Forex Set and Forget Expert Advisor

 1. Open a chart with the currency pair of your choice. If you use a pair that has any two of (CHF EUR GBP JPY USD) then you will find a Preset File included for that pair. Otherwise you will have to optimize for your chosen pair. (see Optimizing PDF file)
 2. Set the chart to H4 (4-hour) timeframe.
 3. Find "Forex Set and Forget" in the Navigator window under "Expert Advisors".
 4. Click and drag "Forex Set and Forget" onto your H4 chart. This will bring up a dialog for configuring the EA. 
 5. In the "Common" tab, make sure that "Allow live trading" is checked. Also make sure that "Allow import of external ''experts" is also checked.
 6. Click the "Inputs" tab then click the "Load" button to load one of the preconfigured Preset Files.
 7. You will see a folder called "forex-set-and-forget". Double-click this folder and you will see Preset Files for several pairs.
 8. Select the file that matches the currency pair in your chart. If your currency pair does not appear in the folder then you will need to optimize for your pair (See Optimizing PDF file).
 9. Once your file is selected, click "Open" then click "OK".


That's it! If your chart has a frowny face then click the "Expert Advisors" button on your toolbar to enable your EA.


The Forex Set and Forget Expert Advisor. This includes...


. Preset files for live trading major currency pairs. 
These are located in a folder named "forex-set-and-forget".


. Preset file for optimizing and back testing. 
This file is called "forex-set-and-forget" and can be loaded into the Strategy Tester for optimizing. 


. The ameLib Custom Library 
This library is used by Forex Set and Forget, and can be used in your own Expert Advisors


. AME Expert template 
Use this to create your own Expert Advisors that utilize the functionality of the ameLib Custom Library


. AME Support Resistance Custom Indicator
This is used by Forex Set and Forget to help find entry/exit signals, and can be plotted on your own charts or used in your own Expert Advisors.


+ The ameLib Custom Library documentation (PDF)


+ Guide for Optimizing the EA for live trading (PDF)


+ Detailed description of EA Parameters and how they are used (PDF)

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Posted By michaelscott : 31 August, 2020
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Hi everybody !I test this EA on tester and demo account and take good result! please take a look and tell me their comments ...EA work on EUR/USD H1 H4.

Hello, I created this EA last year.It shows good performance in backtest 10years with 99.99% history data.This is not scalping EA, it holds days to months.Note: NOT FOR REAL ACCOUNT. FORWARD TEST AND BACKTEST ONLY.If you insist to use real account. Your capital is at risk.2 version of NZDUSD, one is safer and others higher risk with martingale. Try it or you can modify it yourself for free no expiration.      

The Expert Advisor based on the "New Trading Dimensions" book by Bill Williams.The code was written for real trading. There is an error processing and fixing function, intellectual lot adjustment. The operation of the EA is decently commented. Two types of the signals: classic and pending. The type of the signal depends on the mutual arrangement of the Alligator lines.Filter=30, Gator_Div_slow=250, Gator_Div_fast=150 — the estimated value for the H4 chart (each pair requires optimization). Recommended timeframe — hourly and above.Buy at the breakthrough of the fractal above the Alligator's teeth. Sell at the breakthrough of the fractal below the Alligator's teeth. Trailing stop at the red line of the Alligator, as well as the fractals. Holds only one position. Pyramiding (as in the book) is not used. It works with 5-digit quotes only!

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