I am not a professional forex trader. I have heard from one of my brothers in the area, professional forex trader, that he earns a minimum of 635000-600000 taka per month from forex. So I am interested to join forex. I wanted to learn Forex from that brother and he promised to teach me and make expat like him. So I kept waiting for him with eager interest and one day I got bored at his house. He is one of the few people who can do forex. He told me that it will take at least 1-2 years to learn forex and he does not have time to teach me. , hurricane r candle stick o Hobby Jabi has a friend of his Nikki to learn from his forex coaching.

I said brother, you are your expat, you teach me, he showed me excuses and said goodbye to me. When I lose, then the profit becomes minus, then the mind becomes very bad. I thought Forex is not for me. In the meanwhile, during the news release, in less than 1 minute, I made $ 24. I fell in love and interest in Forex. I made a big loss during the news release. I was on my way to say goodbye to Forex. I did a miracle one day in between. I don't even know how it happened to me. Since then I have been in a dilemma for 14-35 days and I have Professional TRADERS of Forex. The main source was caught. Now my Balance $ 855 I only trade in one euro / usd pair.
After 2 days
After Tarabi's prayers, I met that big brother. I told him that my forex balanche is now $ 469. My brother thought I was doing a demo.
Brother, I am joking, I don't know who left. After that, I picked up the SCREENSHOT of my forex balan and showed it to him. I don't think I need fundamental, trechni analysis, price action and rsi, adx, hurricane for money income in forex.
This is the first time I've read a book on the subject, and it's the first time I've read a book on the subject, and it's the first time I've read a book on the subject, and it's the first time I've read a book on the subject, and it's the first time I've read a book on the subject.
When they do not share. And this is the formula of 2-3 minutes, whether it is heard or not, you have to do only three things on everyone's mt4 or mt5 indicator.

I am very fond of this
I will appear with you in the video. I will share it with everyone for a certain fee. Join my group and you will need a jar jar to join the group by texting me on Facebook. 20-25 people will be given. There will be no loss, only profitable professional forex traders can earn money. And Zara Pandit, they will be 100 hands away. I have given proof pictures. If anyone wants, I will give the video. Apply to the group. I think I will give the number on the mobile. Thank you.

Who will get this Forex Formula (P.F.T.S.T.S.R) and join my Forex Group.

1. Those who have minimal ideas in Forex
2. When did he do forex before or is he doing it now
3. You can invest capital in Forex
4. You are in Forex but you are losing
5. You can forex but very few inches
6. Those who can deposit big money in FOREX are MOST WELCOME.

Who will not get this Forex formula (P.F.T.S.T.S.R).

(Because there is no point in wasting money if you can make money by buying formulas from us).

1. Those who do not have the latest ideas in Forex.
2. He has never done forex before or now
3. You can't invest capital in Forex
4. Do not understand forex
5. Demo and never did.
6. The lazy and more learned man that can change my needle.

Last word

A very important point is that I am not a professional forex trader and the formula I will give you is the theme of professional forex traders which they never share. And I know many professional darlings who are wearing my writing here know this formula and maybe understand that I am giving the formula (P.F.T.S.R) to everyone on any subject.
I think if my Dara benefits 10-15 more people then it is much better. Because their money is no longer out of my own pocket, they are working hard and earning income. I hope everyone understands. It will be good.
God bless you

