• Magic Number
  • Trading Strategy Simple , Averaging or Martingale
  • Trade Long True False
  • Trade Short True False
  • Add Position in Profit
  • Add Position in Loss
  • Trade Filter Gape in Profit
  • Trade Filter Gape in Loss
  • Martingale Setting
  • Martingale Lot Multiplier in Loss
  • Martingale Lot Multiplier in Profit
  • Martingale Lot Add Volume in Loss
  • Martingale Lot Add Volume in Profit
  • Martingale Max Step
  • Martingale Reset Trade Count
  • Slippage
  • Volume Upper Limit
  • Maximum Total Orders
  • Take Profit in Pips
  • Stop Loss in Pips
  • Take Profit in Amount
  • Stop Loss in Amount
  • Trailing Stops
  • Trailing Step
  • Trailing Offset
  • Breakeven Pip
  • Breakeven Pip Lock
  • Hedge Multiplier
  • Equity Target System
  • Equity Stop Out
  • Close on Reverse
  • Time Filter

Entry Logics and Indicators

  2. BAR Open Entry
  3. Renko (Trailing) Fixed Pip Entry from Current High/Low
  4. Super Trend 1/2/3
  5. GUPPY Moving Average
  6. Moving Average 1/2/3
  7. MA Cross Over 1/2/3
  8. BB STOP 1/2/3
  9. ZigZag STOP 1/2/3
  11. RSI Cross Over
  12. RSI Break Out
  13. Stochastic 1/2/3
  14. AO 1/2/3
  15. FIBONACCI Filter
  16. PIVOT Filter


  1. Each indicator has its own time frame setting. So the EA has MTF capability.
  2. Each indicator has its own entry, exit, reverse mode capability.
  3. Each indicator has its own applied prices setting. For example, SMA, EMA, SMMA, and LWMA.
  4. Each indicator has its own calculation method setting. For example, Close, Open, High, Low, Median, Typical, and Weighted.
  5. The indicators have a choice of how they will be used.
  6. Licence is valid for one trading account only with 1 year validity.

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Posted By melvinjones : 17 July, 2020
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Here's a gem from yesteryear. Anyone able to amend so it can work on 5 digit and ECN brokers ie modify stop/loss after order been placed.Also a big thanks to all the mods and sharers in forum for the hard work they continually put in.

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