Relentless Hedge

Relentless Hedge is a hedging Expert Advisor using a daily breakout profitable strategy based on the INTRADAY previous period High and Low level.

Relentless Hedge Expert Advisor is designed for working on ECN/Raw Spread accounts with a small spread. Using Daily Breakout Profitable Hedging Strategy, Buy and Sell at the same time with smart entry and exit strategy to make sure closing both position(buy/sell)and end with good result.

Relentless Hedge EA used D1 Timeframe on yesterday High and Low values in order to find a breakout on the current day. It place a pending order on the High of yesterday and on the Low of yesterday. If order is not triggered on the end of day it will canceled.

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Posted By melvinjones : 15 July, 2020
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HiI will explain what I want to do,I want to check in the morning, which pairs made an extreme move,For example, if the euro dollar made a move of 400 pips without fixing up, I'd like to put the ilan robot, only sale..But when it hits tp the robot will no longer make deals..For example: I put it down that it would open a 10 pips 10 pips.The price went up 10 pips - opens another deal - and moves the tp up (as you write in the settings)..But once it hits tp - the robot will no longer open a series of transactions.tnx a lot

Hey Jennifer, and nice to have you here. Not too often we get a chick around these parts doing what we do, so it's interesting indeed. I think you will get more notice, and a following, but at the same time you'll get more criticism too. Have you BT your EA yet? I have on multiple settings and multiple pairs, all of them a huge flop.First thing you notice is that the EAs name is misspelled, that may be a good indication of just how well this EA might do. It trades a lot which i like, Huge SL which i don't like, reducing this 1000pip SL only lessens the profits too. So looks as if this EA is doing no better than guessing its entries.... actually it is doing worse than that, it then has poor MM. So while yes this EA will make money (a nice amount) on average of 6 out of 7 days. But that 1 out of 7 day is taking all the 6 days of profit plus more. Although people in the forums told you in a rude, childish, and insulting way... they were right what they told you. Spend time BT to see how the EA works, a simple 2 min BT told me all I needed to know, don't rush to holy grail judgement, we've all been there and thought we've found the grail only for it to turn out later to be a POS. 1 day or even 1 week of forward testing is not enough for any EA, and finally, as people have said before most 7 year old EAs are dead for a reason so be skeptical, even with all new settings.Don't let some people in here discourage you from sharing your EAs or knowledge with us, just make sure to do it in a way that won't piss off people. It's not a big deal to some but others can be annoyed that we now have 3 threads for one 7 year old flop of an EA. Many pips to you and I hope you do share your next find with us, as this is the whole reason why this forum even exists.1 year BT, similar results on any pair 99% loss of account. Results: Agressive me will aggressively lower your account if you choose to use it   

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