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Continuing the theme of the modification indicator ay-MarketProfile , which has carried out a respected Picasso is .
Since I do not trade in arms, I decided to test the robot sketch. However, the source code is not. Read the same objects from the chart did not want to, because in this case the advisor work could be observed only in the visualization mode. I had to climb in the original source code and make your modifications. Spread indicator and advisor. The latter is not intended to trade in the form in which made. Just to test the effectiveness indicator. Since spread all open source, anyone can finished to fit your needs. In both modules a signal is generated at the touch of the price trend line, but the objects need not be on the graph, touch is calculated through the equation. This allows to test experts not only in visualization mode. You can even optimize (but without fanaticism).
In fashion Picasso I do not understand the interest, according to which the filter is made. I can only guess that there is a - the oscillator, since the border is quite specific interest - of 70 and 30. It looks at the RSI levels or something else like that. I made filters using the same Stochastic RSI.



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Posted By michaeloliver : 23 July, 2020
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