Keltner EA Version 3

Dear Friends in Journeyforex, I am back again with yet another release from me, Now this time, its 100% profitable and making a monthly returns of 20% minimum with low risk. I am posting the EA in this for you and just follow the instructions. Use it for your accounts and Enjoy ! you will not be disappointed.

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1. Keltner Channels Indicator [ Copy this File into Indicators Folder of MT4 datafolder ]

2. KeltnerVersion 3 EA [ Copy this File into Experts Folder of MT4 datafolder ]

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Posted By antwanbedgood : 18 July, 2020
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The Moving Average indicator data is used for trading. If the price goes away from the Moving Average by a certain number of points, then an order is placed in the direction of the Moving Average line.   The EA can make profit, but only a small one. It also requires a large deposit.

I create this thread to tell you guys how this Portfolio EA is a BIG SCAMThe EA has a very good looking MyFxBook, it seems really to be an amazing robot !BUTthere is a catch....The seller is a big scammer that uses an exploit of the MyFxBook website :What you need to look at is ABS Gainbecause ABS Gain is the returns over deposits. That means that the EA made 0.04 % since the beginning !but how can he have such a great Growth curve ? Well that's simple :1) he opens trades randomly : some closes in profit and others go into drawdown2) he let the ones in drawdown opened, and move the SL away as it comes close to it (i've witnessed it)3) the growth is good because he closes a lot of orders in profit so the Balance is good, but the Equity is really bad : the opened orders cancel all the profit: that's why the Balance chart is private. Guys son't look at growth but rather look at the Balance charts when you wanna choose a signal.4) on his YT videos, he never show opened orders, and i asked the author to show me a screenshot : he never produced one.this is an intricate and rather smart SCAM but a SCAM nonetheless...stay away from it

Currency Pairs:EURUSDEURGBPEURCHFUSDCADGBPCHFType: ScalperTimeframe: M15

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