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Posted By vickylambeth : 01 September, 2020
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1. Start with the basics.It is very easy to say that in order to be a trader, you must first know the basic terms of the Forex market. On a regular basis, you will learn things slowly without any haste. Eliminate the thought of becoming a great sage by learning all the things together in one day. Take your time, don't get too excited.2. Give up the thought of gaining quickly, learn to gain slowly by creating experience.If you think that Forex is the shortcut and the only way to get rich in less time then you are wrong. First, master the subject in a good way and gain experience. The more time you spend on any career, not just Forex, the more you will benefit. What difference does it make if your friend makes 100 pips at the same time you make only a few pips at the same time? The difference is experience! Your friend has been trading for the last 5 years and you have started those few days.Remember Forex is a career, not a scheme to get rich overnight.3. Be an expert.At the beginning of learning, many people first look for experts, people think that if you get the shadow of an expert, you will become an expert in a short time, I am not completely denying that. But the latent desire to become an expert is one step towards becoming an expert. Another form of expert is the result of your normal learning day by day. Because you can become an expert in the light of experience, so make your dream successful by counting your own experience. Expert's experience is completely his own. Until you cross that path on your own, it will only remain your dream.4. Use your own analysis.Following another person blindly will make you blind. Your goal is to be a successful trader so analyze your own trades by mastering the analysis methods well. If you are able to trade in your own analysis, your analysis will make you a professional trader. If you follow a self-proclaimed guru like a blind man, how will you trade when the guru stops giving his tips? So be your own guru.5. DemoThe best of all is demo trading. Demo trading will help you catch the mistakes of your new trading and help you to give up bad habits in trading. Demo trades are superior to live trades from different brokers. The test of every trading method is demo. If the demo success rate is good, use it in live trade. Use all the styles you have in the demo first. Extend the trades in the demo as you wish. Then select which strategies to use in real trade.. Learn from mistakesTake note of the success and failure of each test trade. Retire from trading for some time (may be more) in three consecutive failed trades. And give time again in the cold head after the break. Don't go live thinking about the success of the fourth time in the three times loss trading method. He started the analysis with the loss trades, where the mistake was or why it didn't work properly. Find out the right reason and move on to the next trade in Shudra.. Create good methods.Most new traders lose first. The reason is over-excitement, over-demand and pre-trading ahead of time. So, without trading too much excitement, first master the issues well, gain experience and start trading at minimum risk. Before trading every time, check and check if the trading tool (strategy) is correct. Everything you expect from the trade.. Stick to your own method.Every trading method has its pros and cons. No trading method is 100% profitable. There are 6 profits and 3 losses in 10 trades of your trading method, you are successful. In case your trading success rate may go down further, don't get frustrated or excited, update the strategy by understanding the market change and stay sticky in your strategy because only you know how fruitful your strategy is.9. Think of everything simply.There is no reason to think that your trading is too difficult. Start in a simple way, you will see that it is really easy, there is no need to create a base. Set aside time to trade at your convenience. Give less time but it is Zeno effective. In other words, if you can't give more time, then spend as much as you can for trading. If you want to start a new strategy, just think about it in time, analyze and fix it, make sure the results in the demo. And decide.10. Trade in a pair.Starting many trades at once does not put your risk level and extra stress on your head. So choose only one pair for longer trading. Many currencies may seem suitable for trading together, but trade with the currency pair that you have a good idea about. If you trade with 4-5 pairs at a time, you will not be able to understand the character of any pair well. And become a misguided and eventually lose trade.11. Trade within a certain timeframe.Practice trading in a specific timeframe, as there are many advantages to trading in a single timeframe, such as trading in a single timeframe where you can fully concentrate where many timeframes can confuse you a bit. A timeframe will help you analyze and make proper decisions, because the same chart will start different analyzes in different timeframes, so trading in a timeframe is very important, especially for beginners.

