The Cronex T RSI GF indicator

Modification of the RSI indicator

  • Changed the number of dimensions (specifically to simplify use in experts)
  • The line of the main indicator is composed of 4 with period shifts
  • Added a line of smoothing based on T3 (I do not remember whose algorithm it is)
  • The signals are moved to separate buffers
  • Placed BB on T3 to improve the clarity of changes

Do not use it as a standalone trading tool, it is designed for confirmation of trend indicators.

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Posted By jeromerobeets : 20 July, 2020
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Percentage Price Oscillator (PPO) is a very close neighbor of MACD indicator.   PPO standard settings are similar to MACD settings: 12, 26, 9, and PPO, same as MACD shows the difference between the two Moving averages, with one difference, that PPO shows it in percents.   Trading with PPO is similar to trading with MACD indicator, with the same zero line crossover rules, divergence etc.   Reasons for using PPO instead of MACD   by having the percentage measurement rather than price values (for example PPO = 3%), it becomes possible to compare currency pairs with their rising/falling % against each other, regardless the actual prices. PPO also offers a better interpretation of the two moving averages in relation to each other. Again, this absolute percentage value allows to make comparisons across time frames, regardless the market price.   Percentage Price Oscillator formula     PPO = (Shorter-term EMA – Longer-term EMA) / Longer-term EMA   Standard settings for PPO are: 12 period EMA, 26 period EMA, 9 period EMA (same as with MACD) but traders can use any other sets of Moving averages.   PPO signal line = 9 EMA of PPO

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