Sidhu Moving Average

I am putting this Indicator here as i couldnt find a better place.Its a Ninjatrader 7 Indi.If anyone can translate it to Metastock or Metatrader it would be great.



Well,Sidhu Moving Average takes best from all the different Adaptive moving averages and combines it into One Average.It utilizes FantailVMA1, FantailVMA3, Kaufman AMA and Chande 's VMA.While these averages have their own merits , however i wasnt satisfied using just anyone of these because one excelled at smoothing, the other at reponsiveness so i decided to adopt the middle path.This gave birth to SidhuMA.Its has option to select any one average to all the four different averages and what it does is, it plots the half of it on chart i.e (( Avg1 + Avg2 +Avg3+Avg4)/2) with WMA as smoothing factor.

The different averages can also be plotted on the chart along with the SidhuMA, just change the default color from transparent to whatever you like.

It beats all the other moving averages in crossover type system, i have back-tested it rigorously against all the other averages.

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Posted By nikkiagosta : 20 August, 2020
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