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This is a martingale EA, however it uses multiple strategies and it is not an instant hedge. So you don't have any leftover counter trend trades open to kill you as martingales usually do.
Do not restart MT4 while Fx Magic Robot is running. It will not recognize it's own trades. You will need to close all trades and restart the robot if your MT4 crashes or if you close MT4.
Here is new updated version only use these settings:

Don,t change any setting if you have 1000 usd .

If your balance is 2000 usd then set option fast2 true

If your balance is 3000 usd then set option fast3 true.

Don't change lot size if your balance is blow 5000 usd.

If deposit above 5000 USD then change lot size 0.02 and all fast option true





TIMEFARME 15m Any Pairs Eurusd gbpus EurGbp Ect..
NEW -->Fx Magic Robot-Update<------->Special Thanks to
Paul A<-------

Live Account:

Account # 7061096
Password. [email protected]
Account # 7058738
Password. suriawa%100
Account # 7058665
Password. sylt&mino







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Posted By michaeloliver : 28 July, 2020
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Hihere is a new martingale strategy. But it has tight SLs, that don't have other EAs (most of them)the EA crashes the same but i think if you're into martingales, one with SL is better than one with none.and it has MM.EU H1 works fine but the lower timeframe you descend, the higher the returns (and the risk of course).be careful, it's martingale : stay away froim news + best traded at night          

Hello, 3 weeks ago I started using this EA live. I used 0.01 lots with 5$ take profit (secure profit). I started with $100 on GBPUSD. The EA reached $164 then it lost everything. Emily EA is not very smart, it opens only buy orders without any indicator. On backtest it was very successful but it had some account blows. I checked it and it seems that it blows accounts only when tick data is missing. The max level of lost positions on backtest is 4. What do you think about this EA, and is it worth trying it again with 200$ investment (because it actually needs $200 start money for the 4 level loss + the margin)?Thank you.P.S. It`s grid martingale    

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