This a question or comparison that often crops up when people are deciding what to trade. People usually lean towards one side or the other and their decision is probably influenced by the factors that got them interested in trading initially. Perhaps this was a conversation(s) with friends or family members. Or a documentary, book or or article that they came across about the markets, which piqued their interest. Having made their decision they are unlikely to change direction easily. But as they grow as a trader they may come to take a more holistic approach.     For the purposes of this discussion let’s assume that the reader is interested in trading but has no immediate preference for either candidate. That being the cases let’s look at the credentials of each of them.   Forex The Forex market is the world’s largest financial market by turnover, according to data compiled by the central banks banker the Bank for International Settlements or BIS.   More than US $5 trillion worth of Foreign Exchange or Forex is turned over each business day..This is a phenomenal amount of money ! To put this into perspective the daily turnover in Forex is approximately equivalent to 10 times the combined wealth of the world’s 10 richest individuals. The weekly figure of US$25 trillion is the equivalent of 1.5 times the annual GDP of the USA. The monthly turnover figure of U$100 trillion is considerably in excess of the total market cap of all the stocks listed on Global Stock Exchanges,which is around US$70 trillion. I think you get the idea.   Furthermore the Forex market operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, as trading seamlessly moves across Asia, Europe and the Americas. Once inaccessible to retail customers the advent of online trading and direct market access, democratised Forex trading and the introduction of cash settled Contracts For Differences in Forex opened up the market to all investors and traders. As it steered retail trading away from the credit line driven, deliverable trading, conducted between banks and other institutions. Flexible deal sizes and smaller accounts are some of the other attractions that Forex trading offers to retail customers.   Stocks Though the need for a medium of exchange to facilitate cross border commerce is as old as human civilisation. It is the stock market that can lay claim to being the oldest of the world’s organised financial markets. The Dutch East India company established in 1602 was the world’s first joint stock company. The immensely successful venture opened up and capitalised on the international trade in spices alongside other exotic commodities and food stuffs. Setting up operations across what is now modern day Indonesia. The idea of raising capital for new ventures, or to expand existing ones caught on. Particular in the United Kingdom as it went through the industrial revolution and then, later on in the USA, as it consolidated into single country, as opposed to a series of separate states and territories.   There are stock exchanges right across the developed world today and many in developing economies as well. There are approximately 16 stock exchanges globally where the companies listed on them have a combined a market cap of US$1.00 trillion or greater. More than 43,000 companies are listed on stock exchanges across the globe, according to data from the World Bank. Trying to choose between 43,000 instruments, in which you could trade is a bewildering prospect and so some of kind of selection or filtering process is required.   Stock Indices One such process in the idea of indexation. Whereby the performance of the largest companies, or those that meet other specific criteria, are pooled together to create a benchmark. That will track the performance of the group as a whole and by extension reflect the “mood “ of the broader market. The innovation behind stock indices came from the financial press. US newspaper publisher the Dow Jones Company created the world’s first notable stock index in 1884. This would evolve into the thirty share index that is so familiar to traders today. In the modern world there is an increasingly wide variety of stock indices.   Here at Blackwell Global we offer clients access to and the ability to trade in more than 10 of the most important stock indices from across the globe. What’s more we offer these indices as Contracts for Differences or CFDs. Which are cash settled and non deliverable and which confer all the other benefits and opportunities associated with trading CFDs on a margin basis.   Practicalities As we have already noted people tend to trade what they know, are attracted towards or understand. So for example if in your day job you are involved in the tech or social media industries you may have an affinity with and understanding of technology stocks and the drivers of their share prices. If so, you may like to trade the US 100 stock index CFD which tracks the performance of the top 100 US technology stocks. Conversely you may have lived and worked abroad and seen first hand, the difference that fluctuating currency rates can have on the cost of living and your effective salary. In these circumstances you might well be drawn towards Forex trading.   Other considerations There are other considerations to take into account when deciding what to trade.Not least of which is when will you be able to trade. If the answer is not until I finish the “9 to 5” then trading the local stock market or stock index is probably not going to work for you. As you will miss the majority, if not all of the trading session on local stock exchanges.   Of course you could trade US stock indices from after 5 pm until the close of business in New York. Or get up at a fiendishly early time in morning, to trade Asian stock indices before work. But that is probably something you want to be doing long term on top of a full time job.   The 24 hour a day nature of the Forex market offers more flexibility here and rather than having to focus on hundreds of individual stocks and their performance, you can trade the half dozen or so FX majors. Or just two or three of the most active pairs, such as Euro Dollar, Dollar Yen or Cable, as Sterling Dollar is known. When these are combined with commodity centric currencies such as the Australian Dollar you get a fairly comprehensive global exposure.   Both sides of the coin Stock Indices on the other hand allow for more targeted approach to trading, and to be able benefit from the opposite side of a trade. For example, the fall in the value of Sterling against the US Dollar, in the wake of Brexit referendum. Was ultimately beneficial for the value of the UK 100 stock index. Which rose sharply in the weeks that followed the vote.   This was because its constituent stocks are mostly exporters and the fall in the value of the Pound Sterling made their products cheaper to foreign buyers. If you spotted that opportunity you could have sold the GBP USD Forex pair and bought the UK 100 stock index. Of course you would still have had to have to get the timing of the trades right. But if you did, you would have benefitted from moves on both sides.   Open minded I think that last example serves to show that you should not be too dogmatic about the instruments you trade and that you should try to adopt, or be open minded about, a holistic approach to trading. Because if you don’t have that the you may be missing out on a significant percentage of trading opportunities that present themselves .The good news is that Blackwell Trader MT4 is a “one stop shop” for trading Currencies, CFDs on Stock Indices, Oil and Precious Metals. The platform is offered free of charge and comes in desktop and mobile variants. Its packed with high quality charting tools and indicators and a single login works across all of the qualifying devices.  

