FxShare Scalping Strategy System v1.4

Tifeframe M1, M5, M15, H1
Eur/Usd and posibly other
Small deposit


Test it and comment



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Posted By kimwynn : 31 August, 2020
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Platform : Metatrader 4The Script will close determined percent of current opened orders on current chart symbol symbol or all symbols according to parameters .Script Settings :CloseAllSymbols : if true then script will close all orders when script enabled on any chart .PercentToClose : lot percent to close , if 100% then script will close all order lots.Happy trading    

Hi all,I've been using a mannual scalping system, running either on M5 or M15 with quite good profit. However, it requires very fast actions .I would like to share the system here and looking for someone to help me code it into fully automated EA.1. System type: Scalping2. Time frame: M5 or M153. Currency pairs: all - but recommend low spread pairs4. Indicators used:- Bollinger Bands (3 band for different deviation)- Money Flow Index- Market range filter and trend detection- Candle reversal confirmationKey rules:- Trade on M5 or M15- Trade when price is within first 2 BB, and there is a candle reversal confirmation signal; do not trade when price exceed first 2 BB and reach 3 BB (as it starts to be breakout)- Sell only when trend (at least M30 is down), Buy when trend M30 is up- Enter order in range market (ie. asia session, with low range under 25 pips)- TP around MA- Short trailing might be used to extend possible profit- Using Buy/Sell stop to avoid sudden spike- Would be great if this can be integrated with some slope indicator to follow trend for safer trade (like when M30 is up, EA open only buy order when there is signal for buy option)I've been using this method for mannual trade with good suceess but it is very tired to manage all orders.Pls see attached image for further idea of this system. Trade results are on Instaforex with 3 fixed spreads (very hard to scalp, right); 1 insta lot = 1/10 standard market lot.    

a new automatic adviser “Medeo” by Sabit Dosaev. MT4 terminal. Universal Bot. Scalping, medium term, long term. Cross pairs 4 main. Timeframe from the M5-D1. Deposit from 1000 cents to $ 10,000. The highest profit on a pair of euro bucks timeframe M15. Based on 3 indicators. It takes into account the psychology of the crowd and major players. Stop los and breakeven and of course trailing stop. Profitability on Alpari quotes for 5 years up to $ 1,600,000,000 from a deposit of 10,000. The adviser is classic but at the same time hedges his open orders opening new and multidirectional ones depending on the market situation. Advisor created in two versions. Option 1 Auto MM. That allows you to grow the deposit hundreds and thousands of times with moderate risk. Option 2 for lovers of risky trading with the martingale function. We set the maximum lot size ourselves in the settings. And having reached his adviser stops trading.

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