Profitable Indicators – 134% gained in 13 trading days

I encouraged newbie or serious manual traders to take serious attention and study these indicators.

Some professional and experience traders makes more than 500% profit within a week and some of them doubled their account in one trading day with manual trading along with their secret indicators and strategy.

I wish to be one of them in the near future and strongly believed readers in this community have the same wish as i wish.


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I started my journey to study these indicators a year ago. Since last 6 months these indicators have awesomely proven making nice and consistent monthly profits on each account.

Act immediately and start your journey by downloading the indicators.
i. Attach the indicators to your chart.
ii. Practice with small deposit demo account approx. $250.00
iii. Recommended 1H time frame
iv. Any broker with low spread
- Indicators also suitable for stock trading.

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Forex is not a Quick Rich Scheme, but you have to decide how forex Can Make You Rich!!!








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Posted By billhannah : 31 July, 2020
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A pivot point is a specific price level calculated and then used as a technical analysis indicator and trend filter in a chart’s time frame. A charts pivot point level is the average of the high prices, low prices, and closing prices from the last trading day. Price trading above a pivot point signals a potential uptrend and price trading below the pivot point signals a possible downtrend. The pivot point is the foundation for the technical indicator and other price support and price resistance levels that are also projected by using the pivot point calculation. The price levels created by using the pivot points show traders where potential price could see support or resistance levels emerge. Also when the price breaks these key levels it signals to a technical trader the price is currently in a trend in the direction of the break out.  There are different ways that are used to calculate the pivot point of price action on a chart. It is usually considered to be the mathematical average of the high price, low price, and closing prices of a market in the previous trading periods: P = (H + L + C) / 3. Many times the average also includes the previous period’s or the current period’s opening price: P = (O + H + L + C) / 4. Some traders like to focus on the closing price, P = (H + L + C + C) / 4, or the current period’s opening price, P = (H + L + O + O) / 4. P= Pivot Point H=High Price L=Low Price C=Closing Price O=Opening Price Below is the monthly pivot point chart of the DJIA for the first 8 months of 2009 near the market bottom, the below chart shows the first and second levels of resistance in green and support with red. The pivot point levels are in yellow. Trading below the pivot point, particularly at the beginning of a trading period sets a bearish market sentiment and often results in more of a price decline, while price is above it a move higher may continue until it is lot again. A pivot point can be both a range bound indicator and show where to look for buying dips and also a trend trading indicator on breakouts.  

Okay, good evening or morning, depending on what part of the world you are located in. Well today I have decided to discuss a very controversial Trading Method. It has been discussed that when the market opens. Somebody has got to loose. That means the market has to trap before It can proceed in the direct of the next trading zone or period that will cover at least 2 trading time zones.So for this thread, I wanted to Isolate one Pair. A pair that has good market range and volume.The GBPAUD. We be the focus of our discussion. I am going to lay some ground rules out. I am not going to give specific details of this Trading Strategy, but open it up in a manner that it may help traders with non direction training, on how to Identify, test and project probable targets.So for tonight at open market I opened a GBPAUD Chart that was blank. I started on the the 4 hour and place the closed high and low levels of support.As you can see we have started the week off trapped. We have orders or trades that were executed above us that have Resistance and we have trades below us that have Support.Now from here, A market Maker has to create a false direction. So what I would like everybody to do is this. Drop down to a 30 min chart and we have to start somewhere. 3 GMT on my chart represents 8 pm Eastern Time in the US. Here I would like everybody to drop a vertical line.Now, from here, I am going to stop. I would like to hear from members of the forum, on how we should proceed from here.Remember again. Our goal is figure out the true direction of the Day!What is the Market Maker Up TO! How is he going to Trap us.      

Price is back over all moving averages. This is bullish. Last week the 100 day SMA continued to hold as support until $SPY broke out of the two week trading range at $274. The next key resistance level on the chart is $278 then all time highs at $286.63. Volatility decreased last week trending lower with lower highs and lower lows with VIX ending at 13.37 The size of the trading range has stayed the same last week at 2.62 as $SPY stayed inside the support and resistance and then broke out. RSI at 57.46 returns to the momentum side of the chart and has room to run before becoming overbought. MACD remains under a bearish crossover but the signal line is starting to turn up. Last week’s shortened holiday week was traded on lower volume than average. The leading sectors in the market are $XLU $XLK and $XLE. The leading indexes are the small caps and NASDAQ. $IWM $QQQ  

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