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Hi Guys,

Here is a news Trading EA I made to share with you all. You can use it for trade news event like NFP, CPI, bank rate and etc.

You can adjust day of news, hour, and minutes. Setting like straddle period, when to auto close trade are available there. Very user friendly and easy to understand the parameter. Feel free to test and use it.

I have use it in live account for trading news, mainly NFP. Earn a lot. But be careful not to trade other unimportant news. Trade only Highly important news, suggested currency EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD. Other news does not effect much on the spike and movement.

This EA got No time limit use. Made free for community use.

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Posted By tammybaggett : 24 August, 2020
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Expert Advisor based on QQE   EA_MAGIC_NUM = 113142;iOpenHour = 6; // the time to startHoursToTrade = 24; // number of hours to run, if set to 24, disregards iOpenHourUse275SMA = true; // whether or not 275 SMA will be considered.QQE5Buffer = 5; // buffer number of candles for the cross to happenQQE60Buffer = 5; // buffer number of candles for the cross to happen   Slippage = 3.0;TakeProfit = 0;StopLoss = 0;TrailingStop = 15;MoneyManagement = false; // when set to true, use   percentage of account balance to calculate lot size, else use fix lotsRiskPercent = 1.0;Lots = 0.1; // fixed lotsMaxLots = 15.0;MinLots = 0.01;     Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

Hello, 3 weeks ago I started using this EA live. I used 0.01 lots with 5$ take profit (secure profit). I started with $100 on GBPUSD. The EA reached $164 then it lost everything. Emily EA is not very smart, it opens only buy orders without any indicator. On backtest it was very successful but it had some account blows. I checked it and it seems that it blows accounts only when tick data is missing. The max level of lost positions on backtest is 4. What do you think about this EA, and is it worth trying it again with 200$ investment (because it actually needs $200 start money for the 4 level loss + the margin)?Thank you.P.S. It`s grid martingale    

Trading within a trend channel has been an interesting topic for ages. A simple question that can be asked is this:" Is it possible to find out the best settings to trade my own desired fore pairs using a trend channel. Is it even profitable to conduct automatic algorithimic trades by means of an EA".To answer that question, I attach a Trend channel EA that those who are interested can play around with and share their settings. If you have another trend channel or trading bands EA that you like to share with others, you are welcomed to do so here as well. Lets contribute in our own particular way, and feedback your views on the use of EAs in channel trading.

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