Have a test of this expert..
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Posted By antwanbedgood : 30 August, 2020
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I have currently 2 EA using now. Maybe you find that EA here for free but sadly i bought it and studied a lot the perfect pair and settings and timeframe with some tweaks during news and market open. I know no EA is perfect thats why we need to monitor our open trades anytime. I am selling my knowledge of settings and the EA also. Dont worry i dont sell it in big amounts. Please email me to buy it. [email protected] accountsLogin: 2000034253Server: icmarkets live 20Pw: [email protected](This is TR EA full version)Login: 1800059515Server: icmarkets live18Pw: [email protected](This is Scalper EA)    

Force Aggressor EA working with aggressive strategy and have extremely accurate algorithm!EA working by pyramid trading strategy. (Buy and Sell). Unique strategy of EA can Increase your deposit several times a month, or several dozen times a year!Force Aggressor EA use specially designed indicators which are embedded inside the robot. Trading results are incredibly good.Recommended pair are GBP/USD.(Also working with other currency pairs.)Force Aggressor EA requires use the M30 or Daily time frame only.

Picked up from another forum.Works with Alpari demo and maybe with no stoploss limit brokers.Very simple scalping EA, no Indicators. Logic is based on very fast price movements. But needs to be better programmed and optimized.It keeps updating BuyStop and SellStop orders with each price movements.And when the market becomes highly volatile it won't get a chance to get updated quick... which means its get buggy when very fast price movement in one of the directions i.e 10-15 pips movement.Stop Loss should be adjusted to 5-7 pips ( if broker allowed)Works fine on Alpari US.Thanks

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