Trade simulator

To make things easier I created an installer file, or you can download, and drag the files to the correct places.
If you use the installer, follow Trade simulator these instructions; if you are going to do it manually skip down to manual installation below.

Automatic Installation
1. save the installer to your desktop and double click to get to this window, or you may be
able to run it directly from the internet.
2. Locate your version of MT4. It may not say 'ATC FX'. For example, if you are with
FXDD it may say 'FXDD - MetaTrader 4'. Whichever broker you are with, look for their
name in the programs folder. This will be the correct folder. Just select that folder so it is
highlighted as below.
5. Make sure the path is correct by visually inspecting the 'Destination folder' as below.
The first part will be the same as below and the last part will be different depending on
your broker. The installer puts an extra backslash in the path below. It should not cause
any problems but just in case, delete the extra backslash. Now click next.
See PDF and files

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Posted By terrybrown : 31 August, 2020
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