390.00 Gross loss -14030.00Profit factor 31.32 Expected payoff 12889.70Absolute drawdown 41000.00 Maximal drawdown 246130.00 (18.74%) Relative drawdown 18.74% (246130.00)Total trades 33 Short positions (won %) 14 (100.00%) Long positions (won %) 19 (89.47%)Profit trades (% of total) 31 (93.94%) Loss trades (% of total) 2 (6.06%)Largest profit trade 20000.00 loss trade -14000.00Average profit trade 14173.87 loss trade -7015.00Maximum consecutive wins (profit in money) 23 (299400.00) consecutive losses (loss in money) 1 (-14000.00)Maximal consecutive profit (count of wins) 299400.00 (23) consecutive loss (count of losses) -14000.00 (1)Average consecutive wins 16 consecutive losses 133 100.0

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