Multi Lot Scalper Daily

EA Multi Lot Scalper Daily actually has been a long time with a few modification and consistent settings can also produce a pretty profit as long as patience.



Maybe someone wants to try with all the risks, I include an EA that has been modified with the addition of magic numbers and settings.


This EA is precisely scalping its type Martiyem with:
Time Frame Daily (D1)
max order 5
start lot 0.01
Capital of 200 $
micro account 1: 1000


FT results can be monitored through
Firewoodfx demo
account: 18693
password: asdf1234

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Posted By staceyswart : 31 August, 2020
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Hi. This is my Sevenpips grid trading EA which i created for trading GBPUSD and EURUSD. I use it successfully during times when market ranges. Be careful when a trend develops. I built in a spike protection which basically means there will no further trades openend for a certain period (defined by you) in case more then n pips move occurs suddenly (n is defined by you. i use 20 pips by default). I recommend trading the minimum lot size 0.1 / 0.01 for testing the EA. No martingale involved.

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This is my first post.And this is my last postThanks for all comments.and excuse to waste your time.OK , it free forever , up to you. New Free File was below. And this is the last file.PS. this is the reason of ; Why some EA Creators do not share their EAs to public ?----------------------------------------------------Rule of EA :1. Open Order at Fibo Level with STO return over/under fixed level (multi time frames).2. Optional for select Fibo time frame , STO setting and STO level as manually.2. Optional with direction filter (refered to candle M1) to be confirm direction before STO take return.3. TP and SL was default by automatic Fibo (small Time frame) for short trade.4. Optional with manual setup menu for TP SL and Trailing stop.5. Optional with Close all function when EA make more than 1 order.EA Input Descriptions :Lot : Lot , fixed lotMax Order : max order for each currency pair (either buys and sells)Minimum Ratio : Minimum Ratio of Equity/Balance for control EA workingSTO_K,D,Slow : STO value for all time frameSTO Upper/Lower Level : The fixed level for overbought and oversold zone to confirm the return of STOSlippage : Average slippage to control EA open order and close orderDirection M1 Candles : How many candles of M1 backward to refer the direction before the candle reach each Fibo levelNew TP/SL pips : Use for manual setup TP and SL , The EA will be modified once time per orderTrailing : Use for manual setup Trailing , usually use with manual TP/SLMinimum Profit pips : This function will work if EA open more than 1 order and will close all orders to finish all trades of each currency pair.      

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