MT4 Professional Color Templates

modern and retro charts themes from well-known platforms:

CQG QTrader Livesquawk
CQG QTrader Market Tutors
CQG QTrader Prop Desk
eSignal Platform
Multicharts Platform
Optionshouse Futures Platform
Sierra Chart Platform
Think Or Swim Platform
Thomson Reuters 4.44 Platform
TradeStation 1989 colour scheme
TradeStation 1994 colour scheme
TradeStation 1998 colour scheme
Tradingview Blue
Xtrader Classic
Xtrader Dark
Xtrader Modern

London Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange
Australian Stock Exchange
Tokyo Stock Exchange
Singapore Stock Exchange


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Posted By rodneyevans : 22 July, 2020
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Here is volume indicator which is based on individual range (just shift the blue line for the start period and then refresh). when you select wide range you will see potential big volume levels. great thing to catch nice support/resistance areas.  

This is my own indicator. (no repaint)BUY:1. blue line upper red line (trend up).2. candle cross lower dot line (lower band) and close up this dot line with bull candle.SELL:1. blue line below red line (trend down)2. candle cross upper dot line (upper band) and close down this dot line with bear candle.

I Think this one is much better than all fancy named repaint like "PABLO"Fed up with all these bull sheet "REPAINTER" as they are so good, that, Any one without knowing the painting art can draw any picture using these stupid for any damn setting, on any time frame chart and any currency pair..If "PABLO PICCASSO" would have been live today he would either have proud of all these "REPAINTER" miracle in the Forex world and would left his job or suicide immediately...All they must be exhibited in the "World wide Painting and Repainting Competition" to show their art and not technicalI suggest expert coder from WWI, to develop Anti Repaint (Or Anti Holy Grail) software ( like anti virus) to search and clean on the net for all these Non (none sense) Repaint on www so to make them an endangered species (indicator) category in Forex world..... LLLLOOOOLLLL.....CHEERSSSSS...[ P.S. Please be humble to click "Thanks" , for acknowledging the Repaint Lover and Non... ]  

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