Consumer Price Index, CPI for short is a measure of the change in the weighted average of prices from a basket of consumer goods and services considered essential.CPI is calculated by tracking the price changes for each of the items in the basket of goods and weighted in importance.Inflation data is primarily comprised of two measures:* Headline inflation: This inflation reading tracks the overall changes and includes energy prices which are volatile* Core inflation: This inflation reading strips out the volatile energy prices and food and gives a clearer picture of the price changes in the basket of goodsThe headline inflation data is usually more volatile compared to the Core inflation rate and has the ability to predict core inflation. The headline inflation is designed to be a best measure of inflation and it is this headline inflation which is usually targeted by Central Bankers.CPI or inflation data is an important economic release which has the potential to move the short term markets as well as shape monetary policy decisions. After all most central banks have an inflation-targeting mandate.CPI or Inflation data is released on a monthly basis with some countries releasing flash or preliminary inflation data ahead (EU) of their time.Typically CPI data released is for the month gone by and is also measured annually for both the core and the headline inflation data.Countries such as New Zealand and Australia prefer to keep the inflation data on a quarterly basis which offers a less volatile and clearer view on changes in consumer prices.Some countries also tend to use their own measure of inflation. For example in the Eurozone, HICP or Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices is used, while the US besides the CPI, PCE or Personal Consumption Expenditure data is also used.Although the terms may sound different, they track the same underlying changes in consumer prices with differences in the way the prices are measured.Why is Consumer Price Index an important economic report?The CPI or consumer price index report is an important economic indicator as it signals how quickly prices are rising or falling. When consumer prices rise, it signals inflation, but when prices fail to rise or drop, it signals a period of deflation.Central bankers use consumer inflation as a gauge to raise/cut/hold interest rates, which acts as a lever to stimulate or hold back consumer spending which in turn influences inflation.As a result, CPI data is closed watched as strong or prolonged increase or decline in inflation usually results in some Central Bank acting on monetary policy.Most central banks today build their monetary policy around inflation targeting. This means that the Central Banks have a specific target inflation rate to achieve, which is usually 2%, or in some cases, within a band of 2% – 3%.Interest rates and monetary policy tools are used in accordance with maintaining the price stability.Impact of CPI data release on the forex marketsIn the currency or forex markets, CPI data is closed watched. This report has gained a lot more significance ever since oil prices started a steady decline making it more difficult for Central Banks to target the 2.0% mandated inflation growth.Many banks have had to cut interest rates, some into negative as well as having to use other tools such as quantitative easing in efforts to stoke consumer spending and thus push inflation higher.A good example of the importance of inflation data can be the Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank, which struggled to push inflation back to the mandated target.When monthly a quarterly inflation report shows a spike or declines further, the markets are quick to speculate what policy action the Central Banks could take based on the information available.Example of trading the CPI releaseEurozone CPI (2014 & 2015)The Eurozone's annual inflation rate was in a steady decline for most of 2014, at one point falling below zero. The ECB vowed to bring inflation back to its 2.0% target and prepared the markets thereafter that it would consider cutting interest rates to historic lows, cut rates on bank deposit rates and purchase sovereign bonds via the QE program to spur lending.The chart below shows the Eurozone inflation rate between 2014 January and 2015 December. It was in January 2015 that the ECB announced a massive €60 billion monthly bond purchase program to stoke inflation.   Eurozone Inflation Rate 2014 – 2015 The Euro fell sharply since the ECB announced its intentions, falling from highs of $1.39 to hit $1.12 before the ECB officially announced the dovish monetary policy decision.To summarize the key points about CPI and how to trade the report:* Inflation is a measure of the price change in a basket of goods. Inflation is measured as a headline and core inflation which strips the volatile food and energy components* CPI is released on a monthly and quarterly basis, in some cases as a preliminary estimate. The data is released for the previous month* While monthly dispersions occur, the annualized inflation rate is what matters* CPI might have strong or negligible impact depending on the monetary policy conditions* On the very short term, a surprise in inflation can lead to some intraday trading opportunities

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