Need to optimize EA, 300% per month

Hello everyone, I found this EA on a website, and I think he's very profitable! Its principle is to judge the market through the model, it can be used to peel the scalp, but also can be used to do band trading, the premise is that you know how to
Use it, it is very much inside the parameter settings, so it takes a long time to be familiar with it, a good news is that if the use of good, it can generate 300% of the profit per month! And it is very likely, of course you don't want to reap without sowing´╝îI have been tested for 5 days, trying different settings and strategies!, I want to through this forum people eager to optimize the EA!It requires excellent programmers and excellent foreign currency traders to optimize
For the model identification, we can use Google to collect,
I will give 5 minutes to set the file and 1 hours to set the file, I personally feel that the 1 hour set of documents is more reliable than 5 minutes, I have to explain it, I use it as a scalp to use









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Posted By michaeloliver : 30 July, 2020
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I want to share an EA that I got from my friend. This EA is quite safe because of a single entry. The workings of this EA are with the Moving Avarage Indicator. so he will open long positions if the price is above the MA and will open short positions if the price moves below the MA. good luck

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