Trend Hunter EA

This adviser gives very good results. The author of the adviser gave a week to test it only on a demo account. Try and give your feedback.

Trend Hunter is a Trend Following EA. It is a conservative EA. and this EA not take entry randomly. When signal comes then EA will take entry. You no need to run this EA any selective pairs. EA has ability to analysis 35 currencies from one chart. A user can change it conservative to aggressive settings. We give all the files to users. So a user can use it his suitable settings. In ttl it is a User Friendly Robot.

EA can monthly return 30-60%

DD is depends on users. How much his balance and how much he want to take risk. On average EA DD 10-30% maximum.

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Posted By leeroberts : 15 July, 2020
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Hello,I found this in a Russian forum and there was no information about it at all on what time frame or pairs to run it on. I searched all over the internet still can't find information on it. I ran it today on EUR/USD 5min time frame and quickly made $202 on demo $10,000 account but lost it soon after. There are many order errors and if anyone knows how to correct the errors in the code i'm sure that may help too. Anyway it seems this EA may have some potential once we can figure out best pair or pairs and time frame to run in on too.

hi friends,some months back i have seen in one website about an ea name=turbo scalper.they given demo version of that ea,they said that it would work in gcgfx broker and because they give 1 pip spread in eurchf and eurgbp.i down loaded that ea opened demo account in gcg fx .com and sent my account no. to the web site owners,then they sent me a dll file.i started forard trading,first trade is my manual trade from then trades are eas.i have seen amaging performance ,then i discussed to gcgfx brokers ,for me they looked like scammers,so i stopped talk to them and some days i forgotten this thingto day i have seen a thread in another forum about turbo scaler.i wanted to share my experince with you.thats why i written long story.if it is genuine please crack the dll file and develope the thread    

Highly profitable when attached to the 10 supported currency pairs   Use the instruction shown on the ea ABOUT tab just before you attach it to your chart.feel free to share your back test result, will post full version.   $1,000 deposit 0.01 lots Start and End time (see EA instruction) Timeframe : 1hr   Enjoy!!

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